What devices are known to interfere with X10 Commands?

Question: What devices are known to interfere with X10 Commands?

There are many devices in most homes, which interfere with the X10 signal, preventing it from getting to its destination. Some have circuits which eliminate noise (conditioners). These circuits absorb the X10 signal, making it weaker throughout the house. Other devices put noise on the power line making it difficult for the X10 signal to be heard.

The following lists of devices are likely to interfere with X10 signals. If you've already found the device Click Here to read more about the solution.

Signal Absorbers (Complex electronic power supplies with built in conditioning circuits, which absorb X10)

  • Televisions
  • Computers: Clone-type computers seem to be more of a problem than name brands
  • Computer monitors: No-name brands are bigger problems than big name brands
  • Laptop computer power supplies: NEC is a known problem
  • Ozone/Air ionizers and filters
  • Game Systems: Nintendo, X-Box, PlayStation, etc.
  • Audio/Video components: Satellite receivers, CD players, VCRs, DVD players, Cable boxes, Tape Decks, TIVOs, AV Receivers.
  • MIDI musical instruments Synthesizers, Electronic pianos, Drum machines, Mixers, Reverbs, etc.
  • Fax machines
  • Surge-protection power strips, UPS's, and Power Conditioners.

Noisemakers (Devices that actually put out electrical noise onto the electrical line)

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