IP Thermostat Controller App for iPhone or iPod touch


Control your Proliphix IP Thermostats from your iPhone or iPod touch

iPhone App Controlling 2 IP Thermostats

This iPhone/iPod Touch application can be used to control up to 6 Proliphix internet protocol based thermostats directly by your device, not through a web site. After your thermostats are configured with their IP address, port, user ID and Password, you can access and view the zone temperature, thermostat setting (home, out, away) alarms and sensors. With this application you can individually control the thermostat temperature for a specific period of time. Additionally, all configured thermostats can be set to be HOMEAWY- OUT with the press of a single button. If you are going AWAY, you have the option of returning on a specified date or being AWAY for an indefinite period of time. All thermostat information - IP address or DynDNS, Port, user ID and password is configured during the edit function.

After Initial download of your application to your device the application will come up without any thermostat information. To initialize, hit the EDIT button and then the button. This will bring up a provisioning screen for the thermostats.

Adding Thermostats
In the Add configuration you can put in a DynDNS name or your TCP/IP address, port information, user ID and password. You can then select the device configuration - heat only, heat and cooling, cooling only. Also, if there is are attached sensors, the configuration page allows you to enable display of their information.

Home Page
This pages shows your configured thermostats zone temperature, heat and cool settings, Home (In) / OUT / AWAY status and sensor information. The two LEDs at the side of the thermostat label represent the ORing together of the High and Low temperature alarms. If this LED is red, select the individual thermostat (via the chevron on the right) and this page will display the alarms independently.

Individual Thermostat Page
This page provides you with a temperature override function for a period of time. The temperature picker allows you to set the temperature and then specify how long (including infinite) you want the temperature to be in an override state.

Away allows you to set all of the thermostats configured on your Home page to an AWAY state with either a specific return date or an indefinite period of time. However, please note below that to implement this function we lose the special days settings.

Pressing Home or Out gives you single button control over the thermostats to set them to your pre-configured Home or Out scheduled setbacks.

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