Insteon On/Off Outdoor Module (Dual-Band)
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Insteon Outdoor Plug-in On/Off Module

Weather-Resistant Device Adds Insteon Control to Plug-in Outdoor Lights & Appliances
  • Control outdoor lights or appliances, from any Insteon controller
  • Switches up to 1800 Watts
  • Reliable operation in temperatures from -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
  • NEMA 3R tested for protection against falling rain and ice formation
  • Dual-band communication for the ultimate in reliability
  • Insteon Hub Pro enables this device to work with HomeKit technology - visit the Insteon Hub Pro product page for additional details

Item #: 2634-222

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    Even if every room in your home is lit with recessed lights, chandeliers and wall sconces, chances are, you still have a table lamp or two. And that's nothing to say for all of the plug-in appliances throughout your home. Insteon Plug-in Modules let you add remote control of all of these "less sophisticated" plug-in apparati.

    Remote Control

    While our plug-in modules do feature embedded on and off buttons, you don't really want to reach behind the couch to turn on a lamp. Thanks to Insteon, you can control your connected lamps and appliances from any wall switch, keypad, sensor - or even your smartphone when used with the Insteon Hub.

    Sensor Control

    You might not have thought about it, but a good deal of your plug-in appliances become quite handy when automated. Automatically control table lamps with a motion sensor, turn on a box fan when a room gets too hot, even sound a siren when a leak is detected.


    No matter what you want to control, there is an Insteon Plug-in Module for your needs. Dimming, On/Off and Outdoor On/Off modules are available to control everything from lava lamps in your parlor to holiday decorations in freezing rain.

    Plug-in In-Line Control

    Setup of your Insteon Plug-in device couldn't be easier. All you have to do is connect your lamp or appliance's power cord to the outlet on the bottom of the Insteon module and then connect the Insteon module to a regular unswitched power outlet.

    1800 Watts

    Outdoor On/Off Module uses a special integrated relay and grounded NEMA 5-15 outlet that lets you remotely control up to 15A appliances or 1800W of incandescent lighting.

    Ruggedized for Outdoor Duty

    Outdoor On/Off Module is equipped with a special, weather-resistant enclosure for all-year control but using it is no different. Just connect your fountain, landscape lights or other outdoor apparatus and you're off.


    Bring Your Own Plug-In Lamp Or Appliance

    Home control doesn't need to conflict with your décor; sophisticated or contemporary, elegant or wacky, Insteon Plug-In modules let you bring any plug-in lamp or appliance to the home automation party. It doesn't matter what exterior appliance or light fixture you may have outside your home, Insteon Plug-in modules give you the power of remote control.

    Custom On-Level

    Not every room needs to be bright all the time. With Dimmer Module, a customizable On-Level lets you pick how bright your lamp is when you turn it on. Set the brightness to be anywhere from 1- to 100%.

    Programmable Ramp Rate

    The days of being startled by instantaneous bright light are gone. Ramp Rates with Dimmer Module let you specify how quickly or slowly a lamp turns on. Slowly brighten from off to on over the course of 0.1 seconds to 8 minutes.

    Complete Scene Support

    Control multiple lights or appliances from a single button with Scenes. With Dimmer Module, scenes let you gracefully fade lights in and out, combining the benefits of both preset On-Levels and Ramp Rates. On/Off Module and Outdoor On/Off Module can be configured to turn on or off when used in a scene.

    Smartphone remote control.

    Add the Insteon Hub to the mix and you can control your Plug-in devices from your smartphone or tablet. And then some.

    Remote Control

    Whatever you have connected to your Plug-in module, control it from your smartphone with the Insteon Hub. Home or away, it doesn't matter when your smartphone is always at your side.


    Next time the in-laws visit, wow them with your automation skills by creating scenes.


    One-up the Jones this year when you put out your outdoor decorations. With Insteon, all of your outdoor lights will turn on at sunset in perfect unison - that means you can look professional while still going overboard.

    Multi-Way Circuits

    Synchronize a wall switch with your outdoor lighting so that when your indoor lights are controlled at the switch, your outdoor lights follows along. Simply link your Outdoor Module with an Insteon wall switch and in seconds you're done.

    Control on Apple Watch

    Control lamps and appliances from your wrist with the Insteon App on Apple Watch. Turn Outdoor On/Off Module on and off.

    Remote control from another Insteon device.

    Let convenience be your mantra and use the power of Insteon to automate home. Whether it's as simple as using a Wireless Switch to turn on your space heater or as elaborate as sensor-triggered automatic activation, Insteon is your tool.

