INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant 8 Automation Software, Standard
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INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant 8 Automation Software, Standard

The Most Intuitive Home Control Software You'll Find

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  • Schedules
    You can also set vacation schedules that simulate an "at home" appearance to reduce the risk of being burglarized. A number of schedules can be used, including separate ones for weekdays and weekends. And there's no need to worry about power outages either, since Home Control Assistant automatically resets itself, catching up on the schedule you programmed.

    Quick & Easy Programming
    Home Control Assistant provides complete support for programming all INSTEON- and X10-compatible switches. For example, you can save hours of programming by adjusting the ramp rate directly on your computer screen making it easy to set lights to turn on with an elegant fade instead of popping on abruptly. This soft start feature is not only easier on your eyes, it also lengthens the life span of your light bulbs.

    User-Friendly Interface
    Best of all, this user-friendly, visually oriented software employs a true Windows

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:HCA 8 STD

    Supported Automation Interfaces

    UPB X
    Global Cache G-100XX
    Magic Module X
    Marrick InterfacesXX
    Wireless interfacesXX
    SmartHome  IRLincXX
    SmartHome USB and serial PowerLincXX
    SmartHome USB and serial PowerLinc ControllerXX
    Lightolier Compose Protocol  
    Lightolier Firewall download  

    Supported Hardware

    PCS Switches & Lighting ModulesXX
    UPB DevicesXX
    INSTEON DevicesXX
    Lightolier Controls CI and CP  
    Leviton X10 switches and modulesXX
    X10-Pro switches and modulesXX
    RCS X10 Thermostats X
    SmartHome SwitchLinc & LampLincXX
    SmartHome TempLincXX
    X10USA switches and modulesXX
    Davis Instruments Weather Station X
    METAR weather data X
    PCS & SwitchLinc Scene programming X

    Core Features

    Advanced Computation ElementsXX
    Design checkerXX
    Download to CM11XX
    Download to Magic Module X
    Download to 1132CU PowerLinc ControllerXX
    Download to HouseLincXX
    Display backgrounds XX
    Time based ScheduleXX
    VBA interface X
    Visual ProgrammerXX
    Visual SchedulerXX
    Web interface  X
    HCA-IP Product X

  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 12638 Review by CHARLES H
    Review of 12638

    Software performs as advertised and does the job with no problems. Insteon compatibility was immaterial

    Posted on 5/22/2009

    Review of 12638 Review by JAMES
    Review of 12638

    Had hard time importing data from old version 4.5 to version 8.2

    Posted on 2/19/2009

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  • INSTEON-Compatible Home Control Assistant 8 Automation Software, Standard
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