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Learn more about INSTEON technology, the gold standard networking technology for the connected home.


INSTEON - The Basics

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The Basics






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  1. INSTEON On/Off Outdoor Module (Dual-Band)

    INSTEON 2634-222 On/Off Outdoor Module (Dual-Band)

    ITEM #2634-222
    Simple plug-in module for lights and appliances can be remotely turned on or off via any INSTEON controller. This module features an outdoor rated, weather -resistant housing perfect for fountain pumps and landscape or holiday lighting.

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  2. KeypadLinc - INSTEON 6-Button Scene Control Keypad with On/Off Switch (Dual-Band), White

    KeypadLinc - INSTEON 2487S 6-Button Scene Control Keypad with On/Off Switch (Dual-Band), White

    ITEM #2487S
    With this KeypadLinc you get three products in one: a heavy-duty 20A Relay, an in-wall keypad controller that can control up to five different devices or groups of devices, and an Access Point. Also operates at 120V-277V AC.

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  3. INSTEON Thermostat

    INSTEON 2441TH Thermostat

    ITEM #2441TH
    Turn the temperature up or down from anywhere in the house with any INSTEON-compatible controller and set a different heating/cooling schedule for every day of the week.

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  4. INSTEON LED Bulb, 8 Watt (60W)

    INSTEON 2672-222 LED Bulb

    ITEM #2672-222
    This remote control LED lightbulb replaces any standard bulb and can be controlled by handheld remotes, wall keypads and even your smartphone or tablet when paired with the INSTEON Hub.

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  5. PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band)

    PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON 2413U USB Interface (Dual-Band)

    ITEM #2413U
    Combine this USB interface with INSTEON software for computer control of lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and more. Use free HouseLinc software or Indigo, Home Control Assistant just to name a few.

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  6. ToggleLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming), White

    ToggleLinc Relay - INSTEON 2466SW Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming), White

    ITEM #2466SW
    Make your home the envy of your friends and neighbors with the ToggleLinc Relay the ultimate INSTEON-compatible relay. Same great features as ToggleLinc Dimmer, but in a 13amp relay.

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  7. INSTEON Wireless Open/Close Sensor

    INSTEON 2843-222 Wireless Open/Close Sensor

    ITEM #2843-222
    The INSTEON Wireless Door Window Open/Close Sensor attaches to a door or window and detects when it is opened or closed. It can be linked to other INSTEON devices to activate lights or even added to software, triggering an alert email.

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  8. FanLinc - INSTEON Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)

    FanLinc - INSTEON 2475F Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)

    ITEM #2475F
    FanLinc is designed to easily incorporate both fan speed and light control within your INSTEON network. It is a dual-load responder simultaneously acting as a light fixture dimmer plus a 4 speed fan controller (Off, Low, Medium & High).

    Special Price: $59.99

    List Price: $69.99

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  9. INSTEON Micro On/Off Module

    INSTEON 2443-222 Micro On/Off Module

    ITEM #2443-222
    The compact Micro On/Off module wires in behind your existing switch, giving you all the remote control of an INSTEON relay switch without sacrificing your unique style.

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  10. ISY994i/IR PRO Home Automation Controller with Dual-Band PLM

    ISY994i/IR PRO Home Automation Controller with Dual-Band PLM

    ITEM #12236db
    Kit includes an easy-to-use INSTEON compatible central controller and INSTEON Dual Band PLM. It configures up to 1,024 devices/scenes and 1,000 programs from a local or remote computer.

    Special Price: $349.99

    List Price: $542.99

    Your Savings: $193.00

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  11. In-LineLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control In-Line Dimmer (Dual-Band)

    In-LineLinc Dimmer - INSTEON 2475DA1 Remote Control In-Line Dimmer (Dual-Band)

    ITEM #2475DA1
    In-LineLinc Dimmer - No suitable location for an INSTEON dimmer? Use this inline module to control each of your lights individually. Rated for 400 Watts.

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  12. INSTEON Mini Remote - 4 Scene

    INSTEON 2342-232 Mini Remote - 4 Scene

    ITEM #2342-232
    This mini remote fits in the palm of your hand and controls up to 4 individual devices or 4 groups of devices. It can also be wall mounted, used in your car with a visor clip or sit on a coffee table with a tabletop stand (accessories sold separately).

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  13. OutletLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Outlet (Dual Band), White

    OutletLinc Dimmer - INSTEON 2472DWH Remote Control Outlet (Dual Band), White

    ITEM #2472DWH
    This rreceptacle offers a built-in remote controllable dimmer, requiring no re-wiring of your lamp plug or a special wall switch. Installs in place of a standard receptacle and can be controlled from any INSTEON-compatible controller.

    Special Price: $49.99

    List Price: $59.99

    Your Savings: $10.00

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  14. INSTEON Hidden Door Sensor

    INSTEON 2845-222 Hidden Door Sensor

    ITEM #2845-222
    With Hidden Door Sensor you can always know whether a door has been opened or if you forgot to close a door. It installs inside the door or door frame, reporting activity wirelessly to your INSTEON home.

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  15. In-LineLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control In-Line On/Off Switch (Dual-Band)

    In-LineLinc Relay - INSTEON 2475SDB Remote Control In-Line On/Off Switch (Dual-Band)

    ITEM #2475SDB
    Remotely control lighting without running wires to a wall switch. Install this in-line module inside a junction box to control loads up to 20A or 1800 Watts (incandescent). Also features dual-band technology for enhanced performance.

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