Insteon Water Leak Sensor
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Insteon 2852-222 Water Leak Sensor

Instant Water Leak Detection and Alerts
  • Just set on the floor - no screws, no tape, no wires!
  • Receive leak alerts via texts and/or emails when used with Insteon compatible software
  • Simply tap/tap link to lights to be visually alerted
  • Daily "heartbeat" signal allows monitoring systems to ensure leak sensor continues to function and communications are OK
  • Save $1,000's in undetected water damage (not to mention the hassle)
  • 10+ year battery life (battery included)
  • Fantastic when on vacation, for rental properties and 2nd homes

Item #: 2852-222

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  • Protect your home from evil water pipes

    Simply place the water leak sensor near a potential water leak and avoid one of the most common home insurance claims that leaves homeowners suffering millions of dollars in losses every year. When used with the Insteon Hub, you will receive instant alerts the instant a water leak is detected.

    Avoid Flooding

    One of the sensors you hope you never have to use in your home, Leak Sensor's function is simple: it detects water leaks. Place one by your water heater, under every sink, by your clothes and dish washers and behind the toilet for total protection. When used in conjunction with an IO Module and electronic water shutoff valve, it can automatically stop a water leak as it happens.

    Instant Alert

    If a sink starts leaking or a pipe bursts in your basement, let Leak Sensor be your ever present watch dog with instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet.

    Perfect for:

    Sinks        Toilets        Water Heaters        Dish Washers
    Washing Machines    Refrigerators     Water Softners


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  • General
    Brand Insteon
    Manufacturer product no. 2852-222, Insteon Leak Sensor
    UPC 813922013078
    Insteon powerline mesh repeater No
    Insteon RF mesh repeater No
    Insteon controller Yes
    Insteon responder No
    Maximum links/scenes 400
    Commands supported as responder On Group 1 (Dry) On Group 2 (Wet)
    Heartbeat (Group 4)
    Software configurable Yes
    RF range Up to 150 feet (open air)
    Phase bridge detect beacon No
    Insteon device category 0x10
    Insteon device subcategory 0x08 (915MHz RF frequency)
    Mounting Place on flat surface where leak will occur
    Case color White
    Buttons 1, Set
    Plastic Polycarbonate
    Rubber Polyethylene rubber
    Conductive Feet Corrosion resistant nickel plated bronze
    Beeper No
    Setup LED Yes, green

    Excluding antenna: 0.9" H x 3.6" W x 1.4 D (23mm H x 92mm W x 36mm D)

    With antenna: 3.7" H x 3.6" W x 1.4" D (93mm H x 92mm W x 36mm D)

    Weight 3 oz (0.2 lb, 90g)
    Operating environment Indoors
    Operating temperature range 32-104°F (0-40°C)
    Operating humidity range 0-90% relative humidity
    Storage temperature range -4-158°F (-20-70°C)
    Battery One (1) AA battery included
    Voltage 1.5VDC
    Retains all settings without power Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
    Mean battery life 10 years
    Certifications FCC, IC Canada

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    Works Great Review by Scott
    Works Great

    These work as advertised. A week after I installed on in my laundy room, I received an alert. I had a leaking hot water connector. This save me a disaster as my laundry is on the second floor.

    Posted on 1/17/2016

    Saved the day! Review by Edgarvb6
    Saved the day!

    Well, I just finished installing a new water softener in the house. During the installation as you know, the water needs to be turned off. Well I did that, forgetting that the HVAC humidifier (located in the attic) was still active. Long story short, on startup the system fills up and traps air, our city water pressure is 75psi. You do the math, at around 2:30am the night after the softener was installed, the compression tubing for the humidifier popped off the fitting and started to leak. Remember, the humidifier feed the system in the attic. With the water pressure, the tubing was pushed back into the house and started leaking freely in the laundry room. Guess what, that's where the Insteon leak sensor was placed. This little unit saved the day!!! I realized that we had a leak when I tried to brush my teeth this morning with no water. I interface this unit with my home automation PLC and with this combination, when there's a leak Insteon shuts the valve and my home PLC turns off the hot water heaters, softener, and humidifier.

    This is a no brainer, I have three installed and I need three more...

    Thanks Insteon!

    Kinemics Software

    Posted on 4/12/2015

    Works well for me; wish it provided battery status Review by Luke
    Works well for me; wish it provided battery status

    Overall, I like these. Here are some thoughts:

    The device includes a battery that is supposed to last ten years

    The device doesn't seem to report battery status

    Other thoughts:
    I originally had the hub at the corner of the second story of my house. The sensors struggled to communicate with the hub until I moved it to the second floor. They now communicate reliably.

    Posted on 9/29/2014

    Best product ever! Review by JamesBond
    Best product ever!

    This product saved tons of headache, expense, and awkward explanations for a person house-sitting for us while we were on vacation. We received an alert that there was a leak in the guest bathroom, and it turned out to be a miss-used shower-curtain. A few weeks of water soaking into the base boards and drywall daily would have been a mess, and probably not caught until after there was mold in the walls. Luckily a quick call and short conversation cleared it up, and no damage.
    Awesome product, great system. We love our INSTEON setup and have expanded to other products throughout the house; lights, thermostat, door sensors, motion sensors, over 50 devices and counting...

    Posted on 9/10/2014

    Review of 2852-222 Review by Gman62
    Review of 2852-222

    Very slick! Compact, simple, links quickly to my ISY-99i, simple to add to ISY programs to control my Smarthome Select Electronic Water Shutoff Valve. Responds instantly to water on the electrical contacts on the base, sends signal immediately through my home's Insteon network and changes state in the ISY. Shutoff valve actuates within one second of water hitting the contacts. Very impressed, will likely pick up a few more of these for my other bathrooms and basement.

    Posted on 8/10/2014

    Review of 2852-222 Review by ErnieLee
    Review of 2852-222

    This is a quick and easy device for my home. I also have the AQUO from, which has email alerts that I got because I travel a lot. This way, I and maintenance folks can get alerts even If I am away. Wish they had that feature on this one. :

    Posted on 7/31/2014

    Review of 2852-222 Review by JOHN
    Review of 2852-222

    Inconsistent functionality in these things. I have 8 of these things and at least half of them don't trigger a Wet Detected broadcast which is required to activate an event. Direct linking works fine but I want an alert when there is a leak!

    Posted on 7/15/2014

    Review of 2852-222 Review by TERRY
    Review of 2852-222

    Bought six of these to put throughout the house after a neighbor suffered over $100K in losses due to a busted pipe in his upstairs. Next step is to fully automate and put in the main water shutoff valve to automatically control via these sensors. For now, they text me when there is a problem.

    Posted on 6/28/2014

    Review of 2852-222 Review by CHRIS
    Review of 2852-222

    Very disappointed. Spent money on product based on description. Now, I find out that I need additional equipment for it to work as intended or I can lose the shipping $$$ both ways to return it. Lesson learned. I'll cut my losses.

    Posted on 6/27/2014

    Review of 2852-222 Review by Terry
    Review of 2852-222

    I would like to comment on the 10 year battery life advertised. I bought 6 of these at the same time and all of the batteries lasted approximately 15 months. All of the 6 units indicated low battery within about a 24 hour period of each other.

    Posted on 6/8/2014

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