Activate Any Halloween Prop When Motion is Detected

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One of the best ways to keep trick-or-treaters or Halloween party guests on their toes is with the use of motion-based automation. It's easy to add this feature to any animated Halloween prop that you buy.

What You Need*:

EagleEye Outdoor Motion Sensor
X10 16-Device Plug-In RF Base
INSTEON ApplianceLinc

EagleEye Outdoor Motion Sensor4087$19.99
X10 16-Device Plug-In RF Base 4005x $27.49
INSTEON ApplianceLinc2456S3$34.99

*You'll also need something to automate when motion is detected. This can be virtually any electronic device you want, including spooky lights, bubble machines, fountains, strobe lights or animated props.


  • Mount the EagleEye Outdoor Motion Sensor in the location where you want motion to be detected, like the front entry way, with either screws or self-adhesive strips
  • Since the Motion Sensor defaults to Housecode A and Unit Code 1, follow the steps outlined in the instruction manual to set the X10 16-Device Plug-In RF Base to the corresponding House and Unit Code of the Motion Sensor
  • Plug the X10 16-Device Plug-In RF Base into any outlet in the house within 100 feet of the motion sensor
  • Plug the INSTEON ApplianceLinc module into the outlet where you plan on plugging in the automated device
  • Follow the steps outlined in the instruction manual to set the ApplianceLinc's X10 address to match the Motion Sensor
  • Plug the device you plan on automating into the outlet on the bottom of the ApplianceLinc and switch the device into the ON position
Now when you or anyone else walks by the motion sensor, the device will turn on. The device will turn off approximately 1 minute after it stops detecting motion! If you want to automate several devices with the same motion sensor, simply expand with additional X10- or INSTEON-compatible devices. To automate multiple devices from multiple motion sensors, simply order as many as you need. Only one X10 16-Device Plug-In RF Base is needed per house code.


Last Updated: September 26, 2007


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