Heath/Zenith SL-6117-WH Motion Sensor Timer 3-Way Wall Switch - White
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Heath/Zenith SL-6117-WH Motion Sensor Timer 3-Way Wall Switch - White

Motion Activated Switch that Allows You to Control the Connected Light from More Than One Location
  • Compatible with incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL), fluorescent, LED lighting, and motors up to 1/8 hp
  • Modes include: always off, always on, and motion activated
  • On-time is adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Photocell allows switch to operate based on existing lighting to save energy

Item #: 25022WH

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  • Your home's switches can now be transformed to motion sensing lights. Replace your existing 3-way switches with this PIR sensor and you'll be able to control your light by simply walking into the room. Having a motion sensor at each end of a hallway or large room makes sure your path is always lit, no matter which direction you are entering from.

    When in AUTO mode, the sensor will turn the light on and off based on the detection of motion to ensure lights will only be on while the room is occupied, saving energy. The amount of time the light stays on after it detects motion is adjustable from 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes. A photocell within the switch also evaluates the current amount of light to determine whether or not the lights should be turned on. If it senses that there is an ample amount of existing light in the room, the switch will not turn on the light, even if it detects motion. You can also easily switch to ON or OFF mode if you don't want to use the switch as a motion detector by sliding the button located on the front of the switch.

    This product is also available in ivory, sold separately.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Heath/Zenith
    Manufacturer Product No. SL-6117-WH
    UPC 016963611702
    Power Supply 120VAC, 60 Hz
    Wires AWG #18 (UL recognized)
    Maximum Load Up to 500 Watts incandescent
    Up to 400 Watts Fluorescent
    Up to 1/8 hp Motor Load
    Minimum Load 2 Watts
    Temperature 55 to 85 degrees F
    Detection Range Up to 30 feet
    Detection Angle 150 degree motion detection angle
    Type 3-Way
    Dimensions 1.66" W x 1.72" D x 4.07" H
    Warranty 1 year
  • 9 Reviews

    Review of 25022WH Review by BRETT
    Review of 25022WH

    Spend more money and buy something better. Will not turn on if there is any ambient light at all. Will turn off while you're still in the room. I used it for a few days and then replaced it with a Lutron MS-OPS5MH-WH which is just over twice the cost and 10,000 times better product.

    Posted on 2/19/2014

    Review of 25022WH Review by Brett
    Review of 25022WH

    Don't buy it if you can't function in low light levels.
    With the light sensitivity adjustment at absolute minimum, a light in the next room which barely gives enough illumination to walk through this room, means the light won't turn on.
    Turn the neighbouring room light off and the sensor works as advertised. Turn it to test mode and it works fine, but of course only stays on for 30 seconds, which will kill my fluorescents quickly. Adjustment should be able to go from turning it on in full sunlight, to needing it totally dark before it turns on. No such luck with this product.

    Posted on 2/3/2014

    Review of 25022WH Review by LOJJIK
    Review of 25022WH

    The motion sensor didnt work so it essentially functions as a cheap light switch. Doesn't fit in electrical box.

    Posted on 1/15/2014

    Review of 25022WH Review by BILL
    Review of 25022WH

    I have used these before for switches in closets and they work perfect. Very easy to install, adjust and light can be turned on without timer if wanted.

    Posted on 6/21/2013

    Review of 25022WH Review by REID
    Review of 25022WH

    - Poor Quality (1 of 3 purchased was completely defective).
    - Not as advertised (needs an incandescent light bulb)
    - Not an "occupancy" sensor.
    Details below.

    A. Switches do not work with CFL nor LED as stipulated in the description. In automatic mode with only CFL or LED light bulbs installed, the lights will not remain off but instead, turn off with the timer and cycle back on after about 10 seconds with no motion in the room. When a single light bulb in the string is replaced with incandescent bulb, the cycling doesn't happen (operates as advertised). I tried using several different styles and brands of CFL (dimmable, for example)and LED bulbs to confirm. Only an incandescent works.
    B. Switches are not "occupancy" sensors. The light WILL go off even with motion in the room. So one must wait for the 10 second delay and actuate the light again with motion. This is rather irritating. Perhaps I misread the description and expected the light to remain on with motion in the room.
    C. One of the three switches I purchased is truly defective. The motion detector only works within about 3 inches of the faceplate. The other two work from at least 10 feet away.
    D. In the end, I returned two and kept the one that was installed with an incandescent light in a closet since it was more inconvenient to remove it again than to pack it up and ship it off.

    Posted on 4/3/2013

    Review of 25022WH Review by JONATHAN
    Review of 25022WH


    Posted on 3/13/2013

    Review of 25022WH Review by R.
    Review of 25022WH

    I purchased 3 of these and will be returning. None worked as advertised.

    - Even though the switches are advertised to work with CFL and LED, I found this not be the case. With CFL and LED, the switches would cycle the lights on/off in the automatic mode. Manual on/off was fine. Timer was fine. Motion detector was fine. Light sensor was fine. But after the timer turned off the lights, several seconds later, the lights would turn back on. After reading up on the internet, there are some switches which are not made to work with CFL bulbs. These switches were advertised to work with CFL, so I really didn't think this was the problem. However, since it was easy to do, I decided to at least look at a different bulb. To my surprise, the switches worked after replacing one CFL with an incandescent bulb. To be sure it wasn't the CFL bulbs I was using, I bought different brands and a dimmable CFL and a dimmable LED bulb. The problem came back and persisted with the new CFL and LED bulbs. Only an incandescent bulb did the trick.

    - One of the confusing points during troubleshooting was that one had a bad motion detector needed to be 3 from the detector to work. At first, I thought my problems were related to motion detector issues, since many folks suggest that motion detectors often fail. That one switch is truly defective. These speaks to the switches reliability.

    - Of note, I casually misread the 3-way switch as meaning on off and automatic. The 3-way is really for 3-way circuits. The switch does have simplified instructions for a single switch installation. All 3 of mine were single switch circuits. I do not believe this to be the source of the problem with the CFL bulbs.

    Posted on 3/8/2013

    Review of 25022WH Review by BRUCE
    Review of 25022WH

    It's working great; Thanks

    Posted on 3/22/2012

    Review of 25022WH Review by CHRISTOPHE
    Review of 25022WH

    Makes audible click when turning on and off (relay no doubt). My wife does not like that at all, but it also means that it will work with anything: CFL, LED, Halogen... (no problems). Takes a bit more time than I would like to turn it back on after it turned off.

    Posted on 2/25/2012

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