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Insteon Mini Remote - 8 Scene
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Insteon Mini Remote Control Keypad, 8-Scene

Use This Wireless Remote Anywhere; Wall, Tabletop, Car or In Your Hand!
  • Provides wireless remote control for Insteon controlled lighting and appliances
  • Elegant design and super-easy setup
  • Raise and lower lighting levels or recall a favorite lighting level - wirelessly!
  • Control multiple lights in one room or across the entire house
  • Use as a portable handheld remote or mount it on the wall for use as a keypad
  • Battery operated - requires no external power or communication wiring and it's rechargeable
  • 50 ft range to nearest dual-band device or Access Point
  • Insteon technology offers reliable communication

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REWARDS: 44 points
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  • Control eight or more devices from anywhere in your home

    Lightweight hand-held remote, make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table. Control Insteon bulbs, dimmers, switches, and plug-in or receptacle dimmers.

    Long Battery Life

    Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Based on average usage, expected battery life between a charge is 9-12 months.

    No More Darkeness

    Turn on your house lights from the car when your hands are full by attaching it to a visor clip (sold separately).


    Mount it to the wall to create a traditional switch in the perfect location - without having to run wires. (Wall mount bracket and wallplate sold separately)

    Mini Remote Family

    Insteon Mini Remotes are available in 4-scene, 8-scene, and Mini Switch versions for more control.

    App Enabled Mini Remote

    With the Insteon Hub, your Mini Remote takes on new life. It's never been easier to configure your Mini Remote for a myriad of scenes. And best of all, you're presented with a virtual Mini Remote for remote control - letting you control the Mini Remote exactly as if you were holding it in your hand.

    How Insteon Mini Remotes Work

    Portable 8-Scene Buttons Keypad

    The eight scene buttons also give you convenient control of other Insteon devices, either individual devices like an LED Bulb or Wall Switch, or full groups of devices like every lighting fixture in your living room.

    Portable 4-Scene Button Keypad

    The four buttons give you convenient control of other Insteon devices, either individual devices like an LED Bulb or Wall Switch, or full groups of devices like every lighting fixture in your living room.

    Portable Wall Switch

    Use the top or bottom of the paddle just like you would a traditional wall switch. Tapping controls your lights just as you would expect. If you’re controlling dimmable lights, pressing and holding
    even brightens and dims.

    Bottom Line

    The 8-Scene Mini Remote is wireless, along with many features, makes it incredibly versatile. Use it as a lightweight handheld remote or for your counters and coffee tables (tabletop stand sold separately).


    Control lights in one room or
    across the entire house

    Easy Access

    Place your mini-remotes by nightstands and control from the comfort of your bed


    Use any standard USB Type A
    to Micro-B cable
    (sold separately)

    Remote Control

    50 ft range to nearest dual-band
    device or Access Point

    Scene Lighting

    Raise/lower lighting levels or
    recall a favorite lighting level

    Status LED

    LED indicator for
    charging and clicks

  • For complete specifications visit the main Insteon Mini Remote, 4 Scene page.

    Brand INSTEON
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2342-222 (formerly 2444A2WH8, RemoteLinc 2)
    UPC: 813922012279
    Insteon Features
    Scenes: 8 (default), configurable to 4
    Scene Configurations: 8 Toggle (default), 8 Always On or 4 On/Off

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    Battery Life? Review by rsable
    Battery Life?

    Can someone please comment on the battery life. I can't imagine mounting this on the wall without a charger like they show in some pictures. Don't own one yet so don't think it is fair to give it bad rating.

    Smarthome response: Battery Charge Hold Duration: 5~6 months based on average 5 button presses/day(will decrease over time).

    Posted on 12/25/2015

    Makes Life Easier Review by David
    Makes Life Easier

    I bought this because it is a hassle to load up a smartphone app every time I want to turn the lights on or off. It works without a hitch. I've programmed the unit through the Revolv Hub app as well as manually. Both worked, however, I noticed better response when manually programming the remote without the Revolv App. I'm not sure where the complaints are coming from about the remote only working in the same room, because I can move to the other side of my house or the basement and still get the remote to operate my bedroom lights. I guess it depends on the interferences people have in their house.

    Posted on 5/14/2015

    Bad printing Review by Juan
    Bad printing

    The lettering on all my remotes has worn out quickly. Now the front is just white with no markings whatsoever.

    Posted on 4/28/2015

    Review of 2342-222 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 2342-222

    Still getting the hang of clicking the buttons correctly (up, down). It works fine

    Posted on 8/3/2014

    Review of 2342-222 Review by Mark
    Review of 2342-222

    Although I use this thing, I'm giving it one star for the outright lie in its description that the range is 50 feet. It works reliably at 5 feet. Any further and operation is flaky at best. I like Insteon stuff but it's disappointing to see them mislead customers in this case.

    Posted on 7/25/2014

    Review of 2342-222 Review by KATHI
    Review of 2342-222


    Posted on 7/23/2014

    Review of 2342-222 Review by GeekyMotoDaa
    Review of 2342-222

    Worked for about a week. Won't hold a charge and dies after one button push. Don't waste you money

    Posted on 7/14/2014

    Review of 2342-222 Review by Tony
    Review of 2342-222

    I've had no trouble with either of these mini remotes and we enjoy using them every day. Many times it is easier just to grab one of these than it is to use the computer or one of our other tablets or smartphone devices. The battery lasts four months.

    Posted on 7/1/2014

    Review of 2342-222 Review by KENNETH
    Review of 2342-222

    work in progress

    Posted on 5/8/2014

    Review of 2342-222 Review by LIZ
    Review of 2342-222

    very good product, only problem is the button to turn mini remote on is hard to use. I have to use tweezers

    Posted on 5/4/2014

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  • •  Owner's Manual
    •  Quick-Start Guide
    • Insteon Mini Remote, 8 Scene
    • Rechargeable battery (pre-installed, non-replaceable)
    • Quick-start guide
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