Custom-Etched Paddle for SwitchLinc
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INSTEON 2400WC Custom-Etched Paddle for SwitchLinc

Custom-Etched SwitchLinc Paddle
  • Labeled switches are perfect for multi-gang switch locations
  • Helps to easily & quickly identify which light(s) each switch controls
  • Paddle is compatible with all INSTEON switches
  • Ships in 7-10 business days
  • Available in white, black, brown, gray, ivory, almond and light almond

  • Prior to adding this to your cart, fill in the text boxes below with the print you want to appear on your paddle (CAPS WORKS BEST) and select the paddle color you need

Item #: 2400WC

Ships in 1 to 2 days

Customize Your Purchase:

12 Character Limit

12 Character Limit

12 Character Limit

12 Character Limit

12 Character Limit

12 Character Limit

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  • Take Your SwitchLincs to the Next Level with Custom-Etched Paddles
    Custom etching allows you to personalize your switches for whichever application you choose and makes it easy to identify quickly what each switch controls. It's perfect for guests in your home: now they can easily identify which switch controls which light(s) - no more guessing. It is also very useful for multi-gang switch locations: Custom-Etched SwitchLinc Paddles will match custom-etched KeypadLincs so the switches will complement each other when placed side by side.

    Word of advice from Smarthome Forum (Topic 1658):
    "The V2 paddles do fit on the ICON switches/dimmers, but remember you'll have the extra 8 holes on the paddle."

    Personalizing Laser-Etched SwitchLinc Paddles
    Please follow these instructions to order your custom SwitchLinc paddle:

    1. After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your customization order details for your records.

    2. Your custom paddle will be created and will arrive via United States Postal Service within 7 to 10 business days.

    3. Due to the nature of the customization of each product, all sales are final. Returns will only be accepted due to an error on the part of Smarthome.

    Customization Process Explained: Laser etching your custom labels onto the custom SwitchLinc paddle requires a careful, detailed process to ensure your satisfaction. The paddle is secured on a template and placed into our laser etcher. Your designated text is copied directly from the invoice and inputted manually into the computer, and the laser then etches your paddle with your selected text. The template is removed from the laser etcher, and the paddle is prepped, painted, and set to dry. The paddle is polished to a high shine after any excess paint is removed. All custom SwitchLinc paddles go through a careful quality-control process before the paddles are packaged and shipped to your home.

    • Your custom names can be displayed in the following way:
      1. Etched on Top of Paddle
      2. Etched on Middle of Paddle
      3. Etched on Bottom of Paddle
      4. Etched on Top, Middle and Bottom of Paddle
      ...or any combination you choose

      Click on the image below to see examples of your etching options:

    • Etching space is limited to 12 characters per line, with a maximum of 2 lines per paddle section
    • Custom-etched Paddles are available in white, ivory, almond, light almond, gray, black, and brown
    • For best results, use all capital letters

      Each paddle is laser-etched with your detailed room description. Smarthome is unable to accept returns on special-order items. For more information, please see our return policy.

  • Custom-Etched Paddle Specifications

    Brand: INSTEON
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2400WC
    Font: Futura Hv BT
    Font Size: 7.8 pt.
    Character Limit: 12 characters per line; upper case recommended
    Line Limit: 2 lines per section (top, middle bottom of paddle)
    Production Time: 7 to 10 business days

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    Review of 2400wc Review by BRADFORD
    Review of 2400wc

    So cool, very practical for the 3+ gang switch plates where I never remember what switch controls what.

    Posted on 10/28/2013

    Review of 2400wc Review by MITCHELL
    Review of 2400wc

    It's a great idea and worked out very well. An option for a larger font might be worthwhile. I could see where it would be useful.

    Posted on 9/26/2012

    Review of 2400wc Review by Jesse
    Review of 2400wc

    Only three things I would change on this:
    1. Option for larger font
    2. LED backlighting of the engraving. I use many of these switches in a pitch black environment and if there was a way to light up the letters with the switch's that would be awesome.
    3. Price, kinda steep.

    These engravings do the job

    Posted on 3/5/2012

    Review of 2400wc Review by MARTIN
    Review of 2400wc

    completed as ordered and on time.

    Posted on 3/4/2012

    Review of 2400wc Review by JOHN
    Review of 2400wc

    The custom etched paddles look great and have finally eliminated the confusion of what switches control. Our guests especially like them. I've put custom etched keypads and paddles in every switch/dimmer location. The custom etching is pricey, but worth the cost in the long run.

    Posted on 11/9/2011

    Review of 2400wc Review by NEIL
    Review of 2400wc

    The quality of the paddles is excellent. The engraving is extremely legible. No installation instructions are included. It is not hard to figure out but you have to remember to transfer the LED light pipe from the old paddle and make sure that you keep track of the tiny screws. This is a job best done BEFORE you install the switches!

    Posted on 9/5/2011

    Review of 2400wc Review by RICHARD
    Review of 2400wc

    Exactly what I needed.

    Posted on 5/27/2011

    Review of 2400wc Review by ROBERT
    Review of 2400wc

    Fine, except that the LEDs show through all the holes for an ICON switch/

    Posted on 12/23/2010

    Review of 2400wc Review by MARK
    Review of 2400wc

    Worked perfectly. I thionk that the font size could be a bit larger for the switch paddles

    Posted on 10/28/2010

    Review of 2400wc Review by RICHARD
    Review of 2400wc

    Would be nice to have the option of a larger font for those willing to be concise.

    Posted on 6/26/2010

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