Insteon LED Bulb for Recessed Lights, PAR38 12W - Bayonet Screw Base - Europe (869 MHz)
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Insteon Par38 12w (75w Equivalent) Remote Control Dimmable LED Bulb for Recessed Lights, Warm White (2559k), Par38 Bayonet Screw Base - Europe

The Smartest Bulb for Recessed Lights in the World
  • Compatible with Insteon Europe (869 MHz) devices
  • Bayonet Screw Base
  • Energy-saving, 12W LED bulb shines as brightly as a 75W incandescent bulb
  • Software configurable: link to additional controllers, add to scenes and customize ramp rates and brightness levels
  • Up to 52,000 hour life
  • Award-winning Insteon technology provides superior performance and reliability
  • This product is an Insteon Dual-Band device

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REWARDS:64 points
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  • That Old Bulb is So 1870s

    Insteon LED Bulbs are award winning for a reason: packed into each bulb is both energy efficient power saving LED illumination as well as advanced Insteon technology for complete remote control throughout your home. It's easy to control using Insteon Switches and Keypads, Insteon Wireless Remotes or via your smartphone when used with Insteon Hub.

    Enhanced with the Insteon Hub

    For the easiest control solution, pair an Insteon LED Bulb with the Insteon Hub. You can use your smartphone to configure multiple Bulbs and remotely control them directly from your mobile device, Insteon Hub even gives you access to useful features like scheduling. Learn more about the Insteon Hub.

    Energy Efficient - Less Waste

    Even with all of the advanced Insteon technology packed into each LED Bulb, the Insteon LED Bulb for Recessed Lights uses a mere 12 Watts of electricity. But that doesn't mean your LED Bulb will be dull - every LED Bulb is as bright as a 75W incandescent light.

    Insteon LED Bulbs can last a long time - so long that you would need over 50 traditional light bulbs to match the lifespan of just one Insteon LED Bulb. The energy efficient LEDs in each bulb are designed to last up to 52,000 hours. Compare that to just 1,000 hours with a tungsten light bulb.

    Dramatic Energy Saving

    20% of the average home energy bill is due to lighting. With each Insteon LED Bulb using only 13% of the electricity of a regular incandescent, you can see how the savings can add up. And because Insteon LED Bulbs put out less heat, you'll even save energy on cooling, too.

    Energy costs calculated using the national average of 11 cents per kWh for electricity with a daily duration of 3 hours. Bulb life expectancy for tungsten incandescent based on the industry average of 1,000 hours. Savings may vary.

    Color Temperature

    But just as important as energy efficiency, we know how important the right color of light can be. Every Insteon LED Bulb is color calibrated to 2900K for that familiar warm glow.

    Dimmable - Not All Light Bulbs are Created Equal

    When it comes to lighting control, on and off just doesn't cut it. But the move to energy efficient light bulbs like CFLs and LED bulbs has generally meant that your lights can no longer dim. From the start, Insteon LED Bulbs were designed for dimming*. In fact, you can fully brighten and dim Insteon LED Bulbs from any Insteon Wall Switch, Keypad, wireless Mini Remote or even your smartphone when used with the Insteon Hub.

    Insteon Features - Our Shining Achievements

    Every Insteon LED Bulb shares the same fantastic feature set as our best-selling Insteon Dimmer Switch - you can customize the On Level and Ramp Rate of every LED Bulb and even create custom lighting scenes. And because every LED Bulb features Insteon Dual-Band technology, they communicate wirelessly and over the power lines with the Insteon network for the best reliability.

    International Compatibility Notice
    This Insteon product is compatible with other 869 MHz European products. Products built for use in France, Germany and the United Kingdom all use 869 MHz. Products built for the USA and Australia / New Zealand use different RF frequencies that are incompatible with European Insteon products.

  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2674-422
    UPC 813922013702
    Patent / Copyright Protected under US and Foreign Patents
    Operational Specifications
    Lumens 926
    Lumens per Watt 82
    Color Rendering Index 82
    Color Temperature 2559K
    Insteon Specifications
    Insteon Device Category 0x4E Europe (Bayonet Base)
    Radio Frequency 869.85 MHz EU
    Insteon ID 1
    Insteon Links 400n
    Insteon Messages Repeated Yes
    Insteon Minimum Receive Level 10mV
    Insteon Minimum Transmit Level 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    Insteon Powerline Device Yes
    Insteon Powerline Frequency 131.65 KHz
    Insteon RF Device Yes
    Maximum Controlled Scenes 0
    Maximum Scene Memberships 400
    Multi-Link Support Yes
    Multi-Unlink Support Yes
    RF Beacon No
    Radio Frequency 869 Mhz
    Radio Frequency Range 150 feet
    Scene Commands Supported as Controller None
    Scene Commands Supported as Responder
    • On, Off
    • Fast-On, Fast-Off
    • Begin Brighten, Begin Dim, Beep
    Software Configurable Yes
    Mechanical Specifications
    Beep on Button Press No
    Beeper Yes, software configurable
    Dimensions 4.8" Diameter x 5" Length (122mm Diameter x 127mm Length)
    Dimming Technology Employed Integrated Insteon-dimmable LED driver
    Enclosure Material Aluminum
    Mounting Bayonet Screw Base
    Operating Environment Indoors
    Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity
    Operating Temperature Range 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
    Set Button No
    Weight 6.5 oz (183g)
    Electrical Specifications
    Supply Voltage 240V AC +/- 10%, 50Hz
    Local Control No
    Power Consumption 12W
    Standby Power Consumption <0.4
    FCC ID SBP26742
    Industry Canada 5202A-26742
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    • 1x - Insteon LED Bulb for Recessed Lights
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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