ISY994i Home Automation Controller
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ISY994i Home Automation Controller

Easy-to-Use Central Controller Configures and Programs INSTEON® Devices
  • Extends the capabilities of ISY99i Series
  • Remotely Accessible from any Standard Web Browser
  • Does Not Require a PC to Operate
  • Supports 256 Devices/ Scenes and controls up to 300 Programs
  • Apple and Android apps available

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  • The ISY994i is one of the most advanced INSTEON controllers on the market and has numerous features to satisfy the most advanced DIY'er or seasoned home control enthusiast. If you need unbridled control, the ISY994i is your controller.

    The ISY994i supports up to 256 devices and scenes and a maximum of 300 programs. The ISY994i controller is able to configure and program INSTEON devices using INSTEON native protocols and specifications. This allows it to directly write to INSTEON devices internally instead of just in the controller, creating a more robust network. You can set up timer events and custom event triggers, as well as monitor and control all the INSTEON-compatible devices in your home from any web-browser anywhere in the world. Now you can check if the lights in your house were left on and remotely control them from your computer at the office.

    INSTEON Control
    For INSTEON control this device must be paried with an INSTEON Dual-Band PLM Serial Interface. The PLM allows for direct communication with your existing INSTEON network from the ISY994i controller. The PLM features built-in dual-band technology that sends and receives INSTEON signals via powerline and radio frequency (RF), so it doubles as an Access Point. This makes it ideal for new INSTEON installs if you have or plan to use an RF-only INSTEON-compatible devices like a remote, thermostat, motion sensor or contact sensor

    Extends the capabilities of the ISY99i Series
    • An expansion slot which could be utilized to install and support other protocols such as a Zigbee
    • Increased code memory to support additional communications drivers
    • Native support for Open ADR out of the box

    • PleaseNote:
      (1) The ISY994i requires an INSTEON Serial PowerLinc Modem PLM (sold separately):
            • 2412S - PowerLinc - INSTEON Modem, Serial (no longer available but it is compatible)
            • 2413S - PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON Serial Interface (Dual-Band)

    • (2) The ISY994i does not require a power supply when used with a PLM which supplies power via the RJ-45 port (for example, PLM model #2412S). ISY994i does provide a port for an optional AC adapter for instances where the PLM does not supply power, or the user prefers to supply power independent of the PLM (for example, PLM model #2413S).

    Using any Java-enabled web browser, the ISY-994i gives you the ability to control, monitor and configure all INSTEON-compatible devices from any web-browser anywhere in the world. Best of all, no software is needed to gain access to your INSTEON network. Simply bring up a browser and type in the URL of your Home Automation Controller.

    Native iPhone/iPad Apps for Use with ISY-99i Now Available
    • MobiLinc and MobiLinc Lite - MobiLinc and MobiLinc Lite - Using Wi-Fi or Cellular communication, MobiLinc supports control and real-time monitoring of up to 256 INSTEON or X10 devices, 256 scenes, and 300 programs on your iPhone or iPod touch anywhere in the world. With MobiLinc Pro and your iPhone or iPod touch, control all of your lights, thermostats, devices, programs and irrigation system while on vacation or away from home. With MobiLinc and the many INSTEON devices available, home automation from the palm of your hand has never been easier.
      MobiLinc Pro works with any ISY-99i central controller (requiring the PowerLinc Modem), the SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller, or the INSTEON PowerLinc Controller (PLC).
      • Automatic Find and Sync with ISY on Local Wi-Fi
      • Real Time INSTEON Device Status
      • Command Your Devices Anywhere with Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE
      • Supports up to 256 INSTEON Devices, 256 Scenes, and 300 Programs
      • Supports the Brultech Energy Monitor to display real-time energy consumption
      • Supports Smart eMeters
      • Supports Weather
      • Supports X10 Devices
      • Keep Your Favorite Devices, Scenes, and Programs on a dedicated page
      • Supports a virtual unlimited number of ISY-99x controllers
      • Customize your devices, scenes, and programs with icons, custom command names, and custom status names
      • Securely access your ISY anywhere using MobiLinc Connect for your ISY-99x series controller. No complex networking required. It just works. See for more information.

      Available through the App store:
      MobiLinc Lite (free) MobiLinc Lite Insteon and X10 Controller - Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC
      MobiLinc Pro ($19.99)
      MobiLinc Pro Insteon and X10 Controller - Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC
      MobiLinc HD ($49.99) MobiLinc Pro Insteon and X10 Controller - Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC
      Also Available for Andriod:
      MobiLinc Lite (free trial)
      MobiLinc Lite Insteon and X10 Controller - Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC
      MobiLinc Pro ($19.99)
      MobiLinc Pro Insteon and X10 Controller - Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC

    • eK ISY - eKeypad ISY is a mobile application that allows your iPhone to control aspects of your ISY-99. This includes all INSTEON devices supported by the ISY. Additionally, eK ISY supports as many INSTEON devices as can be configured on the ISY.
      • Available through iTunes:
        • eK ISY ($44.99): eKeypad ISY

