Insteon Screwless Wall Plate for Paddle Switches
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Insteon Screwless Wall Plate for Paddle Switches, 1-Gang - White

Enhance Your Insteon Wall Switches, Keypads and Outlets with Beautiful Screwless Wall Plates
  • Clean, screwless design replaces old plates and their paint-chipped screws
  • Standard decorator-style opening fits all types of Wall Switches and Outlets
  • Designed for use with the Insteon line of Wall Switches, Keypads and Outlets
  • Available Colors: White, Ivory, Almond and Light Almond
  • Available Sizes: 1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang and 4-Gang

Item #: 2422-222 IN STOCK - SHIPS TODAY

White, 1 Gang
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    • Your Insteon wall switches are sleek and intelligent. Don't let ugly screws take away their glory. Surround them with a screwless wall plate.


      Banish paint-chipped screws.
      If years of room repaints have colored the edges of your wall plates and slotted screws, no longer will these aged items tarnish the look of your sleek Insteon Switches, Keypads and Outlets. Insteon Screwless Wall Plates hide all mounting screws and fully wrap your decorator-style fixture, completely replacing any worn and colored wall plate remnants.

      Frustration Free

      No more misaligned switches.
      Using a mounting bracket that is easy to align and straighten, Insteon Screwless Wall Plates give you a no-fuss fit every time. Simply remove your existing wall plate, affix the Insteon mounting plate over your switch or outlet and then snap on the trim plate. And it's never been easier to set the correct depth or adjust the level of your switches; adjustment slots on the mounting plate let you adjust the depth and tilt of your switches with ease.

      Color Accurate

      Insteon White, Ivory, Almond and Light Almond
      Manufactured to compliment our line of Insteon Wall Switches, Keypads and Outlets, the Screwless Wall Plate is perfectly color matched. Nothing ruins the sleek look of an Insteon Device like an unmatched wall plate; with the Screwless Wall Plate, the color, texture and shine will be identical.


      Matches More than just Insteon
      Fitting all industry-standard decorator-style switches and outlets, the Insteon Screwless Wall Plate will work even where you don't have an Insteon product. Upgrade the look of your room simply by applying Insteon Screwless Wall Plates to the outlets around your room's perimeter; it's a quick and cost effective way to modernize any room's décor.


      Matching Multi-Gang
      More than one or two switches in your junction box? That's OK - we've made Insteon Screwless Wall Plates in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-gang sizes for even large wall boxes. And because our screwless wall plates help you adjust and align the positioning of your decorator-style switches, it's never been easier to perfectly center and plum your multi-gang junction boxes. Simply use the pass through screw holes to adjust the depth and spacing of your switches, snap on the screwless cover and you're done.
    •  Specifications

       Manufacturer  Insteon
       Color, Size - Manufacturer Product # / UPC Code  White, 1-Gang - 2422-222 / 813922013030
       White, 2-Gang - 2422-232 / 813922013047
       White, 3-Gang - 2422-242 / 813922013054
       White, 4-Gang - 2422-252 / 813922013061

       Ivory, 1-Gang - 2422-223 / 813922013986
       Ivory, 2- Gang - 2422-233 / 813922014013
       Ivory, 3-Gang - 2422-243 / 813922014044
       Ivory, 4-Gang - 2422-253 / 813922014075

       Almond, 1-Gang - 2422-224 / 813922013993
       Almond, 2-Gang - 2422-234 / 813922014020
       Almond, 3-Gang - 2422-244 / 813922014051
       Almond, 4-Gang - 2422-254 / 813922014082

       Light Almond, 1-Gang - 2422-225 / 813922014006
       Light Almond, 2-Gang - 2422-235 / 813922014037
       Light Almond, 3-Gang - 2422-245 / 813922014068
       Light Almond, 4-Gang - 2422-255 / 813922014099
       Size - Dimensions:  1-Gang - 4.89" H x 3.13" W x 0.25" D (124mm H x 79.5mm W x 6.5mm D)
       2-Gang - 4.89" H x 4.94" W x 0.25" D (124mm H x 125.5mm W x 6.5mm D)
       3-Gang - 4.89" H x 6.75" W x 0.25" D (124mm H x 171.5mm W x 6.5mm D)
       4-Gang - 4.89" H x 8.50" W x 0.25" D (124mm H x 216mm W x 6.5mm D)
       Wall Plate Style:  Decorator
       Opening Dimensions:  2.65" H x 1.35" W (67mm H x 33.5mm W)
       Flammability Rating:  UL Recognized, 94-5VB Rating*
       Approvals:  ETL
       Operating Temperature  32° F to 130° F (0° C to 54° C)

      * This rating is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions.

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    • •  1x - Insteon Wall Plate
      •  1x - Back Plate
      •  1x - Set of Screws

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