Heavy Duty Outdoor Programmable Timer
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Heavy Duty Outdoor Programmable Timer

Automate Exterior Lighting or Other Electronics to your Desired Schedule

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    Plug in the Heavy Duty Outdoor Programmable on/off Timer to a receptacle and press the reset button. Once that has been completed, take the lighting or electrical device you wish to control, plug it in to your module and you are ready to go. The unit is equipped with large buttons and an LCD screen that make programming a snap. Instructions are written in a basic and understandable language. Follow the directions for programming the day and time; time has the option of being displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour format.

    Programming Options
    With the basic time and day setup, the instructions take a step by step approach through the On Time and Off Time programming. Up to 20 separate timed programs may be created from 1 day to 7 days a week. The built in photocell gives the unit Daylight Control, allowing the timer to be turned on or off solely by the brightness of the surroundings. The Countdown timer will let the timer turn on or off for a period of time you specify, from 1 second up to 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. The Daylight Control and the Countdown Timer functions can also be controlled simultaneously. A Random function is also built in with which will allow your timer to turn on and off at random intervals; short term (1-2 hour), long term (2-4 hours), or program your own random timer. The timer also comes with a disable mode, that allows disable any one program or all programs

    Outdoor Design
    The casing is built of weather resistant material to withstand the elements of exterior use.

    The Heavy Duty Outdoor Programmable on/off Timer comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty. A similar Outdoor Timer is available without the photocell but with a drip-proof cover design that keeps water away from the keypad and a mounting wall bracket.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:UPM Marketing
    Manufacturer Product No.:ET525C
    Dimensions:4 1/2" Tall x 2 1/2" Wide x 1
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    Review of 1125b Review by LARRY
    Review of 1125b

    Works Great! Easy to set up. Would recommend.

    Posted on 11/16/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by STEVE
    Review of 1125b

    A very well made timer. It seems that it will hold up well to use. It has currently been in use now for about a month. Start and stop times can be programmed individually and set to the exact duration needed, not just in 15-30 minute intervals like many timers. Programming is very simple. Instructions are clear, but not really needed since programming is very easy.

    Posted on 11/1/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by PAUL
    Review of 1125b

    Works great Kind of hard to see the screen without using a light, but my cellphone provides enough illumination and I usually have it near by.

    Posted on 10/28/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by PERRIN
    Review of 1125b

    Not too difficult to use. Only annoyance was there are only 20 programmable, when 24 would be perfect for hourly on/off. Plants don't seem to mind skipping 2 feedings at night, though.

    Posted on 10/1/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by ALLEN
    Review of 1125b

    I love this timer: it is so intelligently designed.
    1) Most photocell timers assume you want to turn lights on at night -- I want to turn a fountain *off* at night. You can set this timer for light or dark.
    2) It's very easy to program. The instructions are simple and well written, and you don't have to press meaningless combinations of buttons.
    3) Our power goes out frequently, but I don't have to re-program the timer, since it has battery backup.

    Posted on 9/10/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by DENIS
    Review of 1125b

    This timer provides numerous modes. A major feature is that all of its settings are kept in the case of a power outage. Programming requires considerable attention. While easy for the most basic modes it quickly becomes confusing and overwhelming as one gets into the more advanced modes, some I could never achieve. Instructions are terrible. They need to be rewritten, expanded, include state-diagrams of the programming sequences and provide actual examples. It is a pity that the hardware, which is well built and high quality, is not supported by adequate documentation. The reset trigger should also be changed: it is terribly frustrating to push it by mistake (it is identical to all the other switches) after going through a long programming sequence and losing everything. An easy and obvious fix would be to need to push it for several seconds in order to activate it. With adequate instructions, this would be a five stars.

    Posted on 9/9/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by J W
    Review of 1125b

    Found the programmable timer to work excellent. The reason for the 2 star rating is the program instructions are extremely difficult to follow. Had to call tech support which quickly and successfully guided me through the process. The instructions as written are vague and leave out important info for those unfamiliar with the product and are gizmo challenged.

    Posted on 9/6/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by SANDOR
    Review of 1125b

    This unit was rated for a 1 hp motor but when I tried to control a 1/20 HP motor the electronics fried out instantly

    Posted on 9/3/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by TOM
    Review of 1125b

    Great time. Seems rugged. Does everything it claims. Relatively easy to figure out and program.

    Posted on 9/2/2010

    Review of 1125b Review by JEANNETTE
    Review of 1125b

    Only took about 5 minutes to program 20 separate programs. Works perfect for what I needed it for. Very happy.

    Posted on 8/29/2010

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