INSTEON Compatible Table-Top Touch Screen Controller
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INSTEON Compatible Table-Top Touch Screen Controller

Control All of the INSTEON Devices In Your Home From a Tabletop Touchscreen Controller

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  • With the included easy-to-use software, you can label each button on the display to identify the device or scene it operates. Multiple scheduled events can be managed utilizing the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). Once programming is completed using a PC and the included IES Configuration Software, the touch screen will operate without the use of a computer. There are three sections of control, comprised of Manual Control, Scene Control, and Scheduled Events. Programming is safe from power outages by way of an internal back-up battery.

    USB Programming
    The EasyTouch controller is managed and configured by connecting the mini USB jack located at the top of the unit to a computer or laptop. The included IES software allows you to set up, manage, delete, and edit groups, scenes and indivual INSTEON devices easily.

    The INSTEON Compatible In-Wall Touch-Screen Controller communicates to all of the devices on an INSTEON network through the INSTEON PowerLinc Modem, Dual-Band (sold separately). By simply connecting the back of the INSTEON touch-screen controller to an INSTEON PLM via a single cat. 5 cable, bi-directional information can be sent for communication and status. Requires a 12V DC power supply (sold separately).

    Configuration Software Package
    IES Configuration Software comes included with each INSTEON-compatible touch-screen display. This PC-based SW package allows the user or installer to easily configure the touch panel. Utilizing the software, users and installers can define and customize buttons and labels for individual INSTEON devices as well as groups, scenes and schedules. Programming and configuration of the touch panel is broken up into five sections, including Modules, Scenes, Schedules, Location and Reports:

  • The Modules section allows the user to assign names and INSTEON addresses to each individual Switch as well as define whether the switch is a dimmer or relay.
  • The Scenes section allows the user or installer to create and assign scene names by simply dragging and dropping selected switches from the defined list into the scene.
  • The Schedules section allows the user or installer to create and assign names to schedules by dragging and dropping either individual INSTEON devices or whole scenes. The scheduler contains several useful time delineations, including dawn and dusk triggers as well as daily, weekday, and weekend settings. Multiple schedules can be downloaded and enabled individually via the Touch Screen.
  • Location allows the user or installer to define the home's time zone via a list of cities or latitude and longitude measurements, which aids in calculating dawn and dusk settings for scheduled events.
  • The Report function allows the user or installer to print reports of the defined Modules, Scenes and Schedules stored in the touch screen's memory.

    Updates as of 08/01/2009
    • System Name: Enables the user to easily replace the Welcome message on the startup screen with a user specified name such as Smith Home.
    • Thermostat: This enhancement allows the Touch Screen to control the Venstar Thermostat.
    • X-10 Control: This enhancement allows the user to control X-10 devices
    • IR control: This enhancement allows the user to control scenes via a universal remote control.
    Please note that to enable these enhancements the user must download new firmware and screens as well as use the latest lightingconfig.exe program. Firmware and screens can be downloaded to the Touch Screen using the bfloader and scrloader program located in the utilities folder. Instructions for download also in the utilities folder. The firmware is located in the firmware folder ( LightingRev133P.ldr ). The current version is Rev 1.33P ( this rev will be seen in the upper left of the Touch Screen after powering the Touch Screen or resetting using the reset button located under the bezel above the IR receiver). The screens file is located in the screens folder (InsteonScreensMetalRevD.ies).

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Interactive Electronic Systems (IES)
    Manufacturer Product No.:Easytouch-S
    Dimensions:4 1/2" H x 4 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D
    Screen Type:Active Matrix
    LCD Screen Size:3.6 inch diagonal
    Screen Resolution:320 by 240 lines
    Backlight Type:LED
    Processor:400MHZ/ 800MMACs High Performance Processor
    Memory:16 Mb RAM, up to 16 Mb Flash
    Mounting:2-gang back box
    Graphic Engine:24 Bit RGB 16,384,000 colors
    Power Requirements:10 -28 VDC input voltage
    Power Consumption:Approximately 170 ma @ 12VDC
    Warranty:1 year, limited

  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 12006 Review by JAY
    Review of 12006

    Once programmed the controller functions very well. Software does not have some of the flexibility of other Smarthome Software for PC and/or USB Powerlinc Controller.

    Posted on 7/17/2009

    Review of 12006 Review by Paul
    Review of 12006

    I purchased the Tabletop Touchscreen Controller this past summer and have been very pleased with its dependability, easy of use, functionality, and convenience.

    I have been using X-10 for many years and switched over to Insteon this past summer. By the way, Insteon is a h-u-g-e improvement over x-10. One key piece of functionality that I wanted was to have lights inside and outside of the house to come on and off at various times without me doing it myself. I wanted to have this capability but not to have my PC on all the time to execute the schedule. This product did it!

    To setup, you enter your devices, scenes and schedules into the PC software provided. The software is somewhat touchy be careful not to give your room and devices long names and dusk time offset is tricky and lacks decent documentation but works. Once you understand the idiosyncrasies you will find the PC software easily manageable. In addition, the software allows each device i.e. switch, table lamp control, etc to have there own individual on/off times, days, and intensity levels. Once you have the PC Schedule complete, you select the Download button and the data automatically loaded to the Controller

    I strongly recommend the product. My hope is that the vendor improves the PC software.

    Posted on 11/1/2008

    Review of 12006 Review by ROGER
    Review of 12006

    I purchased the in-wall version and it is absolutely perfect.

    Posted on 9/25/2008

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