InThrMa pro-sh-01E Web-Based HVAC Management Suite for Proliphix Thermostats, Enterprise
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InThrMa pro-sh-01E Web-Based HVAC Management Suite for Proliphix Thermostats, Enterprise

Optimize, Visualize and Control your HVAC from any Web Browser or Mobile Phone
  • Reduce energy bills with InThrMa's adaptive thermostat optimization technology
  • Control your thermostat from any web browser or smart phone
  • Generate custom reports that chart usage over time and identify HVAC performance problems early
  • Create SMS and email alerts that immediately inform you of equipment malfunctions or inefficiencies
  • Upload reference documents for instant access (manuals, trouble shooting guides, floor plans, etc.)

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  • Are you looking to take your Proliphix thermostat to the next level? InThrMa will help you save money, tailor your HVAC system to meet your needs, and allow you to rest easy knowing that you won't be blindsided by frozen pipes, equipment failures, or runaway utility bills.

    InThrMa's HVAC Energy Management Suite enables you to optimize energy use and manage thermostats in residential and commercial settings from any web browser or mobile phone. Whether you want to set it once and forget about it, or monitor and optimize frequently, our simple interface and advanced features can be customized to your needs. Once installed, the suite can also help users track HVAC system performance, identify and diagnose problems, and increase energy efficiency by more than 10%. Installation is simple. Just install a Proliphix web--connected thermostat and then register your product.

    • Lite - Offers the Proliphix owner data collection, graphing, basic mobile access and data export features
    • Standard - Builds on the Lite Edition by adding full mobile access, monthly reports, alerts and dashboard capabilities
    • Enterprise -Take full control of your entire HVAC system with custom thermostat programming (beyond standard Proliphix programming), Dashboard with Master Controller, add sub-users and reference files for you and your family or building management staff

    Remote monitoring and control dashboard:
    Check the status of your home or HVAC system, and change your thermostat settings from any web connection or smart phone.

    Generate customized graphs that allow you diagnose HVAC performance. You can plot a number of different inputs, including thermostat settings, indoor temperature, decay rate, outside temperature and humidity, and the temperature from remote sensors.

    Advanced Scheduling:
    Create multiple stored profiles (e.g. weekends, vacation) that optimize comfort and reduce unnecessary heating and cooling.

    Receive SMS or email alerts that let you know if your system is not performing optimally, whether it is due to system maintenance needs, or human error, such as leaving windows open. You can also receive notification if people are manually overriding the preset thermostat settings.

    InThrMa allows you to run reports on your HVAC system's performance. Need to see what happened last Wednesday? Need to see all the heating cycles that occurred last night? With InThrMa all this data is a couple of clicks away.

    File Uploads:
    Upload digital files (PDFs, jpgs, etc), such as floor plans or HVAC system manuals for quick reference from any web browser.

    Smart Start:
    InThrMa's advanced analytics will optimize your scheduled HVAC start and end times to save you energy. InThrMa learns how your building responds to outdoor temperature. Rather than preprogramming the same thermostat start time each day, you tell us when you want your building to be at a target temperature. InThrMa determines the minimum amount of time for you to achieve the target temperature. This is especially useful in commercial settings where a building must be at a specific temperature when opening for customers or employees. In a residential setting, imagine waking up in the morning to a perfectly heated or cooled home.

    InThrMa is well suited and used in residential, light commercial, religious buildings, property management, landlord/tenant, and vacation home environments.

    Peace of mind:
    InThrMa acts as your eyes and ears when you can't be around. Never again will you have to worry about frozen pipes or mildew damage.
  • 5 Reviews

    Review of 30490 Review by Robert
    Review of 30490

    Have been using InThrMa and loving it. I manage my thermostat from home on my phone and via a web page on PCs in addition to my phone on the road via 3G. The ability to monitor the graphs have given me the ability to fine tune my setback schedules and save me money. Love it! Support from the company is excellent as well.

    Posted on 2/1/2011

    Review of 30490 Review by BonnerBB
    Review of 30490

    I have been using Inthrma to oversee 40 plus IP thermostats for a few years now. I highly recommend the Proliphix Stats and the Inthrma monitoring system to go with it.

    Intherma control,data analysis and reports really brings out the FULL POTENTIAL of the IP stat. Before we had Inthrma's stats it was a very time consuming to make sure all our units were working. Now we can look at one report and know whether we have a problem.

    Highly recommend Inthrma.

    Posted on 1/9/2011

    Review of 30490 Review by avi
    Review of 30490

    i have been using inthrma for two years. they provided an added layer of technology and convenience. the system is very useful in diagnosing and tracking energy issues. the mobile site is great. i have used is many times to control the thermostats remotely in a commercial application. you can also set custom programs through inthrma i recommend it for anyone who wants a true webenabled system.

    Posted on 1/8/2011

    Review of 30490 Review by Rich
    Review of 30490

    I am very happy with this product.. I have 3 Proliphix thermostats at a rental property I own. I have had the service two years now and plan to keep it for a long time.

    What I really like:
    * Inthrma allow me to see the status all my 3 thermostats in one place.
    * Duty Cycles - Inthrma tracks minute by minute what is happening so I can see when a zone turns on and how long it takes to hit the target temp. This really lets me know how the boiler is peforming.
    * Alerts
    - Rate of Rise - One alert you can set it for rate of temp rise after heator cooling is turned on. I had this alert get triggered once and sure enough their was air in the loop that feeds this apartment. Half the radiators were not getting hot. Tenant didnt tell me, inthrma did
    - Low Temp - I have intrama set to email and text messagesince I consider this an emergency if the temp gets below 61 degrees. If the heat ever failed or a tenant left a outside window open I can get an alert before there is real trouble.
    - Temp change at thermostat - I allow the tenants some control of their own heatthe Proliphix thermostat allow you to totally lock the unit down or allow the user to push the heat up a few degrees. I have Intrma notify me when the tenant is pushing the heat up. This way I can set the thermostat back further and give them chance to push it up when needed but make sure they not abusing it.
    - Missing thermostat. In reality tells me when the internet as down at the rental property.

    The reporting is really good.. The software tracks inside temp, outside temp, if hvac is on, all on a per minute basis. when heat is on it tracks the rate of change so it is easily to tell how the unit is performing. they also provide a lot of monthly stats so I can compare this years usage to last years. In my case I found that after putting new windows in one of the apartments I lowered the time the heat ran about 15% when the heating degree days for the time in question was almost exactly the same.

    Posted on 1/6/2011

    Review of 30490 Review by Dennis
    Review of 30490

    I love inthrma's ease of use. I use it to control my thermostat from my Droid X phone.

    Posted on 1/5/2011

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