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INSTEON Development Kit - Serial

INSTEON Development Kit

Essential Information

  • Join the INSTEON development community
  • Develop home-control products and applications
  • Supports both the enthusiast and professional developer
  • Includes both Serial and USB dual-band interfaces (including the USB Portable Adapter)

  • INSTEON - The ultimate in wireless home-control technology

    The INSTEON development kit provides the documentation, software and hardware necessary to develop INSTEON-based home-control products and applications. Development support is available for the enthusiast as well as the professional software developer. No pricing discounts will apply to this product.

    With the INSTEON Software Development Kit, you will be able to develop applications using the ultimate wireless home-control technology.

    What You Need to Get Started
  • Power strip to plug in both the PowerLinc Modem and the LampLinc
  • Computer with internet connection and RS232 serial port (or Serial to USB adapter)
  • Trial copy of the Docklight Scripting software (use most recent version)
  • INSTEON sample script for Docklight

  • Details & Specifications

    The development kit includes a Quick Start Guide that provides the specific information required to develop INSTEON-compatible products and applications

    Each kit contains the following:
  • Developer PowerLinc Modem, Serial (Dual-Band)
  • Developer PowerLinc Modem, USB (Dual-Band)
  • Developer USB Portable Adapter 1.0
  • Developer LampLinc (Dual-Band)
  • Serial Cable (RJ45-to-RS232)
  • USB Cable
  • Small light bulb to be plugged into the bottom of the LampLinc (7.5 Watt utility light)
  • Adapter plug for bulb

  • Membership
    Each kit includes select membership in the INSTEON alliance. The INSTEON Alliance consists of companies and individuals committed to the adoption and development of INSTEON as the standard wireless networking technology for home control and monitoring solutions. Membership in the Alliance provides access to development support and the opportunity to gain insight and influence the direction, development and marketing of INSTEON. Specific benefits of the Select Alliance membership include:
  • Access to the INSTEON technology forum and knowledge base.
  • Invitation to INSTEON seminars and marketing events
  • Listing of your company on the INSTEON website
  • Inclusion in membership press releases

  • Support
    Smarthome provides a comprehensive set of development support services including email, phone and consulting services. An overview of the support services offered can be found here.

    Product Development
    Under the terms of the license agreement, Smarthome will allow you to sell your products once you have provided the product for compatibility testing and certification. Once you pass compatibility testing you will be able to work with Smarthome category managers to market your product through Smarthome. You may also sell the software and/or hardware through other distribution channels with the INSTEON Compatible logo.

    By clicking the "Buy it Now" button below, please note that you agree to the terms and  conditions in the license agreement above.

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