    Additional Features for the ISY994i

    Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world and on any platform
    • Monitor, control, and configure your system remotely
    • Secure Web Server with certificate management (up to 2048 bits)
    • Automatically create port forwarding rules on your UPnP enabled router
    • Browser-based Java Applet or Java Web Start Application
    • Support for Windows, MAC, and Linux
    Field Upgradeable/Auto Upgrade
    • Many new features added regularly via firmware updates
    • Admin Console automatically notifies you of official firmware updates
    • Standard ISY994i is field upgradeable to ISY994i PRO to support additional devices/scenes
    Realtime clock on board
    • Supports Daylight Saving
    • Supports automatic sync with internet time sources (NTP)
    • Automatically calculation of Sunrise/Sunset times based on location
    Device Management
    • For easiy monitoring, control and management Devices can be linked to the ISY using thier INSTEON address or by pressing their SET buttons. Once linked to the ISY, devices can be monitored, controlled and managed through the ISY's built-in web server and Java-based Administrative Console
    • 3rd party products are available to monitor and control your home from your iPhone, PC, Nokia touch panel, and more!
    • If you already have devices installed and programmed, the ISY can crawl your existing INSTEON network to automatically link discovered devices
    • Replace Device: seamlessly replace a defective device with a new one
    • Replace Modem: seamlessly replace a defective modem (PLM) with a new one
    • Restore Devices: simply restore your device to its correct settings if it is factory reset or has somehow lost its programming
    • Create folders/sub-folders to help organize your devices and scenes
    • Support for majority of INSTEON products
    Scene Management
    • Supports up to 256 devices/scenes
    • Use simple drag/drop to easily create scenes containing multiple devices
    • Create controller/responder relationships between all devices within the scene
    • Easily change scene attributes for each and every one of the devices within the scene
    • Once programmed, scenes operate completely independent of the ISY for the quickest response time and most reliable operation
    Programs, Schedules, and Variables
    • Programs are easily created by simple mouse point and click
    • Create complex schedules using precise time, from/to, days, sunrise/sunset times, offsets, etc.
    • Create complex triggers based on the combination of schedules, any event (e.g. key press), and many other triggers
    • Use Variables to control the flow of programs
    • Complete support for Wait and Repeat constructs including Random values
    • Custom and user defined email and SMS Notifications to custom user groups
    X10 Support
    • Built-in X10 support includes the use of programs to control your X10 devices using IR, schedules, or events from other INSTEON/X10 devices
    • Optional X10/A10 Module features enhanced X10 capabilities, including support for X10 devices in the device tree
    Developer Friendly
    • Free REST, Web Services, and Java SDK for easy integration with 3rd party hardware and software - or development of your own
    • Discounts on products and modules for eligible developers

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Universal Devices
    Manufacturer Product No. ISY994i
    UPC 857386003008
    Maximum Devices/Scenes 256
    Maximum Programs 300
    IR Support No
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor

  • 8 Reviews

    Review of 12237 Review by Roger
    Review of 12237

    This is an excellent product! I was not wanting to keep a MacPro running 24/7 just to manage my Insteon network of about 25 devices. The set up Wiki is excellent, and after you add the first device and a schedule, all the others are extremely easy. It automatically added all my Insteon devices and links making installation easier.

    I am not sure why some reviewers think it is difficult. I am not a programmer!

    It took me about an hour to set up my entire Insteon system.

    Posted on 1/10/2014

    Review of 12237 Review by CWood
    Review of 12237

    Excellent product. Takes a little while to get used to the setup, but really simplifies your installation. I tried to homebrew with a RaspberryPi, but life is too short to be messing around with the link tables and Insteon protocol. The guys at Universal Devices have done all the heavy lifting, so all you need to do say what you want and it implements it. Web interface to smartphone and IPad are cool.

    Posted on 5/24/2013

    Review of 12237 Review by RONALD
    Review of 12237

    As a DIY, even I managed to muddle through the installation with the assistance of Smarthome customer care.

    Posted on 5/22/2013

    Review of 12237 Review by GEORGE
    Review of 12237

    Love the interface and flexibility. And a good value for the dollar. However, there does not appear a way to update the devices supported. I purchased two 2473SWH's, that much to my surprise were not supported by the ISY994i, and there was not an apparent way to upgrade the ISY994i, or install the drivers for the two 2473SWH's.

    Posted on 4/21/2013

    Review of 12237 Review by Steve
    Review of 12237

    It's a bit funky to understand the state machine like programming but it is rock solid once you get your programs refined. I would not recommend it for anyone that does not appreciate/enjoy programming.

    Posted on 3/21/2013

    Review of 12237 Review by SCOTT
    Review of 12237

    This has made my entire setup so much easier to manage

    Posted on 3/4/2013

    Review of 12237 Review by JONATHAN
    Review of 12237

    This is my first home automation purchase. I never used x10 or any other products and was anxious to get my feet wet. The physical installation itself was relatively simple, but getting the OutletLincs and SwitchLinc working with the ISY was far more challenging than I expected. I work in software and was able to get a lot of it going, but short of being very experienced with computers or an automation professional, setting up the not-so-user-friendly software would be extremely difficult.

    Posted on 7/15/2012

    Review of 12237 Review by RYAN
    Review of 12237

    I have had the ISY994i unit for a couple of months now, and have not had any problems. The unit is able to perform any of the requested commands, and is able accept any of the Insteon program commands I wished to program. I first tried the Smarthome SmartLinc and was underwhelmed with its programming abilities. It was unable to run more than minimal timed commands. Therefore I would suggest anyone looking to do more than turn on or off lights or outlets with an iphone, go for the ISY994i Controller. I have a very small Insteon system still with about 5 devices and a garage door monitoring setup.

    Posted on 6/25/2012

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