HouseLinc - Insteon Desktop Software Download
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HouseLinc - Insteon Desktop Software Download

Free Download - Insteon Management Software
  • Download HouseLinc for Free
  • Controls and programs your Insteon devices from your computer
  • Creates scenes in minutes– no need to individually program or link each device
  • Triggers timers/events (with computer on and HouseLinc running)
  • logs links and track when a device/scene is activated/deactivated
  • Performs advanced features for your Insteon devices that may not be available through manual programming(varies with device)
  • Automatically checks for updates to the HouseLinc interface
Requirements:*also works with these discontinued products: 2242-222, 2412N, 2412U and 2412S

Item# 4444-HOUSELINC  

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  • Requirements:

        •  PowerLinc Modem - Insteon 2413U USB Interface (Dual-Band)
        •  PowerLinc Modem - Insteon 2413S Serial Interface (Dual-Band)
        •  Also works with the following discontinued products: 2242-222, 2412N, 2412U and 2412S
        •  Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
        •  15 MB of disc space and 128 MB of RAM
        •  Computer needs to remain on to run timers and events

    Support documentation:

        •   Quick Start Guide
        •   Owner's Manual
        •   HouseLinc Release Notes
        •   Resolving Insteon Network Issues Using HouseLinc Diagnosics


    If you experience problems with your HouseLinc software or hardware, please refer to the links below for assistance.

        •  Symptom: HouseLinc notified you that your computer does not have .NET Framework installed.
            •  Solution: Download .NET Framework and follow instructions. Once installed, re-try the HouseLinc installation.
                    •  Download .NET Framework

        •  Symptom: If you are having trouble with HouseLinc finding your USB interface, your device drivers may be out of date.
            •  Solution 1: Download and run this utility to remove the Insteon USB driver. After removal, re-install the USB drivers.
                    •  Download USB Drivers Uninstall
                    •  Download USB Drivers

            •  Solution 2: If Solution 1 fails to resolve the problem, refer to the documents below:
  •                 •  Deleting Reserved COM Ports Information
    Preventing COM Port Runaway Information

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  • 2 Reviews

    Great but... Review by Haddood
    Great but...

    The software is pretty stable and pretty good in general...
    One very important feature is missing that is the ability to run an exe when a condition triggers ... It is a peace of cake from programming point of view and it will allow us to integrate insteon with other home automation software

    Posted on 7/27/2016

    Wish was better, but still my preference by a long way Review by Pianobear
    Wish was better, but still my preference by a long way

    Software is sometimes hard to get to devices to link, but it is simple to use and if you play with it long enough you can usually get it to work. I like it because it is very graphic in that it is very apparent what all the links are. I have the Insteon Hub and also ISY. I don't like ISY at all. The main reason is that Smarthome doesn't support it and it doesn't appear to be able to link devices together. You have to do it by hand versus HouseLinc does that by drop and drag. The Insteon hub appears to me that you have to hand link devices together which is a major drawback. I wish SmartHome or who ever owns the software would keep working on it versus just updating it to accept new devices. I don't think having to have your computer on for the scenes to work is that big of issue. I do a lot by links and your computer doesn't have to be on for them to work. Some of the help staff are more knowledgable than others, but the most helpful ones are definitely the best. I use this software not only to control my home switches but to run large Halloween and Christmas light shows. HouseLinc controls the more expensive and professional LOR systems. The I/o links trigger different songs at different times in the show plus turn on different elements of the animated and light show.

    Posted on 5/20/2016

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