INSTEON Micro Open/Close Motor Control Module
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INSTEON Micro Open/Close Module

Add INSTEON Remote Control to Window Shutters, Blinds, Projector Screens and More
  • Control motorized projection screens, window shutters, blinds and more
  • The smallest inline module ever! Fits into almost all boxes
  • Sense wires allow for control via a connected, hard-wired switch
  • Compatible with latching switches as well as single momentary and dual momentary switches

Item #: 2444-222

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  • Want to add wireless remote control to your automated window shutters, blinds and projector screens? INSTEON makes it easy. Micro Open/Close Module is the first INSTEON device designed specifically for up/down and open/close motor-controlled appliances. By including the Micro Open/Close module as a part of your INSTEON home automation network, you will enjoy remote control of your shutters, blinds, screens and more.

    This compact module installs behind your existing switch, giving it full INSTEON automation while retaining local control at the switch by way of sense wires. The patented INSTEON dual-band communication reliably sends signals over existing electrical wires (powerline) in your home and via radio frequency (RF). Micro Open/Close Module is so tiny that it can even be installed as an in-line module within a fixture box (like an In-LineLinc), providing remote control without running legs for a wall switch.

    INSTEON also offers a Micro Dimmer Module and a Micro On/Off Module.

    INSTEON Micro Open/Close is compatible with latching, single momentary and dual momentary switches. By default, it comes programmed for latching switches such as paddles and toggles; it is easily configured for single and dual momentary switches with a simple reprogramming procedure during installation.

    Due to its hidden nature, we highly recommend using a home management controller (such as HouseLinc) or the free INSTEON app with INSTEON Hub to manage Micro Open/Close.

  • General
    Product Name:INSTEON Micro Open/Close
    Manufacturer Product No.:2444-222
    Warranty:2 years, limited
    INSTEON:Controller and responder
    Maximum links/scenes:400
    Status LED:Green when load is on, red when load is off
    Blinks red once when responder does not acknowledge/blinks green once if all responders acknowledge (can be disabled via software)
    Blinks green or red during setup
    Blinks red to indicate traffic (must be enabled via software)
    LED brightness:Adjustable from off to 100% bright
    Local control:Yes
    Commands supported as controller:OnOff
    Fast onFast off
    Begin brightenEnd brighten
    Begin dimEnd dim
    Commands supported as responder:Open (on)Close (off)
    Fast onFast off
    Begin raise (brighten)End raise (brighten)
    Begin lower (dim)End lower (dim)
    Software configurable:Yes
    RF range:Up to 164 feet open air (may vary due to local interference)
    Phase detect beacon:Yes
    INSTEON device category:0x0E window coverings
    INSTEON device subcategory:2444-222 (915MHz)0x01
    Mounting:Behind switch or above fixture in single-gang electrical box
    Wire connections:Sense 1 (yellow): 24 AWG, 0.205mm2
    Sense 2 (purple): 24 AWG, 0.205mm2
    Max. cable size:4mm2, 12 AWG (2.72mm diameter)
    Min. cable size:1.5mm2, 15 AWG
    Screw clamp connections:Line
    Load 1
    Load 2
    Case color:White
    Set button:Yes
    Plastic:UV stabilized ABS+PC
    Beep on button press:Beeps when button is pressed or connected switch is tapped (must be enabled via software)
    LED:1 RGB
    Dimensions: 1.8"H x 1.8"W x 0.6"D
    Weight:2.52 oz
    Operating environment:Indoors
    Operating temperature range:32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
    Operating humidity range:0-90% relative humidity
    Storage temperature range:-4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
    Voltage:100VAC to 240VAC
    Frequency:50/60Hz auto-detected at power-up
    Max. load:8A Resistive
    2.5A Motor
    Load types:Resistive
    Hardwired remote control:Yes, dual momentary switches supported
    Retain all settings without power:Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
    Standby power consumption:<1W
    Safety approved:ETL
    Certifications:FCC, UL, IEC, EN
  • 8 Reviews

    Not for Whole House Fan Review by Jim
    Not for Whole House Fan

    Tried to use this to control a 2-speed whole house fan. While the module works fine, I couldn't make it work for this purpose. I was hoping there was a way to set it to switch one load on continuously or the other. Clement indicated you could do this with Brighten and Dim but I couldn't find a way to send that command. ISY-994i couldn't access continuous to L1 or L2 either. Now I just need to find some blinds this works with. Any suggestions?

    Posted on 9/21/2014

    Review of 2444-222 Review by MARCELO
    Review of 2444-222

    Great product. Very easy!

    Posted on 6/27/2014

    Review of 2444-222 Review by STEVEN
    Review of 2444-222

    I installed four of these on hurricane shutters for my cabana. So far, they work perfectly! Easy to install and follow along to set up. Highly recommend!

    Posted on 8/4/2013

    Review of 2444-222 Review by HARVEY
    Review of 2444-222

    very dissatisfied - product does not work as advertised. Tech Support has done nothing to solve the problem. It has been three weeks since I submitted a tech support request, they confirmed having gotten my request and confirmed they could reproduce the problem.

    Posted on 6/22/2013

    Review of 2444-222 Review by Matt
    Review of 2444-222

    Really awesome. Drastically simplified the INSTEON management of my projector screen.

    Posted on 5/29/2013

    Review of 2444-222 Review by Clement
    Review of 2444-222

    Also works quite well with window fans, now I can control the on/off status as well as the direction of the Window Fan by sending a brigthen or dim command instead of on/off which is momentary.

    Posted on 4/29/2013

    Review of 2444-222 Review by DAVID
    Review of 2444-222

    Works as advertised, I can now program my shutters to go up and down as needed. Only drawback is that the micro switch is not fully supported by my HouseLink so it's a little glitchy sometimes. Have been told later releases of HouseLink will fully support.

    Posted on 3/23/2013

    Review of 2444-222 Review by Dave
    Review of 2444-222

    I've been looking for a programmable control for my storm/security shutters for a couple of years now so I thought I'd order this micro switch and give it a try. It works great! I can program my shutters to close and open with the sunset or sunrise and it works great with my HouseLink! This is an excellent product, my original switches still work as well.

    Posted on 3/13/2013

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