LampLinc - INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module, 3-Pin
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LampLinc - INSTEON 2456D3 Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module, 3-Pin


Item #: 2456D3

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    Manufacturer Product No.:2456D3, INSTEON LampLinc Dimmer (3-Pin)
    Patent No.:U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Warranty:2 years, limited
    Status LED:White
    On-Levels:32 locally, increments of 1% with software
    Ramp Rate (full-ON to full-OFF):0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely
    Local Control:None
    Load Sensing:Available (Off by default)
    Operation Modes:INSTEON only, X10 only, INSTEON and X10 Combo Mode
    Combo Mode Message Order:INSTEON, INSTEON cleanup, X10
    Multi-Way Circuit Support:Yes, as a receiver only that controls a load
    Setup Memory:Non-volatile EEPROM
    INSTEON Features
    INSTEON Addresses:1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    INSTEON Links:417
    INSTEON Powerline Frequency:131.65 KHz
    INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level:3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    INSTEON Minimum Receive Level:10 mV
    INSTEON Messages Repeated:Yes
    Operating Conditions:Indoors, 32 to 104
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    Review of 2456d3 Review by STEVE
    Review of 2456d3

    So easy to use... I just keep a few on hand at any time because we're always putting them to good use.

    Posted on 8/20/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by DENNIS
    Review of 2456d3

    Was unable to use it because the Controller would not work. The replacement one wouldn't either. They both were unable to aquire an IP address.

    Posted on 4/19/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by HATEMBERTH
    Review of 2456d3

    work's perfect but need IR device to use in my harmony one

    Posted on 4/16/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by ADAM
    Review of 2456d3

    Turns lights on within a small delay from the Iphone app. The only thing i'd like to see is quicker responce time from this. Especially when using the dimmer. Lag has a tendancy to dim the lights too low or too bright. Recent updates to the app seem to have improved on this. Keep it up!

    Posted on 4/12/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by RICHARD H
    Review of 2456d3

    Great device, have these all over the house

    Posted on 4/7/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by DAVID
    Review of 2456d3

    Great to start with. Bought this, the controller and a couple light switches. Once I got this sync'd with the controller it was a snap

    Posted on 3/25/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by DOUG
    Review of 2456d3

    order was great except I originally ordered 3 of these, received one, and the packing slip indicated 3. Come on guys, pick the order right, please. On the other hand, the remaining 2 were shipped right away after I emailed. Thanks. Wish there was some better control software for this. Great product.

    Posted on 3/21/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by Ted
    Review of 2456d3

    I have insteon throughtout my home, but I have had a number of these devices in particular fail for no good reason.

    Considering the cost of the device, I find it unacceptable, and it makes me wish I hadn't invested so much in this technology.

    Posted on 3/18/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by JOHN
    Review of 2456d3

    Works exactly as advertised; simple to install

    Posted on 3/16/2012

    Review of 2456d3 Review by JEROME
    Review of 2456d3

    awesome. great product!

    Posted on 2/20/2012

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