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iRobot R650020 Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
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iRobot R650020 Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with the Ability to Set Cleaning Schedules
  • Clean floors on a schedule or push of a button
  • Patented 3-stage cleaning system
  • Works on carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood floors
  • Vacuums dirt, dust, debris and is ideal for pet hair
  • Makes multiple passes over each section of the floor

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  • The iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is capable of cleaning on a preset schedule, determined by you, or whenever desired with the push of a button to activate the robot. The Roomba 650 is compatible with just about all popular flooring types such as carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood floors. It cleans using a patented three-stage process consisting of a side brush to clean along wall edges, counter rotating brush picks up dirt, dust, debris and even pet hair off the floor, and a vacuum (AeroVac) pulls the dirt and debris from the Roomba's brush. By incorporating the AeroVac into the Roomba the cleaning result are maximized because the brush stays free of tangled hair and debris ensuring that it accurately and evenly cleans the floor beneath.

    Product Overview

    How it Works

    Thoroughly vacuums all floor types
    Roomba vacuums dirt, dust, hair and debris from your carpets, hardwood, tile and laminate floors, automatically adjusting to different floor surfaces as it moves through your home. Now featuring AeroVac Technology, Roomba 650 is better equipped to handle fibers like hair, pet fur, lint and carpet fuzz. Roomba 650 vacuums your floors using:
    • Patented, Three-Stage Cleaning System: A spinning side brush cleans along wall edges as counter-rotating brushes pick up dirt, dust, debris and pet hair from the floor. An efficient vacuum pulls dirt and hair off of Roomba's brushes and into the bin.
    • AeroVac Technology: Optimized airflow pulls hair off Roomba's brushes and guides it to the back of the AeroVac bin, allowing it to fill more evenly and requiring you to empty it less often. This bin also holds more debris than previous Roomba generations.
    • Improved Brush Design: An improved brush design and optimized airflow means more hair is pulled off Roomba's brushes and into the AeroVac bin. Less hair on the brushes means Roomba can clean for longer and provide a more thorough cleaning.

    • Cleans every section of your floor multiple times
      With iAdapt® Responsive Cleaning Technology, iRobot's advanced system of software and sensors, Roomba chooses from dozens of robotic behaviors more than 60 times per second. This allows Roomba to clean more of your room, more thoroughly, making multiple passes over every section of floor. Roomba effortlessly gets under and around furniture and along wall edges, going under bed skirts and curtains, avoiding stairs, following walls and navigating through loose wires. Roomba 650 also adapts to your home using:
    • Dirt Detect: Roomba uses an acoustic sensor to find dirtier areas and then spends more time cleaning them.

    • Keeps your house clean on schedule or at the push of a button
      Designed with your convenience in mind, Roomba 650 starts working for you on schedule or at the push of the CLEAN button. The new AeroVac bin, with improved space utilization fills more evenly, allowing you to empty it less often. Roomba returns to its Home Base® to dock and recharge between cleanings. Roomba 650 makes vacuuming even more convenient with:
    • On-Board Scheduling: Preset up to seven times per week for Roomba to clean when it's most convenient for you.
    • Virtual Wall® Technology: The included Virtual Wall emits an infrared beam that Roomba will not cross, keeping it in the rooms you want to clean and out of the ones you don't.

  • Manufacturer: iRobot Corporation
    Manufacturer Part #: R650020
    UPC: 885155003430
    Diameter: 13.39 inches
    Height: 3.62 inches
    Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • 1 Review

    Review of 91421 Review by MATT
    Review of 91421

    I love this Roomba. It gets so much dust and dirt and pet hair every day. It is smart and maneuvers around furniture and walls easily. It does require daily emptying and cleaning of the removable parts on the undercarriage, but I don't mind doing it. I enjoy seeing all of the dirt and hair that was removed from my floors a and carpet. If it ever breaks, I will promptly purchase another. We waited way too long to purchase this vacuum.

    Posted on 1/11/2014

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    • 1x - Roomba 650
    • 1x - AeroVac bin
    • 1x - Self-charging home base
    • 1x - Battery charger
    • 1x - Extra AeroVac filter
    • 1x - Auto Virtual Wall
    • 1x - Owner's manual

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