Insteon 2582-242 Connected Kit - Retail Package
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Insteon Home Automation Connected Kit

Control Lights, Set Temperature, Watch Live Video, Receive Sensor Alerts - All from a Smartphone
  • Everything you need to monitor your home from anywhere
  • Get instant alerts on your smartphone if there's unexpected motion or entry into your home or if a water leak is detected
  • Use your smartphone to see and listen to who's at home while you're at work or on vacation
  • Adjust your thermostat from the comfort of your bed or from halfway around the world
  • Automate lights to welcome you home at night or to make it look like you’re home even when you're not
  • The two included lamp dimmers can be controlled with your voice using Amazon Alexa
As of December 31, 2016 Smarthome and Insteon will no longer provide technical support for the SD Camera included with this kit.

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REWARDS:379 points
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  • Remote Control   Schedules   Build Scenes
    Remote Control
    Control lights and appliances; you can do everything from basic control to configuring advanced device settings, all from your smartphone or tablet.
    Automate with Schedules
    Configure a single device to turn on and off at dusk and dawn or create customized groups of lights that turn on and off at various times throughout the day.
    Build Scenes
    Quickly and easily create scenes that let you control multiple devices simultaneously. You can customize advanced features like On Level and Ramp Rate, too.
    Instant Alerts Camera Integration No Monthly Fees
    Instant Alerts
    Let Insteon be your watchdog. With an array of Insteon sensors throughout your home, you can receive instant alerts vie email or push notification the moment something is amiss.
    Camera Integration
    Add the ultimate peace of mind with Insteon WiFi Cameras and you can pan and tilt to your heart's content from your smartphone or tablet.
    No Monthly Fees
    That's right. No monthly fees to view, control or monitor your home. Other systems charge hundreds of dollars per year for services that you get for free with the Insteon Hub.

    The Insteon Connected Kit is a great way to get started using and enjoying Insteon in your home. With the included new Insteon Hub, you will have the convenience of wireless access to your home from your smartphone or tablet using the Insteon for Hub App, available for iOS, Android and Windows. The Hub works in combination with your router and smartphone or tablet to control Insteon devices in your home while you're there, or when you're at work, and even on vacation.

    The Insteon Connected Kit lets you easily monitor and control your home from anywhere with your smartphone. The kit includes an Insteon Hub, one wireless camera, one motion sensor, one door/window sensor, one water leak sensor, and two lamp controllers. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your home is just a tap away. Insteon offers a two-year limited warranty.


     Get the App


    Control on Apple Watch


    With the Insteon App on Apple Watch, control of your Insteon devices is never out of reach.

    Monitor and control your home from your Apple Watch - all you need is the Insteon Hub. Keep an eye on sensors. Look in on your WiFi cameras. Activate a scene with just a tap. And even control your ceiling fans, garage door, lights and more.

    This kit includes the following devices (click on the product links below for detailed product information, specifications and manuals):


     1x - Insteon Hub Home Automation Controller

     2x - Insteon LampLinc Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Modules

     1x - Insteon Thermostat

     1x - Insteon Wireless IP Camera

     1x - Insteon Leak Sensor

     1x - Insteon Motion Sensor

     1x - Insteon Open/Close Sensor
    Insteon Kit Comparison
      Starter Kit Assurance Kit Comfort Kit Connected Kit
    Hub 1 1 1 1
    Dimmer Module 2 2 2 2
    Thermostat     1 1
    Leak Sensor   1   1
    Open/Close Sensor   1   1
    Motion Sensor   1   1
    WiFi Camera       1
    Subtotal $199.97 $119.99 $304.94 $199.99 $349.96 $199.99 $554.92 $379.99
    Savings $79.98 $104.95 $149.97 $174.93
  •  General Specifications

     Brand  Insteon
     Manufacturer Part Number  2582-242
     UPC  813922015232
  • 4 Reviews

    Great product but not without issues Review by Geoffrey
    Great product but not without issues

    I have had my Insteon set up for about 8 months. So far there are a number of things I love and a few issues along the way. I’ll start with the bad. My kit came with the bigger hub, this was very hard to set up to talk to my phone via the internet when I was away from home. Two steps to solve this were getting my ISP to set me up with a fixed IP address and having them help open up several ports in my routers firewall. Even with that I still had cases where my connection would stop working and require me to reset the system. This seems to have been solved by purchasing a smaller hub (Smart home sent me an offer to upgrade at a reduced cost). Other things that took time to address include to check your home thermostat before getting the kit. Mine was powered by batteries and a 24 volt power line was not installed in between my air handler and my thermostat. That took a $150 repair visit from an HVAC contractor to address. Lastly the wall switches are physically larger than a standard switch in terms of the space they take up in box in the wall. This made installing them in a few locations very hard and has precluded a few circuits from getting automated.
    The Good. Well let see. The stuff works reliably, the price point to put most of my lights, have a camera, security alerts, control my thermostat. Have priced out less them my brother paid for an independent wifi enables thermostat and a wifi camera. Keep in mind that the more you install the better the network works, so this is a case where more = better. I have 6 dimmer switches, 5 on/off stiches, a few motion sensors, a few door switches, cameras, thermostat and several fans all controllable via my phone miles away from home. Once set up it is a very cool system.

    Posted on 6/15/2016

    So good I bought one for my friends Review by dhinet
    So good I bought one for my friends

    The Insteon Leak detector paid for the whole kit, saving me from a week of work if the basement alert Insteon emailed me after it detected a leak from our water heater! Last time the our water heater let go, a ajdjasent neighbor called to say we were flooding their basement!
    This time Insteon was on the case!

    Posted on 5/8/2015

    Easy to set up Review by mjean
    Easy to set up

    The hardware works well. The software however leaves something to be desired. There are COTS systems that are 100 plus that will run the system better.

    Posted on 5/8/2015

    great home automation kit Review by lunabear
    great home automation kit

    great hoMe automation kit for beginner, awesome that you can utilize the thermostat feature away from home

    Posted on 5/8/2015

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  • •  1x - Insteon Insteon Hub
    •  2x - Insteon Lamp Dimmer Modules
    •  1x - Insteon Thermostat
    •  1x - Insteon Wireless IP Camera
    •  1x - Insteon Leak Sensor
    •  1x - Insteon Motion Sensor
    •  1x - Insteon Open/Close Sensor
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