Inventist AquaSkipper
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Inventist AquaSkipper

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Turn Heads as You Glide Across the Surface of the Water
Zoom across the water by hopping up and down
Quick assembly/disassembly
Fun and an exhilarating workout rolled into one
Reach speeds up to 17mph
Environmentally friendly water fun

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  • Essential Info Have you ever watched a waterbug glide across the surface of the water and wished you could do the same? Well now you can with the AquaSkipper from Inventist. The AquaSkipper lets you fly across the surface of the water and get an exhilarating full body workout in the process. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, hydrofoil wings and a fiberglass spring the AquaSkipper will soar across the top of a body of water as the user hops up and down. The faster you hop, the faster you'll go and the more intense of a workout you'll get. Speeds of up to 17mph have even been recorded and a speed of at least 5mph will need to be reached in order for the AquaSkipper to work. The AquaSkipper is environmentally friendly to use as it does not cause water pollution, air pollution or noise pollution because it is powered by the user rather than an engine. Assembly and disassembly can be done in roughly 5-10 minutes making it easy to pack-up and bring with you on the go. The AquaSkipper has a minimum weight requirement of roughly 70 lbs and a maximum of roughly 250 lbs. In order to work the AquaSkipper must be started from above the water's surface on something such as a boat or a dock in water at least 6.5 feet deep.
  • Specifications
    ManufacturerInventist, Inc
    Manufacturer Product No.AquaSkipper
    DimensionsL 48.8in x W 18.9in x H 9.4in
    Weight35.3 lbs
    Assembled Product Weight26 lbs
    Assembled Product Wingspan7ft
    Assembled Product Length6ft
    MaterialAircraft aluminum frame
    Minimum Working Speed5mph
    Average Speed8-10mph
    Minimum WeightRoughly 70 lbs
    Maximum WeightRoughly 250 lbs
    Assemble / DisassembleRoughly 5-10 minutes
    Manufacturer Warranty90 days
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  • 1x - AquaSkpper
  • 1x - Spare skimmer
  • 2x - Flotation buoys
  • 1x - Hex wrench
  • 1x - DVD
  • 1x - Owner's manual

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