Globallink Security 131-11 Laserscan Deterrent System with AC Adapter
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Globallink Security 131-11 Laserscan Deterrent System with AC Adapter

Don't Just Respond to a Break-In - Send Thieves to Search for a Softer Target
  • Moving red laser beams scare away potential intruders
  • Beams move along the floor and walls
  • Runs on 12 volts from included AC adapter

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  • Enhance your security system with this highly effective deterrent system. Any alarm system can tell you that someone just broke into your home or office, and surveillance cameras can get a picture of the crook's face, but wouldn't it be better to keep them out in the first place? No thief wants to get caught, so they usually "case the joint" ahead of time, looking for alarms, types of locks, etc. This deterrent sends two moving red laser beams in constant motion, apparently scanning your room for intruders. Crooks will see the moving beams of laser light and go look for an easier target. Ingeniously simple in concept and well-made for long life, the Laserscan is basically a box with a gear system with two laser pointers attached. There's a keyhole slot in the back for wall mounting, and a 1/4-20 threaded hole in the bottom to attach to standard camera mounts or bolt to your alarm panel.

    Comes with an AC adapter for super easy installation - mount it on the wall, plug in the adapter, and you're ready to scare away the criminals. It's also available as a version powered by the 12v power supply of your existing security system, and as a deluxe version, mounted on a panel with a programmable timer and a blinking LED.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Globallink Security
    Manufacturer Product No. 131-11
    UPC 609132873911
    Power Requirement 110VAC
    Dimensions 3.25" x 4.25" x 3.5"
    Mfgr Warranty 6 months, limited
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    Review of 76802 Review by I
    Review of 76802

    I just got the LaserScan unit delivered.

    Yes, it does what it advertises by having two vertical red lineslaser running back and forth on your wall. But I think the 2 beams are running across the wall too fast, they should've incorporated a dial so we can control the motor speed.

    Once I got the unit in hand, it does not feel/look like a product that came off an assembly line so I took it apart to see how the unit was put together out of curiosity. This unit is definitely put together in someone's basement/garage. The components inside does not have a perfect fit. The front laser & gear assembly is just screwed into the plastic housing. The circuit board was cut to fit inside the housing. There's a screw & glue that holds the main gear from the motor shaft. I hate how they soldered the power adapter wire directly into the circuit board, why not a male/female plug for convenience??? The key hole for mounting the unit was manually cut. The front cover over the laser and gear assembly is flimsy plastic, should be glass.

    Overall, I think this is the worst investment I've made on a home security product. Way over priced due to the craftsmanship, quality of materials used, adapter is wired into the unitwhy??????, no ability to adjust scan speed. This product should cost no where near $155 and if you were to opt for the Deluxe which includes a built in timer, it will be $245. What a rip off!!! Too bad they don't allow a refund on this piece of junk.

    I am giving it two stars because it does work, so far. but it's rip-off and no reason to deserve more stars.

    WARNING: if anyone buys one of these and decides to take it apart, make sure you don't plug it in and turn it on. If you run this unit while the housing is taken apart, the gears and the sensor will be out of sync. And if you don't re-sync the gears, it can wind the wires up and rip it from the circuit boardanother dumb design!!!. Should've incorporated pedals to deliver power to the laser like how power is delivered to the rotating shaft inside a motor.

    Posted on 10/11/2011

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