GE 45129 Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center
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GE 45129 Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center

Controls All Sensors and Accessories for your Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System

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  • What is the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm? The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System provides easy wireless alert products for any budget! The system allows you to create an alarm system completely unique to your needs by using a mix-and-match selection of sensors and accessories. No other wireless alarm system offers as many features and advanced zone protection at the same price point.

    How does it work?
    The GE Choice Alert System provides a unique wireless security system directly out of the box. The main alarm with built-in siren, called the Control Center, monitors the system's four alert zones and enables you to activate/deactivate the alarm, select notification modes, and program sensors. You can select up to 16 sensors to add to the Control Center (four per zone), choosing from Window/Door, Motion, Water Leak, and Garage Sensors. You may also add an unlimited number of accessory products, including Alarm Sirens, Silent Alerts, and Signal Repeaters.

    What are the advantages of the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm?
    The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System is the DIY home alert/alarm system for the customer looking to enjoy the features of expensive alarms without the typical high cost associated with professionally installed systems. The system also provides indoor and outdoor protection not seen with similarly priced products on the market.

    What can I monitor using the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm?
    The GE Choice Alert product line is composed of the Control Center, four sensors, and three add-on alarm accessories, which allow you to create a comprehensive alert system throughout your home. Many of the sensors and accessories are weather resistant for indoor and outdoor protection of your property.

    How many sensors can I add to the system?
    Users can add up to 16 sensors (four per zone) to the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm. Zones 1, 2, and 3 feature chime/alert/alarm functions, and Zone 4 feature a dedicated alert-only zone.

    How many areas around my home can I cover?
    The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System is designed to be as versatile as your living conditions. The totally customizable and ultimately portable system features several weather resistant sensors to extend the coverage to include outdoor sheds, gates, patios, decks, and detached garages.

    How do I get started?
    To start, sketch a map of your home and outdoor property to determine which areas would benefit most from Choice Alert protection. Think about doors or windows that need contact sensors, and areas best served by a Motion, Garage, or Water Leak Sensors. The Choice Alert system can manage up to 16 sensors; a maximum of four sensors in each of the four zones.

    What are the zone functions?
    Zones allow you to organize your sensors into easy-to-remember alarm areas. For example, Zone 1 could monitor the main entry doors into your home and Zone 2 could monitor outdoor areas like sheds and gates. A user can add four sensors per zone for a total of 16 sensors per system.

    What is the Silent Alert and how does it work?
    The patent-pending GE Silent Alert is a one-of-a-kind notification device that utilizes flashing LEDs to alert the user of a triggered alarm before entering the home. Most city ordinances require alarm sirens to sound for no more than three minutes, causing the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm to include a timed siren shut-off feature. But the GE Silent Alert, unaffected by city noise ordinances, ensures you will always be aware of the alarm status before entering the property.

    Does the GE Choice Alert system work outside?
    You, like many other alert system customers, want to protect your entire property, including outdoor areas like garages, sheds, gates, patios, and decks. Keeping this in mind, the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm features many weather-resistant components with added durability and reliability for use outdoors.

    Isn't installation too complicated?
    By eliminating complicated wiring and simplifying alarm applications, the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System provides a system that is easy to install and easy to use. After you've outlined your zone and sensor plan, installation is only a matter of manually mounting the sensor and assigning the sensor to a zone.

    Isn't a wireless home alarm out of my price range?
    The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm provides easy wireless alert products for any budget! The line is composed of a mix-and-match selection of sensors and accessories, each reasonably priced.

    Where can I find support for my GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm?
    You are in the right place. We understand you might have many questions about this new technology, and our customer support staff is ready to help you. Plus, you can also access online manuals and resources.
  • 6 Reviews

    Review of 59480 Review by Tonya
    Review of 59480

    This alarm has a very loud chime which is what I wanted, but it only last two months. The power cord no longer has a good connection to the base and so it just doesn't work unless you hold the power cord in while twisting it. Tried opening the panel to see if I could make a better connection but no. Too bad, I now have all the sensors in place but no alarm base to work them. :

    Posted on 11/11/2013

    Review of 59480 Review by Cheryl
    Review of 59480

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to mount the keypad to the wall.

    Posted on 6/10/2012

    Review of 59480 Review by SONIA
    Review of 59480

    smarthome is very good

    Posted on 8/24/2011

    Review of 59480 Review by Boyer
    Review of 59480

    Good product with a lot of features for the money. Would be nice to have a lcd screen, but I use it all the time and have had no problems. Great GE product.

    Posted on 9/26/2010

    Review of 59480 Review by LESTER
    Review of 59480

    works ,have it set up but haven't used it that much

    Posted on 6/22/2010

    Review of 59480 Review by RICHARD
    Review of 59480

    No hassle purchase, delivery and good value. Easy install and works well although occasionally, we have to re-open and close our garage door to turn off the tripped sensor which is our only use for this product. I am unsure which unit is at fault when this happens, I but suspect it is the garage door sensor as it has been triggered by strong gusty winds previously. My only thoughts are I wish you could select the warning tone to off when needed and not just mute it when it goes off. Also, I thought the unit could be mounted on a wall, but not so without some modification. Otherwise a satisfied customer and a quality product.

    Posted on 5/29/2010

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