Want to control your home's lighting, temperature and more from a handheld remote? How about shutting down your house from a single button press as you leave for work? All this and more is possible with Smarthome's INSTEON technology. While all of our home control solutions can be installed and programmed by the average do-it-yourselfer, we understand that your time is important. That's why we partnered with InstallerNet, a nationwide network of expert professional installers specializing in electronics installation services. Not only will they guarantee the job gets done right, their work is also covered with a 3 year installation labor warranty.

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Why choose installation?

  • All installers are trained and familiar with the products
  • Fast, efficient and friendly
  • Installation services are guaranteed for 3 years

The installation of your Smarthome INSTEON product is as important as the product itself. A properly installed product ensures that it functions correctly, looks good, and operates reliably for the life of the product.

InstallerNet installation professionals will use only approved, authorized parts and procedures in the completion of your installation.

We've broken the fees into three levels:

Level 1 - $29.99
Covers set up and programming of most plug-in modules and other basic INSTEON products.

Level 2 - $39.99
Covers set up and programming of most wire-in switches and dimmers

Level 3 - $49.99
Covers set up and programming of more complex devices such as keypads, 220v switches and thermostats

One-Time Trip Charge - Limited time offering of $0.99 (regularly $99.99)
Each order including installation incurs a one-time fee known as a trip charge. This will automatically appear in your cart the first time you add installation. To get the most out of your installation it is recommended that you choose to install more than a single device.

How to Order Installation

To identify if a product is available for installation, check the buy box on the product page for the following:

view a list of all installable products.

Enter the quantity of devices you want and then select the professional installation checkbox. Press the "Add To Cart" button. This will add the same number of installation service items as the number of products added.

Note: one installation service item is required for each individual device you wish to have installed.

Once you've finished, verify that all the items you want installed have corresponding installation service items. Once confirmed, proceed to checkout to complete your order.

Note: Orders containing installation services will wait to ship complete, no partial ship available. Installation services are not available through Google Checkout.

Once your order has been processed and payment has been received, you will receive an email from InstallerNet with instructions on setting up your installation appointment.

FAQ section

Can I purchase installation services for something I've already purchased and received?
Yes, provided that your product(s) is listed among the installable products. If it is, you'll need check the installation checkbox on the product page and then select "Add To Cart". In the shopping basket page, you'll want to remove the product so that only the installation and trip charge remain. From here you can adjust the quantity of installations you will need.

What does the installation cover?
It covers the physical installation of the product as well as basic programming. Basic programming differs greatly between products. An example installation service for our most popular product (SwitchLinc) would entail the following:

  1. remove your existing wall switch
  2. install SwitchLinc
  3. Set local control features (ramp rate and on level)
  4. Link up to 4 controllers

Each installation performed comes with a 3 year installation labor warranty. If at any time, Smarthome's installed product becomes inoperable due to a faulty installation the installer will correct the problem at no charge. These warranties are available nationwide.

About InstallerNet

InstallerNet, Inc. is a technology and service company that specializes in merchandising and coordinating consumer electronics installation services through the Nation's largest network of independently owned electronics installers. Their network consists of more than 6,000 installers,1,500 locations, performing in excess of 5,000,000 installations per year. InstallerNet members are the true installation experts.

This service allows you to prepay for fixed scope of installation work at the time you purchase a Smarthome product. You will then receive an email from InstallerNet to activate your service and then pick an installer and request an appointment date. InstallerNet backs the appointment with professional customer service, and the best warranties in the business, so we truly allow you to "Leave the Installation to us."

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