Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier - Low-Maintenance Pool Purification System
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Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier - Low-Maintenance Pool Purification System

Purify Your Pool Without the Harmful Effects of Chlorine!
  • Purifies pools up to 30,000 gallons
  • Reduces the need for chlorine by about 80%
  • Powered by environmentally-friendly solar panels with no expensive batteries to replace
  • Low-maintenance system requires little attention, just a few minutes per week
  • No more bleached hair or bathing suits, dry skin or itchy eyes

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  • Enjoy swimming in the clearest, cleanest, softest water imaginable, without the unpleasant smell or taste of chlorine! With the Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier, a low-maintenance pool purification system that reduces chlorine use by as much as 80%, you and your family will enjoy swimming in amazingly pure water without all the negatives associated with chemically treated pool water. No more bleached hair or bathing suits, dry skin or itchy eyes!

    This completely safe and non-toxic solar pool purifier floats in your pool and releases mineral ions into the water. While the mineral ions are absolutely harmless to you, they effectively halt the growth of algae and other microorganisms. The ionized water is so safe, it falls within the EPA established drinking water standards. You can even swim with the unit without harming the purification process or your health! The pool purifier's advanced solar panels generate its own power, costing absolutely nothing to power it! The unit requires only low-powered current, so there's absolutely no electrical shock hazard.

    Unlike chlorine, which quickly loses potency, the mineral ions remain effective for weeks. They will not evaporate out, even keeping water fresh in pools that are covered during the off-season. The Solar Powered Pool Purifier begins producing ions immediately after being placed in a pool when exposed to sunlight, and will produce ion levels sufficient for pool purification within two weeks (depending on pool volume).The purifier can handle pools up to 30,000 gallons. For larger pools, more than one solar purifier may be required. You may also consider using two purifiers during the summer months to prevent the likelihood of bacteria growth in warmer waters. The purifier is not recommended for use in pools over 30,000 gallons nor in pools with screened or glass enclosures (because there may not be enough sunlight penetration with enclosed pools).

    Because some pool contaminants, like dust or suntan lotion, are not affected by mineral ions, you will still need to add a small amount of chlorine or other oxidizer to neutralize them. Otherwise, there is practically no maintenance other than cleaning the mineral electrode once a week with a jet of water from a garden hose nozzle. The rinse is a great fertilizer around the yard, too. You will receive everything you need to get started and operate for 1 to 2 seasons, depending on amount of usage.

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    Review of 3241 Review by ROXANNE
    Review of 3241

    This really works to keep pool clean & water clear. Be sure to read all instructions before using. Pool must be balanced and clean before using. Some think you can put it in a green pool & get results. Not so. But with proper use you will cut your chlorine bill in half or more. I used this last summer in a 15' X 30' above ground and only needed 4 3" chlorine tabs floating for the whole swim season... May - September. Loved it so much I bought one for my dad for Christmas. He's been using his in an inground 30' X 50' all season and can not believe how crystal clear his pool has remained.

    Posted on 7/13/2014

    Review of 3241 Review by JRUSSO
    Review of 3241

    you first need to get your ph to the 7.2 and your free chlorine to the 7.0 normal stages. Then put in flotron. i have had product for over 10yrs. Still using same unit, just purchase new rod everyt 2 seasons. I have 40K pool. Works perfectly. Was just in it last night and still feel smooth and silky today. I still need chlorine since i really should have 2 for 40K, but 1 does the trick if uou are looking ofr clean sliky smooth water. I never have to use an algacide or anyrthing else. Just make sure your ph level is correct or it will not work properly. Love the product and so does everyone that swims in the pool. They say its softer than their showers.

    Posted on 6/30/2014

    Review of 3241 Review by LLP
    Review of 3241

    I have had a floatron in the past, when it finally needed replacing, I opted for chlorine, not realizing just HOW much the floatron had truly been saving me! I cannot wait for my new floatron to arrive for this years swimming season. Yes, you have to start with a clean pool, but once you do, the floatron takes over!

    Posted on 4/27/2014

    Review of 3241 Review by ALMERO
    Review of 3241

    still early to see the effect but the product is solid, well made

    Posted on 8/15/2013

    Review of 3241 Review by SIMON
    Review of 3241

    As others have said, the pool needs to be in good condition before you start using the Floatron, it is not meant as a quick fix e.g. for green pools, but as a replacement for algae chemicals and to help reduce chlorine use over time. After a month I can barely see any blue in the tests, but the anode is defintely dissolving so I know I need to be patient for a month or two more. Copper algaecide just makes good sense, for instance it's been the major component of boat anti-fouling paint for decades.

    Posted on 8/2/2013

    Review of 3241 Review by SUSAN
    Review of 3241

    Love it highly recommended to all my friends that have a pool Its chemical free which I love
    Thank You

    Posted on 6/27/2013

    Review of 3241 Review by Jerry
    Review of 3241

    Love it.Live in Hope,Indiana would not ever own a pool without the Floatron.Pool is crystal clear all summer.

    Posted on 6/18/2013

    Review of 3241 Review by Mar
    Review of 3241

    Where can I get the electrode for floatron device? Thanks

    Posted on 5/4/2013

    Review of 3241 Review by Judith
    Review of 3241

    Great product and have recommended it to many others! But its a pity that the thumbscrews are very poorly made and snap off so you can't use the basket to catch the small flakes.

    Posted on 3/24/2013

    Review of 3241 Review by JIM
    Review of 3241

    all good thank you

    Posted on 3/15/2013

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    • 1x - Mineral electrode
    • 1x - Ion test kit
    • 1x - Mineral electrode cleaning brush

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