Insteon 2862-222 Lock Controller
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Insteon 2862-222 Lock Controller

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Lock and unlock your home's doors from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use with the Insteon Hub and remotely lock and unlock your door from your smartphone or Apple Watch
  • Works with a MiLock deadbolts, doorknobs and handle sets - refer to Door Lock Compatibility below
  • Control multiple locks within a 30 foot range
  • The Insteon Lock Controller replaces (and is formerly known as) MorningLinc
Please Note: This not an Insteon Dual-Band device. It uses Insteon powerline communication to receive signals from Insteon controllers and a proprietary wireless RF communication to talk to with MiLocks products.

Item #: 2862-222

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  • Remote Control

    Control access to your home from any Insteon device in your home. If you're not at home, you can use a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch to lock and unlock your doors when paired with the Insteon Hub.

    Lock Compatible

    The Insteon Lock Controller is compatible with a wide-range of MiLocks door locks and deadbolts in an array of finishes that are designed to match your home's existing hardware.

    Remote Control

    No matter where you are - at home or abroad, you can always control access to your home.


    From your Smartphone   Using an Insteon Keypad   With a Mini Remote

    With the Insteon Hub, you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere - so long as you didn't forget your smartphone with your keys. And because Insteon Hub makes it easy to setup scenes, you can create a goodnight scene that ensures your home's doors are secure as you fall asleep.

      With 6 or 8 buttons to choose from, you can control your home's door locks with separate lock and unlock buttons wherever you happen to have an Insteon Keypad - by your nightstand or on your way out to work through the garage door.

      The 4 or 8 buttons on a Mini Remote are well suited to controlling your home's door locks. With just a few taps of the set button, you can lock and unlock your doors wherever you have a Mini Remote positioned.

    Please Note: Lock Controller is not currently compatible with Insteon Hub Pro or Insteon+

    Control on Apple Watch

    With the Insteon App on Apple Watch, you'll never be without your house keys; all you need is your iPhone and an Insteon Hub and you can lock and unlock your home's doors with just a tap on your wrist.

    Door Lock Compatibility

    Lock Controller is compatible with a wide range of MiLocks door locks and deadbolts. Chances are, there's a finish and style that will suit your needs and your home.


    Deadbolt   Deadbolt + Keypad   Deadbolt + Keypad + Handle Set

    Satin Nickel
      Satin Nickel
    Antique Brass
    Oil Rubbed Bronze
      Satin Nickel
    Antique Brass
    Oil Rubbed Bronze


    Doorknob   Doorknob + Keypad

    Satin Nickel
      Satin Nickel
    Antique Brass
    Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Please Note: The Insteon Lock Controller is compatible with MiLocks deadbolts and doorknobs with RF wireless capability only (all listed above) - MiLocks does offer some deadbolts and doorknobs without RF capability which will not work with the Insteon Lock Controller as they have no wireless functionality built-in.


  •  General Specifications

     Manufacturer  Insteon
     Manufacturer Product Number  2862-222
     UPC Code  813922015645
     FCC ID  SDFRF01
     Industry Canada  5250A-RF01
     Patent No.  Protected under US and Foreign Patents (see
     Warranty  2 years, limited


     Audio Alert  Beeper, can be enabled/disabled through software
     Operation Modes  Insteon
     Load Sensing  No
     Local Control  Yes
     Setup Memory  Non-volatile EEPROM
     Status LED  Red/Green LED

     Insteon Features

     Insteon Device Category  0x0F
     Insteon Device Subcategory  0x0A
     Insteon ID  1
     Insteon Links  400
     Insteon Messages Repeated  Yes
     Insteon Minimum Receive Level  10 mV
     Insteon Minimum Transmit Level  3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
     Insteon Powerline Device  Yes
     Insteon Powerline Frequency  131.65 KHz
     Insteon RF Device  No, powerline only
     Maximum Controlled Scenes  1
     Maximum Memberships  400
     Multi-Link Support  Yes
     Multi-Unlink Support  Yes
     RF Beacon  No
     Radio Frequency  Insteon RF - No (not an Insteon dual-band device); MiLocks RF - Yes
     Scene Commands Supported as Controller  On, Off, Fast-On, Fast-Off
     Scene Commands Supported as Responder  On, Off, Fast-On, Fast-Off, Beep
     Software Configurable  Yes


     Dimensions  3.2” H x 2.05” W x 1.05” D (81.2mm H x 53mm W x 26.6mm D)
     Weight  3.3 oz
     Enclosure Material  UV stabilized plastic
     Mounting  Ungrounded, polarized electrical outlet, NEMA 1-15
     Operating Environment  Indoors
     Operating Humidity Range  0-85% relative humidity, non-condensing
     Operating Temperature Range  32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C
     Storage Temperature Range  -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C C
     Set Button  Yes


     Pass-through Outlet  No
     Power Consumption  <0.75 Watts
     Supply Voltage  120 Volts AC ± 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
     Surge Resistance  Surges over 1,000 volts
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