iPronto Home Control Panel
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iPronto Home Control Panel

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Universal Remote, Wireless Browser and Automation Control in One Unit

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  • The iPronto will control virtually any audio and video device that understands IR codes, including cable, satellite and antenna TVs, VCRs, and DVD and CD players. But while the iPronto can replace all of the remote controls in your household, it's much more than a universal remote. Eight buttons in the touchstrip bring up corresponding layouts, including a remote control screen, an Electronic Program Guide screen, and browser screens. The iPronto browser functions the same way as a regular PC Internet browser: it has Back, Forward, Home, Reload and Stop buttons, you can enter URLs, see the downloading progress and scroll with the scroll bar. Through the full screen browser, you can access Internet content like news and e-mail.

    Via WiFi wireless technology (IEEE 802.11b) and an always-on broadband Internet connection, the iPronto can acquire TV programming information using its Electronic Program Guide, which eliminates channel surfing with one-touch show selection. The Electronic Program Guide is the electronic equivalent of a printed television program guide, automatically updated through the Internet. On it, you can see not only a program overview of the list of programs that meet your selection criteria, but also detailed information in each program, including subject, actors, and start/end times. With your purchase of the iPronto, you'll receive three years' free subscription to the Electronic Program Guide.

    The iPronto user interface can be fully customized to your needs and tastes, giving you the flexibility to control multiple windows of information with simple and instant dashboard navigation. Use the included iProntoEdit PC editing software to customize your iPronto with channel logos and other multimedia content. You can also use iProntoEdit to add a macro to a button, a complete action list with an IR command, links, and delays. iProntoEdit is also needed to set up your NetX. The NetX is a part of the Philips Connected Home solution and extends the control of your iPronto beyond the line of sight and into multiple rooms. Via the NetX your iPronto can control your A/V and home automation devices from virtually any location in your home. The NetX receives signals sent out by iPronto via your WiFi 802.11b wireless home network and converts them into infrared signals. These IR signals are then sent out to your IR-controlled A/V and home control devices.

    Operate the iPronto's touchscreen using the plastic-tipped stylus or your finger. The iPronto also uses a scroll wheel and an on-screen keyboard for additional controls. The keyboard is handy for entering URLs in the browser. The iPronto is provided with a power adapter to recharge the included battery.

  • Specifications

    Philips Product No.:TSI6400
    Dimensions:9.4" x 7.0" x 0.9" (240mm x 178mm x 23mm)
    Weight:890 grams including battery pack
    Processor:Intel X-Scale 400 MHz processor architecture
    Power:Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with external charger and power supply
    Display:6.4" TFT VGA screen with 65,536 colors
    Resolution:640 x 480 pixels
    Wireless Network:IEEE 802.11b compliant WiFi
    Encryption:64 bit or 128 bit
    Protocol:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or fixed IP
    Operating Distance:Approximately 33 ft. (10m)
    Learning Frequency:Up to 78 kHz and 455 kHz
    Memory:64 MB of non-volatile flash memory and 64 MB of RAM
    Battery:Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (7.4 V)
    Operating Temperature:41
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