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Save Money with Zoned Heating & Cooling

Save Money with Zoned Heating & Cooling

In most homes, heating and cooling accounts for the largest part of the energy bill. Despite this, most homes waste a tremendous amount of heating/cooling through inefficient use. Efficiency can be significantly improved by only heating/cooling when necessary (ie. when occupants are present) and by only heating/cooling to the exact desired temperature. Home automation and zoned HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) can do this for you automatically. You can set different desired temperatures in each room and by using motion detectors you can automatically turn ON/OFF the heating/cooling to each zone as people enter and leave. The energy savings in the average home over just a few years will often pay for the entire home automation system.

A simple common-sense analysis of unzoned systems will show you how much you can save. Imagine a 2-zone home with one zone being the living room and the other being the bedroom. An unzoned system will always heat/cool both rooms at the same time even if only one zone is being occupied. This means that twice as much energy is being used as necessary. Add to that any periods when the system is accidentally left on when no one is home and you can see how wasteful this system can be. An automated zoned system will only heat/cool the room that is being occupied. The occupied room will also be heated or cooled to the desired temperature much faster. This is because the energy that would otherwise be wasted on the unoccupied room is being directed to the occupied room.


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