    Wall Switches & Keypads

    Mini Remotes


    Outdoor On/Off Module


    All Load Types

    Up to 1800W

    3-Prong Grounded Plug
    NEMA 5-15

    120VAC, 50/60Hz

    Indoor or Outdoor
    NEMA 3R tested for rain and ice


    Dimmer Module


    Lamps Only

    Up to 300W

    2-Prong Ungrounded Plug
    NEMA 1-15

    120VAC, 60Hz



    On/Off Module


    All Load Types

    Up to 1800W

    3-Prong Grounded Plug
    NEMA 5-15

    120VAC, 50/60Hz




  • General
    Product name: Insteon On/Off Outdoor Module
    Brand/manufacturer: Insteon
    Manufacturer product no.: 2634-222
    UPC: 813922013375
    Insteon: Responder and controller
    Maximum links/scenes: 400
    Status LED: Green when load is on, red when load is off
    Blinks green and red during setup
    Blinks red or green (depending upon state of load) to indicate traffic (must be enabled via software)
    Local control Yes
    Commands supported as responder: On Off
    Fast on Fast off
    Commands supported as controller: On Off
    Software configurable: Yes
    RF range: Up to 150 feet open air
    Phase detect beacon: Yes
    Insteon device category: 0x02 switched lighting control
    Insteon device subcategory: 0x38
    Status LED: Green and Red
    Local control: Available (Tap Set button)
    Load sensing: Available (Off by default)
    Operation modes: Insteon only
    Combo mode message order: Insteon broadcast, Insteon cleanup
    Setup memory: Non-volatile EEPROM
    Case color: Black
    Set button: Yes
    Plastic: UV stabilized polycarbonate
    Beeper: Yes
    Beep on button press: Yes (off by default)
    LED: 1 red/green
    Dimensions: 2.75"W x 4.32"H x 1.27"D (with 6" lead)
    Weight: .45lbs
    Operating environment: Outdoors
    Operating temperature range: -4 to 122° F
    Operating humidity range: Up to 85% relative humidity
    Rainproof rated NEMA Type 3R Enclosure
    Voltage: 120 Volts AC +/- 10%
    Frequency: 60 Hertz, single phase
    Power Plug: 3-pin grounded
    Pass-through Outlet: No
    Controlled Outlet: 3-pin grounded
    Maximum Load: 15 Amps; 1800 Watts (for incandescent loads)
    Power Consumption: 0.71 Watts
    Certification: Conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 508-2005
    Certified to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 #14-05
    NEMA Type 3R rated enclosure
    FCC ID: SBP26342

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    mmmm more control Review by fatty
    mmmm more control

    hooked one of these dudes up for the out door Christmas stuff, shrub lights and the blow up frosty. With the help of my handy ISY outside come on 30 minutes after sunset and goes off at midnight. what more could you ask for? Saving money, staying warm and never forgetting to turn the lights on or off. I'm afraid I may get fatter.

    Posted on 1/16/2015

    Great for outdoors, and for difficult indoor outlets Review by Kevin
    Great for outdoors, and for difficult indoor outlets

    I use one module outside (controlled by ISY-994 with weather module), others are indoors. The outdoor unit has survived several harsh winters, still works like new.

    Indoors, I use these behind furniture or in other places where a standard appliance module would be a problem, usually due to blocking other outlets.

    Posted on 9/30/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by LEO
    Review of 2634-222

    Easy install and using for landscape lights. Now all controlled from Windows phone with no problems.

    Posted on 7/14/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by LEJUAN
    Review of 2634-222

    The Insteon On/Off Outdoor Module (Dual-Band) in my opinion is a FANTSTIC product. Just like many consumers who read and rely on product reviews, I want to help ANY and ALL out with making a decision to buy. Go ahead and purchase, you will be pleased. Keep in mind that your product might last for merely two years. Mine (3 modules) are all outside in covered junction boxes. I live in the South of the US where temps are hot in the summer, and somewhat cold in the winter. The products I have the modules operating are a fountain, fountain lights and patio lights. The fountain and fountain lights get pretty regular use, but nothing like all day and everyday. I had to have two modules replaced within two years. The good thing is, SMARTHOME took care of me with professionalism, ease and comfort. I give the product 3 stars instead of 5 only because I felt they should last longer than two years. With two malfunctioning right behind the other, I had to go with "Good" instead of "Very Good."

    Posted on 7/13/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by JOHN
    Review of 2634-222

    Good working quality unit.

    Posted on 6/27/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by MARK
    Review of 2634-222

    Great for controlling devices outside. Works great on my fountain

    Posted on 5/12/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by DAVID
    Review of 2634-222

    Have four installed that either control lights or water pumps. Works great with hub and cell phone app.

    Posted on 4/21/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by CLINT
    Review of 2634-222

    Works great, controls my space heater on a timer schedule with insteon hub perfectly.

    Posted on 4/20/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by Steve
    Review of 2634-222

    Works great for our Chirstmas lights, which are only up for a short time.

    For permanent outdoor stuff, I've replaced some of our outside outlets with the OutletLinc Relay.

    Posted on 4/20/2014

    Review of 2634-222 Review by Steve Reed
    Review of 2634-222

    Works great for our Chirstmas lights, which are only up for a short time.

    For permanent outdoor stuff, I've replaced some of our outside outlets with the OutletLinc Relay.

    Posted on 4/20/2014

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