I/O Linc - Insteon Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out )
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Insteon Remote Control Plug-in Low Voltage Controller

Expand your Insteon Network to monitor and control low voltage and contact closure devices
  • Monitor and control pool valves, electric door strikes, garage doors and more using your Insteon network
  • 4 output relay modes allow you to control many different types of devices
  • Control Insteon lights and appliances using standard sensors
  • Contains 1 sensor input and 1 output relay (NO/NC)
  • For control from an Insteon Mini Remote, you will need a Range Extender or other dual-band Insteon devices*
  • Can be used with an Insteon Hub however the included IOLinc module communicates via powerline only, so you may need a Range Extender or other dual-band Insteon devices*
  • Award-winning Insteon technology provides superior performance and reliability

* The included Insteon IOLinc module communicates over powerline only, which may cause issues if you are trying to remotely operate Insteon devices on a different electrical phase (circuit) or from a Mini Remote. We recommended adding a Range Extender on the same phase to bridge the IOLinc module with Insteon RF-only or Dual-band devices.


REWARDS: 45 points
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  • The latest Insteon plug-in module, I/O Linc, lets you monitor and control any low voltage devices such as alarm sensors, electric door strikes, and contact closures as part of your Insteon home automation network. With one dry-contact sensor input you can control many Insteon devices throughout the house. Plus, use the built-in single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch, connect any low voltage-powered device for continuous or momentary operation. Create your own remote-control door lock using an electric door strike and power supply or use a security sensor turn Insteon controlled lights on or off.

    Required Accessories
    Sensor wire: 16 - 28 gauge wire fits, but 20 - 22 gauge recommended

    I/O Linc Kits Available:
    I/O Linc's flexible output relay can control many different types of low voltage devices, from pool valves to electric door strikes to garage doors due to its different relay modes. When controlling devices like pool valves, you will want the ability to leave it on for an extended period of time, giving it plenty of time to fill the pool. As it approaches the desired water level, then you can remotely turn it off. For devices like electric door strikes, set I/O Linc's output relay to momentary, allowing you open the front gate using a RemoteLinc or any other Insteon controller. A third version of I/O Linc's momentary mode allows you to remotely press your garage door button with an Insteon On command, but only if your garage is currently closed. This allows you to open your garage with On command and close it with an Off command. Because I/O Linc uses a garage door sensor to know whether the door is open or closed, it only controls the garage when it needs to.

    Controlling Two Separate Loads
    With the addition of a DPDT Relay Board, the I/O Linc is capable of switching two separate loads on and off together. In this configuration, the I/O Linc could control two different loads of varying voltages (i.e. one high voltage and one low voltage load) or two higher current loads (up to 7A @30VDC each).

  • Specifications

    Brand: Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2450, I/O Linc
    UPC: 689076403542
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Color: White
    Warranty: 2 years, limited
    Status LED: White (Bright when relay closed, dim when relay open)
    Sensor Status LED: Green (On when sensor closed, Off when sensor open)
    Set Button: Toggles output relay On/Off. Also used for setup.
    Momentary Duration: Locally Adujtable: 2 Seconds to 30 Minutes; Software Adjustable, .2 Seconds - 105 minutes
    Operation Modes: Insteon
    Multi-Way Circuit Support: Yes
    Setup Memory: Non-volatile EEPROM
    Insteon Features
    Insteon Addresses: 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    Insteon Links: 417
    Insteon Powerline Frequency: 131.65 KHz
    Insteon Minimum Transmit Level: 3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
    Insteon Minimum Receive Level: 10 mV
    Insteon Messages Repeated: Yes
    I/O Terminals: 5V (10mA), GND, Sense, N/C, N/O, Common (28-16 gauge wire)
    Input jack: 1/8" mini jack input (GND, Sense)
    Input Type: Contact closure only
    Output Relay Capacity: 5A @ 30 Volts (AC or DC)
    Operating Conditions: Indoors, 32 to 104°, up to 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions: 4.5" H x 2.5" W x 1.5" D
    Weight: 4.6 oz
    Supply Voltage: 120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
    Sensor Input: 1/8" mini jack input (GND, Sense)
    Power Plug : 3-pin grounded
    Pass-through Outlet: Uncontrolled 3-prong (with ground), 120V, 15A
    Power Consumption: 0.93 Watts
    Certification: Safety tested for use in USA and Canada

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    Don't last Review by David
    Don't last

    I have purchased several units over the years. They only last 2 to 4 years before failing. Currently looking for a better I/O device.

    Posted on 2/20/2017

    2 Bad ones in 2 years Review by Steve
    2 Bad ones in 2 years

    Title says it all. First one was over 2 years, second one is in warranty. Will try to return.


    Posted on 12/11/2016

    More Parts Review by jmight
    More Parts

    Needed more parts to get this up and running namely a range extender to convert from wired to wireless communication. once the Extender was installed it communicated perfectly with my Hub.

    Posted on 4/22/2016

    Not compatible with Hub Pro Review by James
    Not compatible with Hub Pro

    Although it worked to complete the door strike setup, this device is NOT compatible with the Hub Pro. Would REALLY like to have this updated to work with that.

    Posted on 3/2/2016

    Does what I need but falls short Review by Andrew
    Does what I need but falls short

    Bought two of these to control my home theatre curtain: one to open, one to close. It's unfortunate that I needed two for this purpose, and even more so that they frequently miss commands from the Insteon Hub, leaving the curtain open after an automated show or failing to open the curtain at the start of a movie. All my other Insteon components (several dimmers and on/off outlets) work well, so I think I'm experiencing some of the same problems here as others have.

    Posted on 2/24/2016

    Thrilled it finally works... Review by Sorebikr
    Thrilled it finally works...

    Was actually very difficult and frustrating to install. My set-up: Insteon low-voltage interface, new hub and 3/4" shutoff valve. After installing...nothing. Was is the wiring? The android software on my phone? Very tough to trouble shoot. Turns out my I/O wasn't plugged into an outlet that was on the same phase as the hub. Same phase? That was news to me. Turns out the I/O communicates with the hub over your house' wiring, not over wifi. Which means only certain outlets will work in the house.

    Eventually, after an hour on the phone with support we were able to get it working, and I LOVE it. But still...

    Posted on 12/14/2015

    Not support international users: 220v/50Hz Review by budin
    Not support international users: 220v/50Hz

    I am really disappointed that I/O Linc doesn't support international users (220V/50Hz

    Posted on 10/27/2014

    One failed within a week but the other works perfectly Review by Luke
    One failed within a week but the other works perfectly

    I am using this to monitor and control my garage door. Installation was easy and it worked great at first. However, the device quit communicating with the Hub after a week. It would respond to commands but wouldn't report the status of the door to the Hub. I know it isn't an issue with noise or being on the wrong phase on my wiring because it doesn't work even on the same outlet.

    I replaced it with another I/O Linc I had lying around and it once again works perfectly.

    Posted on 10/8/2014

    Review of 2450 Review by JOHN
    Review of 2450

    Works just as stated by Insteon. I use it as a two way interface with my Honeywell security system. Insteon wireless door switches are used as input to the security system and the security system intrusion alarm activates selected Insteon lighting.
    The only negative is setting the output relay mode (1 of 4 modes). It is confusing and difficult.
    Over all, this is a very good product

    Posted on 7/25/2014

    Review of 2450 Review by KIRBY
    Review of 2450

    This little device works great. I would buy more but they are pricey.

    Posted on 6/29/2014

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