LeBistro Portion Control Feeder, 4.2 lb
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LeBistro Portion Control Feeder, 4.2 lb

Battery-Powered Automatic Pet Feeder Feeds Your Pets When You're Away From Home

Item #: 61860

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  • Automatic Pet Feeder Dispenses Any Dry Dog or Cat Food
    The LeBistro Portion-Control Feeder is easily programmed. Set the times you want your pet's food dispensed and the amount he is to receive at each meal. The hopper holds 4.2 pounds of food, and it handles a full range of dry food sizes, shapes and types.

    Note: Please be sure someone visits your pet daily!

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Doskocil Manufacturing Company
    Manufacturer Product No.:24230
    Dimensions:14.5" L x 8.875" W x 15.125" H
    Weight:3 lbs.
    Capacity:Hopper: 4.2 lbs.; base unit fully loaded, bowl & wheel will hold additional 1.3 lbs.
    Wheel Dispensing Capacity:1/4 cup per click or 1 cup per complete revolution
    Power:3 D batteries
    Battery Life:Up to 1 year
    Warranty:1 year, limited

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    Review of 61860 Review by Mary
    Review of 61860

    Le bistro was working well for the first few months. But now I find it does not obey the commands I am programming it to do. I have programmed the unit to feed 3 revolutions of dry food 3x a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It does not give three turns. SOmetimes one, sometimes two, but not three anymore. I also find I cannot set the current time at 12 noon because there is no number 2 as an option. I have to wait until 1 Pm to set the current time. This item is a great concept but is not reliable or user friendly with regards to programming it. The manufacturer needs to get back to the drawing board to work out the flaws in this product.

    Posted on 11/15/2011

    Review of 61860 Review by Buzz
    Review of 61860

    On this product, the hour of 12 will be shown and programed as 00. This is a programming glitch, as it was made in China and the Chinese report the 12th hour as 00, whether AM or PM.
    E.g: 12:30 PM will show and program as 00:30 PM 12:30 AM if you feed at this hour will show as 00:30 AM.
    Quiz: What will the feeder show 12:14 PM as?
    Answer: 00:14 PM
    Hope this helps...

    Posted on 11/12/2011

    Review of 61860 Review by dleland
    Review of 61860

    Works great, but a little hard to program.

    Posted on 9/17/2011

    Review of 61860 Review by Love it
    Review of 61860

    I love this. I was really hesitant to buy a product so expensive for my cat, but man I would do it in a heart beat again. My cat was eating way too much food and my vet told me I needed to feed him at the same time everyday and to measure my cats food each time. I was in college at the time so there was no way I could feed him regularly so I found this and bought it. My cat immediately started using it. He got so used to the time that he would sit next to it and wait for it to go off each meal. He had the timing down within seconds of when it was about to go off. Eventually he got used to being fed the same amount at the same time and quit gorging himself. I began loosing weight also. I have now had my machine for about 6 years now. It still works just as well as it did the day I bought it. I have now bought my new dog one as well. They do not make this model anymore so I bought the newer model. I have had a bit of trouble with it. The food always gets jammed and turns off. If you Can get your hands on the older model it is worth every Penney.

    Posted on 7/6/2011

    Review of 61860 Review by Keith
    Review of 61860

    Easy to program and set up. However, the reason I got it is I have 3 cats and one of them eats the others' food. This solved that problem for about 1 hour until all 3 of them learned how to stick their paws up the feeder and poke at the food until it fell. It completely defeated the purpose of portion control and now I'm stuck with 3 of them....terrible product

    Posted on 6/6/2011

    Review of 61860 Review by Megan
    Review of 61860

    Goes through batteries quickly, would be better if you could hook an adapter up to it. It's difficult to program, especially when the display fades in and out. Smacking it makes it come back in clear, but still - shouldn't have to do that!

    Posted on 2/14/2011

    Review of 61860 Review by John
    Review of 61860

    The programming is not intuitive, but once it's set up, it works very well. I have had no problems with the quantity of food no matter what brand of kibble I use. It took my cat a couple of years to figure out how to stick her paw up to release more food, but a piece of cardboard taped to reduce the size of the opening took care of that. The newer models have the chute designed differently, I see. My batteries seem to last at least a year. The only thing I have to do is to remember to refill it, which sometimes I do forget - bad on me!

    Posted on 2/16/2010

    Review of 61860 Review by kim
    Review of 61860

    I agree with Michele. I am feeding chicken soup for the dog lover's soul adult large breed, which is 1/2 in diameter. I am feeding a great dane, and when this unit dispenses a measley 3 kibble meal, she starves! This unit can NOT be trusted for such an important task!

    Posted on 9/10/2009

    Review of 61860 Review by petmommy
    Review of 61860

    At first I thought this was the best thing ever, but after going away on a two day trip, I came home to find that hardly NO food had left the hopper, although the meal counter read that it fed each meal it was programmed to. SO, I waited around for the next meal and saw that it only spit out 8 bits of kibble!

    This product is not reliable enough to depend on feeding your pet while out of town. It does work sometimes, but like I said, you can't rely on it to do it's job. If you don't want your pet to starve, then get a different feeder!

    Posted on 5/30/2009

    Review of 61860 Review by ALISON
    Review of 61860

    Works great. I am pleased with this purchase.

    Posted on 2/26/2009

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