Insteon 2867-222 Alert Module
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Insteon Plug-in Alert Module

Let your Insteon Sensors sound the alarm.
  • Works with Insteon sensor modules
  • Two distinct alert options
  • Remotely arm and disarm with Insteon controllers
  • Loud 90dB output (at 12 inches)
  • Simple plug-in installation, no wiring required
  • Featuring dual-band Insteon technology for the fast, reliable performance

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REWARDS:39 points
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  • Sensor Companion

    Two Audible Tones

    Arm & Disarm Devices

    Pair Alert Module with your home's Door, Window and Motion Sensors and you'll know the moment something is amiss. Choose between a soft chime and a loud ringing to match your alerting needs. Use Insteon Wall Keypads, Mini Remotes and more to arm and disarm alert module.

    How it Works

    Alert Module is the perfect companion to your Insteon sensors.

    Connect Alert Module

    Pick Your Sensors

    Arm and Disarm Devices

    Getting started with Alert Module is as simple as connecting it to a power outlet. You can use the set button to hear sample alert tones, too, so you can ensure an audible alert during placement. Add your high-importance sensors to Instant Loud Ringing and your everyday alerts to Instant Chime. Setting off the alarm every time you walk through your door. can be annoying. With Alert Module, you can use Insteon devices to arm and disarm your alerts, letting you manage your home's security like a pro.

    Alarm Types

    Alert Module features two types of audible alerts.

    Instant Chime

    Instant Loud Ringing

    Two short beeps will sound the moment Alert Module is triggered. Loud ringing will sound the moment Alert Module is triggered. The loud ringing will persist for 30 seconds unless stopped by disarming Alert Module

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    Audio Sample
    Instant Chime
    Audio Sample
    Instant Loud Ringing
  •  General Specifications

     Brand  Insteon
     Manufacturer Part Number  2867-222
     UPC Code  813922015652
     FCC ID  SBP29922
     Industry Canada  5202A-29922
     Patent No.  Protected under US and Foreign Patents
     Warranty  2 years, limited


     Audio Alert  Beeper
     Setup Memory  Non-volatile EEPROM
     Status LED  Red/Green LED

     Insteon Features

     Insteon Device Category  0x07
     Insteon Device Subcategory  0x1A
     Insteon ID  1
     Insteon Links  400
     Insteon Messages Repeated  400
     Insteon Links  Yes
     Insteon Minimum Receive Level  10 mV
     Insteon Minimum Transmit Level  3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
     Insteon Powerline Device  Yes
     Insteon Powerline Frequency  131.65 KHz
     Insteon RF Device  Yes
     Maximum Controlled Scenes  1
     Maximum Scene Memberships  400
     Multi-Link Support  Yes


     Dimensions  3.2” H x 2.05” W x 1.05” D
     81.2mm H x 53mm W x 26.6mm D
     Enclosure Material  Ungrounded, polarized electrical outlet, NEMA 1-15
     Operating Environment  Indoors
     Operating Humidity Range  0-85% relative humidity, non-condensing
     Operating Temperature Range  32° F to 104° F
     0° C to 40° C
     Set Button  Yes
     Storage Temperature Range  -4° F to 158° F
     -20º° C to 70° C


     Pass-through Outlet  No
     Power Consumption  <0.75 Watts
     Supply Voltage  120 Volts AC ± 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
     Surge Resistance  Surges over 1,000 volts
  • 10 Reviews

    STILL no ISY support Review by Lancer
    STILL no ISY support

    I can't believe that this is still not compatible with the ISY controller. I bought this when it first came out, thinking that ISY compatibility wouldn't be too far behind. I was wrong, and wish that I hadn't purchased it now. I am constantly disappointed with Insteon lately and their lack of innovation, especially with the newer platforms that are coming out and passing them by.

    Posted on 9/7/2016

    Does not work with ISY hub Review by nathagt
    Does not work with ISY hub

    If you thought you could use this with the ISY, don't bother. Insteon needs to fix this. It's an incomplete product right now.

    Posted on 8/21/2016

    Does Not Work With ISY Review by JimG
    Does Not Work With ISY

    This device does not work with ISY. Customer support knew that when I called for a refund, why is it not in the product information online?

    Posted on 8/3/2016

    Works well Review by Steve
    Works well

    I use the alert module with a motion sensor in the garage to alert me if someone passes by. It's a way to remind me that I left the garage open as well.

    Posted on 7/20/2016

    Stops Review by Chon

    This module stops chiming after about a day. I need to unplug it and plug it backs in to get it to work again.

    Posted on 6/18/2016

    No ISY support Review by Robert
    No ISY support

    ISY says unsupported module, forums claim there is either no API or "it's being worked on" for a real long time. Insteon peeps, please publish the api so other vendors like ISY (your partners that just helped you sell 60 modules for my house) can support it and continue giving you business!

    Posted on 4/22/2016

    alert module Review by Mark
    alert module

    I agree with first review. I'm sending mine back since the range doesn't seem to extend beyond 20 feet or so. I have at least 40 dual band devices in my home including the hub and this device is the only one that has a signal path and distance issue. Please continue to develop this device. I've been waiting for this unit for some time but sadly this rev really sucks.

    Posted on 2/2/2016

    Very disappointed Review by David
    Very disappointed

    Just received this and when I tried to have my isy994i discover it, it says it is unsupported device. This should have been stated in the product. I giving it 1 star because it is not compatible with isy994i.

    Posted on 1/8/2016

    Does not work with IOS App Review by cos
    Does not work with IOS App

    I purchased the module only to find out from Insteon Support that it does not work with the IOS App

    Smarthome response: Compatible with iOS app as of version 1.13.0.

    Posted on 12/22/2015

    A little disapointed Review by Chuck
    A little disapointed

    I've been waiting for this for a long time. The two kinds of alerts are okay, but I wish the beeps were a little more configurable. The hub doesn't appear to have been updated to specifically recognize this module as it shows dimmer switch kinds of controls. Lastly, there is a couple second delay between the time I open a door, and the module actually chimes. Other devices in my house see the door sensor instantly, but not this module. I don't know if anything can be done to tweak this via the hub - I think this is just the way it's going to be.

    Posted on 12/11/2015

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