Hal 2000 Voice Control Software
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Hal 2000 Voice Control Software

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Control Your Home By Voice Command!

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  • Control X10, Audio/Video andTelephony (Caller ID, Voicemail, etc.)
    The HAL 2000 is capable of controlling any X10 compatible device and has infrared control capability of audio/video equipment (additional IR interface req.). It is a full featured telephone answering system with voicemail, automatic call forwarding, and paging capabilities. It has Caller ID built-in and can provide call notification based on who is calling. It can even send you an e-mail or fax to notify you of specific conditions. You can even be notified when your stocks hit a determined threshold.

    Control Functions Directly From the PC
    If you want to, sit at your computer to control devices in your home. You can use the Interactive Control Panel to adjust devices instantly within your home. The Interactive Control Panel will show a mini control with the appropriate buttons for a given type of device. For example, if a light has dimming capabilities the mini control will show a slide adjustment for the dim value. Also, you will see a different thermostat control depending on the interface type.

    Place Phone Calls by Voice Control
    You can use the computer screen phonepad to place calls, view Caller ID information, review call history or just say things like "Call Bob," "Dial 879-1621" or "Call Police." With the Telephony features of the HAL2000 it is possible to leave a personalized message for anyone in your rolodex. You simply say "Leave a message for Mom." Next, you record your message after the system prompts you with a tone. When Mom calls you from work or home, her Caller ID allows the HAL2000 to play your prerecorded message.

    Voice Feedback
    HAL 2000 will respond to events and give you verbal feedback with its library of canned messages or with any .wav file you record.

    Easy Voice Control Setup orTraditional Windows "Wizard" Setup
    Setting up HAL2000 is just as easy as using it. No programming or complicated instructions to follow, you just tell HAL2000 what you want to control, give it a name and the system will repeat your instructions to confirm your selection. Then it's on to the next device. Simply say "Add Device Reading room Lights." The system will ask you to say a letter from A to P followed by a number from 1 to 16. Now you are ready to say "Turn Reading room Lights Off In 45 Minutes" or "Every Monday and Friday at 8 pm Turn Readingroom Lights On For Two Hours." You can also set up the system directly on the computer by using the built-in Wizards. By using Wizards, you are guided one step at a time through the process of adding or modifying a device.

    Full Manual Control of System When You Wish
    If you prefer having total control of the setup, the System Data form allows you to manually maintain data in the system.

    Hardware Required - IBM CompatiblePC, Windows '95, Voice Blaster
    HAL2000 runs on any IBM compatible computer with Windows

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    Manufacturer:Home Automated Living
    Manufacturer Product No.:HAL2000 LATEST REV

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  • HAL 2000 Voice Control System
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