House Sitter Random Light Timer
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House Sitter Random Light Timer

Vacation Timer Turns Lights and RadiosOn and Off Randomly

Item #: 25505

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  • Plug the House Sitter Random Light Timer into any standard electrical outlet. Turn the lamp or appliance on and then plug it into the House Sitter. With the switch in the "Continuous" mode, you'll be able to use your lamp or appliance normally. When you go on vacation or just out for the evening, flip the switch to the "Security" position, and the House Sitter will turn your lamp or radio on and off in intervals ranging from 9 to 34 minutes.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:HS4390
    Dimensions:4" x 2 1/2" x 1 3/4"
    On/Off Intervals:9 to 34 minutes, random
    Modes:Continuous and security
    Electrical:120V, 60Hz
    Approvals:ETL, UL listed
    Warranty:1 year, limited

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    Review of 25505 Review by Barc
    Review of 25505


    Your TV is probably a newer model that has a standby mode on all the time that the unit has power. When you press the power button on the TV or the remote, it turns on the screen immediately. The standby mode is what will come back on when the timer restores power; but if no one is there to turn the screen with the remote or TV power switch, you will not get picture or sound.


    Posted on 10/26/2009

    Review of 25505 Review by Richard
    Review of 25505

    I regret that this item has been discontinued! I wished to order another. I have two already.
    The way in which I use them may give you an idea for another product.
    I use them in tandem with another timer. The first timer is the type with the female electrical connection is on the front directly in the center of the timer. This way the House Sitter Timer is facing directly out from the wall when it is plugged in. I set the first timer to those times of the day or night when I want a light on in the area. For security purposes I then use the random timer so that during that designated time there is a random display of light. By using only the single timer eventually it could be observed that there were lights on only at very specific times. By adding the random timer it varied the light but still in a specific time period.
    It would seem that could be combined in one unit.

    Posted on 8/27/2009

    Review of 25505 Review by LARISSA
    Review of 25505

    These were a comfort to have while on vacation. Worked great!

    Posted on 5/24/2009

    Review of 25505 Review by MARIA
    Review of 25505

    I love the item. I gave my friend a key to come into the house since i would not be home until late. While her and her husband were talking in my kitchen the radio and the light went on. They looked at each other and ask each other Did you turn that on??? they loved it and bought 2 of them...... But it does not work with the T.V.
    It turns it of off but it does not turn it on again.Am I doing something wrong???

    Posted on 4/28/2009

    Review of 25505 Review by ANTONIO
    Review of 25505

    very basic a light sensor would be nice

    Posted on 3/16/2009

    Review of 25505 Review by TERRI
    Review of 25505

    It's perfect; just wish I had a little more control over the time intervals for which the timer is set on or off

    Posted on 1/5/2009

    Review of 25505 Review by JOHN P
    Review of 25505


    Posted on 11/13/2008

    Review of 25505 Review by CAMILLE
    Review of 25505

    This product is great! It is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

    Posted on 11/13/2008

    Review of 25505 Review by robinrobin4
    Review of 25505

    Quote -- GRAHAM -- LAUREL, MD Date: 12/1/2007
    PART #: 25505

    Comment: Random times and length of time is good, but how many people get up at night and turn lines on all night.
    -- UnQuote
    It would appear that someone is not able to sleep during that period.
    I find it perfect for me.
    Yes, I agree, they are gonna be gifts.

    Posted on 11/9/2008

    Review of 25505 Review by JULIA R
    Review of 25505

    works great

    Posted on 9/17/2008

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