interfaceGO Nokia Touch Screen Software for INSTEON
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interfaceGO Nokia Touch Screen Software for INSTEON

Turn Your Nokia N800 or N810 Wireless Touch Panel Into an INSTEON Home Automation Controller

Item #: 12811

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  • Customizable The interfaceGO interface allows you to create your own hierarchy of folders and controls. You create the layout and choose which buttons you want and where. Create a custom layout to match the touch panel's location, or your own personal preference.
  • Thumb-friendlyThe graphical user interface (GUI) is designed for easy control without a pen. On-screen buttons are large, easy to press, and easy to read.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity lets the touch panel move freely around your home. One touch panel can serve multiple locations. The small and extremely light Nokia tablets can be carried easily from room to room.
  • Attractive The Nokia's gray/silver front gives it a classy yet modern look. The colorful and clean interfacGO display paired with the Nokia's 4.1" high resolution screen provides a contemporary, stylish combination.
  • Versatile The touch panel software runs on the powerful Nokia N800 and N810. Simply exit out of the NK8 home control software and you can browse the web, check your email, watch videos, listen to music, communicate on Skype, use the built-in webcam, etc. Or, if you prefer, leave the Nokia running as a full-time home-control touch screen.
  • Easy The drag-and-drop configuration utility automatically downloads devices and scenes saved in your ISY, and let's you build your own custom interface in minutes.

    interfaceGO software currently only supports the Panasonic Network Camera. The software will take a still image from the webcam, from a URL you specify, and refresh the image every 5 seconds. Other webcams that provide a still image URL may work as well

    Important Note: Since the Nokia will be in constant communication with the ISY, a reliable Wi-Fi network is required. Please make sure you have good wireless range in the areas you're using the NK8, and that you have no interference from other devices (2.4 Ghz phones, baby monitors, etc.) If a disconnect is detected, the Nokia will do its best to reconnect without the user even knowing it. On a reliable wifi network, however, disconnects should be very rare.

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    Manufacturer Product No.:NK8
    Device Requirements:Nokia N800 or N8100 touch panel; ISY INSTEON Controller with PLM (each sold separately)

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    Review of 12811 Review by Mag
    Review of 12811

    Are you SERIOUS? 120 bucks for what is essentially an app for a phone from half a decade ago? wow.

    Posted on 9/27/2012

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