Honeywell Professional Weather Station
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Honeywell Professional Weather Station

Wireless Weather Station Shows Time, Temperature, Rainfall, Wind, and Forecast on Attractive Display

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  • Multiple Wireless Sensors Included
    The Honeywell Professional Weather Station is easily programmed to show the time, temperature and information from all of its included sensors on its large backlit display. Included with the main unit are multiple wireless sensors that measure wind speed and direction, rainfall, and UV levels, as well as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. The sensors are heavy-duty plastic devices that won't rust or fail in extreme temperatures. The rain gauge even includes a level, which ensures accurate reporting.

    Display Features
    The Honeywell Professional Weather Station displays all of its data in windows, so you're never overwhelmed with information. Open the side bar to access arrow buttons or use the included IR remote to see the information you seek. An automatic backlight control can be used to turn the blue LED backlight on and off based on ambient light level. When sensors' batteries become low, this will show on the appropriate display page.

    Temperature and Humidity Window
    This page shows the temperature and relative humidity for indoors and the connected outdoor temperature sensors. One thermo-hygrometer is included; additional temperature/humidity sensors are sold separately. The weather station accepts data from up to five remote sensors. You can program high and low temperature alerts for each remote channel.

    Pressure and Weather Forecast Window
    Plan your outfit according to the weather forecast: This page shows a kinetic forecast icon (Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Unstable Weather, or Snow) that displays the forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours along with a moon phase icon, the sea level pressure, and a 24-hour sea-level pressure history graph. Additional displays available in this window include past and future moon phases and temperature and humidity history bar graphs.

    Rain and Wind Windows
    Keep track of rainfall in your area with a glance at the rain window, which displays the rainfall for the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, or past month. It can also display a rain rate estimate. On the wind window, wind direction is shown by an animated compass display. The wind angle can be displayed as compass points or in bearings from true north. You'll also be able to see your choice of wind chill or actual temperature at the remote anemometer's location as well as average wind speed for the last 10 minutes, the maximum gust speed for that period, and the maximum average wind speed and maximum gust speed recorded during the day. Program rainfall and wind/gust alerts if these figures exceed your specified values.

    Clock and Alarms Window
    See the time, weekday and your city on the clock and alarms window, which can also display month, day and year. Daylight Saving Time changes are automatic but can be turned off if desired. Alarm functions include a weekday alarm, a single day alarm, and a cold weather pre-alarm, which lets you set the crescendo alarm to go off early if the outdoor temperature is below freezing. Additional features include programmable snooze intervals and dual alarm capability.

    UV and Sunrise/Sunset Windows
    Protect your skin from sun damage by glancing at the Honeywell Professional Weather Station's UV window prior to leaving the house. This screen displays sunlight intensity as well as exposure level. Additional available information included daily and weekly maximum readings. The sunrise/sunset window displays either the sunrise and sunset times for your city based on your setup programming.

    Additional Data Available Through PC Connection
    Without being connected to your PC, the Honeywell Professional Weather Station can track 200 weather records. Access additional information and track weather patterns on your PC using the included software by connecting the weather station to your PC using the included USB cable.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:TE923W
    Dimensions:Main unit: 8.66" W x 6.38" H x 1.38" D (220mm W x 162mm H x 35mm D); thermo-hygrometer: 2.37" W x 4" H x 1" D (60mm W x 101mm H x 25mm D); UV sensor: 2.58" W x 4.45" H x 2.58" D (65.5mm W x 113mm H x 65.5mm D); anemometer: 19.16" W x 19.16" H x 15.35" D (486.6mm W x 486.6mm H x 390mm D); rain gauge: 6.49" W x 6.89" H x 4.72" D (165mm W x 175mm H x 119mm D); IR remote control: 1.61" W x 5.94" H x 0.86" D (40mm W x 150mm H x 22mm D)
    Weight (Without Batteries):Main unit: 8.15 oz. (231g); thermo-hygrometer: 2.29 oz. (65g); UV sensor: 2.78 oz. (79g); anemometer: 11.12 oz. (315g); rain gauge: 10.24 oz. (290g); IR remote control: 3.18 oz. (90g)
    Power:Main unit: 120V AC, 60Hz, 7.5V DC 200mA or 4 AA or UM-3 (1.5V) batteries; thermo-hygro, UV, rain, and wind sensors: 2 AA or UM-3 (1.5V) batteries; IR remote: 2 AAA or UM-4 (1.5V) batteries
    Battery Life (Alkaline):Main unit: 2 months on batteries only; thermo-hygrometer: over 1 year; UV sensor: 2 years; anemometer: 2 years; rain gauge: 2 years
    PC Software Minimum Requirements:Windows 98; 128MB RAM; 100MB free HD space; 2 CD-ROM drives
    Maximum Thermo-Hygro Remotes:5
    RF Transmission Frequency:433 MHz
    Maximum RF Transmission Range:Thermo-hygro and UV remotes: 328' (100m); rain and wind remotes: 100' (30m)
    Sunrise/Sunset Accuracy:1 minute (for latitude within 50
  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 19541 Review by RICK
    Review of 19541

    This item does not live up to the Honeywell name. Another piece of cheep Chinese junk. Base unit keeps losing wind speed and direction and needs to be reset frequently. Temp/Humidity will not work on Ch1. Cheep plastic construction of outside units, doubt that wind speed/direction unit will last the winter. Manual was not complete, had to download updated manual before I could set the barometric pressure.

    Posted on 10/13/2009

    Review of 19541 Review by Desert_Weather_Buff
    Review of 19541

    I received this unit as a gift for Christmas. Worked right out of the box. Configuration takes a little getting used to. The outdoor temperature/humidity sensor would stop transmitting from time to time. Contacted tech support via email. Had a response within 24 hours. They then sent a replacement sensor which has been working fine. The only other issue not documented in the manual was the Check Op message that appeared within a few days. Again, contacted tech support via email. Received a response within 24 hours. Basically, the problem was with the time synchronization and the base unit not being able to detect the NOAA time signal UTC. Once I reoriented the antenna and picked up the time sync, Check Op went away and Channel 1 returned. So, although a couple of bugs, am otherwise pleased with the unit.

    Posted on 2/1/2009

    Review of 19541 Review by TANA
    Review of 19541

    We purchased the Honeywell weather station about one year ago. During this time, we have had several problems with the weather station. Each time we contacted Honeywell, (many, many times) they promised us parts, but we never received any of them. After dealing with them for about a month each time we contacted Smarthome and they promptly sent us a replacement unit. We have been very pleased with Smarthome, and very dissappointed with Honeywell.

    Posted on 2/23/2008

    Review of 19541 Review by STEPHANIE
    Review of 19541

    The software package is awful and there is no customer service available.

    Posted on 1/12/2008

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