Insteon Hidden Door Sensor (Europe 869 MHz)
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Insteon Hidden Door Sensor - Europe

Receive an Automatic Notifcation or Control Lights the Moment a Door Opens or Closes
  • Automatically control lights and appliances when doors open and close
  • Wireless up to 45 meters
  • Battery-operated, no wires or professional installation required
  • Long-lasting contact plunger ensures reliable operation for years and years
  • Flush collar with retention screw for a clean, secure mount
  • Award-winning Insteon technology provides superior performance and reliability

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REWARDS:45 points
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  • Hidden Sensor - Invisible Assurance

    Peace of mind - that's what Hidden Door Sensor brings to your home. With Hidden Door Sensor and the Insteon Hub, you will always know whether the front door has been opened or if you forgot to close the door to the garage. Hidden Door Sensor installs inside the door or door frame, reporting door activity wirelessly to your Insteon home.

    Now You See It, Now You Don't

    Nothing makes your home smarter than adding sensors; but even our unobtrusive Insteon Open/Close Sensor can be too large for certain decors and locations. That's why we've created the Hidden Door Sensor. Instead of mounting to the surface of your door, Hidden Door Sensor is installed inside the door frame or even the door itself. The result is a completely hidden sensor that stays out of the way, monitoring doors without the slightest visual impediment.

    Installation - Power Tool Time

    Using a 19mm" drill bit, simply drill a hole into your door frame along the hinge-side of your door. After cleaning out the hole of any wood shavings, simply slide Hidden Door Sensor in and secure it with the included screw. And in the event that there is a substantial gap between your door and the frame, we've included a spacer to ensure that your sensor will activate every time your door is opened or closed. Need a drill bit? Try the IRWIN SPEEDBOR Max Auger Bit, 3/4-Inch or the IRWIN SPEEDBOR Spade Bit, 3/4-Inch.

    Got Metal? - Equal Opportunity Installation

    Wood doors are easy; almost every home owner has the tools necessary to drill through a wooden door frame or door. But what if your door or door frame is made of metal? Hidden Door Sensor is just as easy to install in the door itself along the hinge-side of the door. If both your door and door frame are metal, we suggest using Insteon Open/Close Sensor instead.

    Windows? - Supports Some Window Styles

    While Hidden Door Sensor works best with doors, it is possible to install with casement windows. Because the sash of most windows will be too narrow for Hidden Door Sensor, we suggest using the window frame exclusively. And if you have modern vinyl windows with sophisticated moisture barriers behind the frame, it's probably best to use Insteon Open/Close Sensor instead. No one wants to trade a hidden sensor for a leaky window.

    Required Accessories
    For the best Insteon network performance, be sure you have properly installed at least two dual-band products.

  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2845-422
    UPC 813922013603
    Patent / Copyright Protected under US and Foreign Patents
    Operation Specifications
    Audio Alert Beeper, can be disabled through software
    Operational Gap Up to 0.2" (5.4mm)
    Setup Memory Non-volatile EEPROM
    Status LED Red/Green LED
    Insteon Specifications
    Insteon Addresses 1
    Insteon Device Category 0x10
    Insteon Device Subcategory 0x14
    Insteon ID 1
    Insteon links 30
    Insteon Messages Repeated No
    Insteon Powerline Device No
    Insteon RF Device Yes
    Maximum Controlled Scenes 2, 1 by default
    Phase Detect Beacon No, RF-Only Device
    Radio Frequency 869.85 MHz
    Radio Frequency Range 45 meters
    Scene Commands Supported as Controller On, Off
    Scene Commands Supported as Responder None
    Software Configurable Yes
    Mechanical Specifications
    Color White
    Material Plastic
    Dimensions 0.69" Diameter x 3.4" Length (15.9mm Diameter x 87mm Length)
    Hole Dimensions 0.75" Diameter x 4" Deep (19mm Diameter x 100mm Deep)
    Operating Environment Indoors
    Operating Temperature Range -40-104° F (-40-40° C)
    Operating Humidity Range 0%-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Weight 0.64 oz (20 g)
    Electrical Specifications
    Battery Type AAA
    Battery Life 6 months
    Certification CE
    Power Consumption 60uA
    Supply Voltage 1.5V DC (AAA Battery)

  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 2845-422 Review by JEROEN
    Review of 2845-422


    Posted on 12/1/2013

    Review of 2845-422 Review by JULEN
    Review of 2845-422

    Good product, it

    Posted on 12/1/2013

    Review of 2845-422 Review by JULEN
    Review of 2845-422

    Good product, it

    Posted on 12/1/2013

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    • 1x - Sensor
    • 1x - AAA battery
    • 1x - Screw
    • 1x - Spacer
    • 1x - Quick Start Reference Card
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