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Learn more about INSTEON technology, the gold standard networking technology for the connected home.


INSTEON - The Basics

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The Basics





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Insteon Expansion Packs

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  1. INSTEON-Compatible mControl Software v3, Base System

    INSTEON-Compatible mControl Software v3, Base System

    ITEM #14111
    The mControl v3 Base Module allows the user to incorporate all available forms of home management with their home automation lighting and appliance control. This software is compatible with INSTEON, Z-wave, UPB, and X10 home automation protocols.

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  2. INSTEON-Compatible mControl Software v2

    INSTEON-Compatible mControl Software v2

    ITEM #1413
    This INSTEON- and X10-compatible software lets you control your lighting, sprinkler system, HVAC, and security cameras directly from your computer or from the convenience of your couch.

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