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Learn more about INSTEON technology, the gold standard networking technology for the connected home.


INSTEON - The Basics

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The Basics





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Insteon Expansion Packs

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  1. IRLinc Transmitter - INSTEON to IR Converter

    IRLinc Transmitter - INSTEON 2411T INSTEON to IR Converter

    ITEM #2411T
    Use one INSTEON controller for a/v equipment as well as lights and appliances. This simple IR device takes your INSTEON signals and converts them to IR signals that can control a/v devices.

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  2. CastleOS Voice-Controlled Home Automation Software for INSTEON, Z-Wave and WeMo

    CastleOS Voice-Controlled Home Automation Software for INSTEON, Z-Wave, WeMo, and More

    ITEM #12699
    CastleOS is a voice recognition home automation control system that interconnects devices on a multi-home automation protocol platform.

    In stock - Ships Today

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