FanLinc - Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)
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Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)

Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Control All in One
  • Control a ceiling fan and light without running wires for a wall switch
  • Fits inside most ceiling fan canopies
  • High, Medium, Low and Off fan speed control
  • Full dimming control for light kit
  • Insteon Hub Pro enables this device to work with HomeKit techonolgy
  • This product is an Insteon Dual-Band device
Compatible with ceiling fans with an AC motor. Ceiling fans with DC-motor and built-in remote control motors are not compatible.


REWARDS: 79 points
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  • Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Control All in One

    Designed to easily incorporate both fan speed and light control within your Insteon network. It is a dual-load responder simultaneously acting as a light fixture dimmer plus a 4 speed fan controller (Off, Low, Medium & High).

    Remote Control

    Control the fan speed or lighting of your ceiling fan wirelessly from any Insteon controller, be it a handheld remote, wall keypad, or smart phone and tablet.

    Save Energy

    Tie it in with a computer controller that can trigger all the fans in the house to turn on (at a predetermined speed) to help circulate the air, reducing costs associated with running your air conditioner.

    How It Works

    FanLinc is compatible with most ceiling fans and installs inside the fan cowling between the fan and incoming power. You'll want to make sure you have access to both the fan and (if your fan has a lighting kit attached) the light control wires.

    Before finalizing your FanLinc installation you'll want to link it to your selected controllers. Because you don't want to be removing your ceiling fan every time you want to add or remove links, we recommend using software such as HouseLinc to manage all of this from your computer.

    Control Ideas

    For a truly wireless solution use a handheld 8-scene Mini Remote to control the ceiling fan from the couch, bedside or mount it anywhere on the wall using a wall mount bracket. Links between Mini Remote and FanLinc can be made manually however, software configuration recommended.

    For a more permanent solution, go with an in-wall 6-button KeypadLinc. KeypadLinc replaces any existing wall switch and provides wireless communications to the FanLinc. Links between KeypadLinc and FanLinc can be made manually however, software configuration recommended. pre-labeled FanLinc buttons or Custom-etched keys are sold separately.

    Perfect for:

    Compatible with ceiling fans with an AC motor.
    Ceiling fans with DC-motored and built-in remote
    control motors are not compatible.

  • General
    Brand:/td> Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2475F
    UPC: 813922011548
    Patent No.: U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Insteon ID: 1
    Scenes: 2 responder groups
    Maximum Scene Links: 400 (combined controller + responder)
    Scene Commands Supported as Responder: On Off
    Brighten Dim
    Fast On Fast Off
    Software Configurable: Yes, Always
    Ramp Rates (full-ON to full-OFF): 0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely  via software
    RF Range: 100' Open air
    Beeper: Yes
    Light Dimmer
    Fan Controller
    Insteon Scene/Group 1 Insteon Scene/Group 2
    Brightness Levels 32 Fan Speeds 4 (Off, Slow, Medium & Fast)
    Dimmer Control On, Off, Fast On, Fast Off and Dim / Brights Fan Control On, Off, Fast On, Fast Off and Dim / Brights
    - Off
    - 1% - 49%
    - 50% - 99%
    - 100%
    Fan is:
    - Off
    - Slow
    - Medium
    - Fast
    LED Dual Color, Green & Red LED Dual Color, Green & Red
    Set Button Black Set Button Black
    Wires: 4, 16 gauge

    Black - Hot / Line
    Blue - Light / Load
    Red - Fan / Load
    White - Neutral

    Case Color: White
    Plastic: UV Stabilized ABS
    Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.0" x .875" (114mm x 50.8mm x 22.2mm)
    Weight: 112g (0.25 lb)
    Operating Environment: Indoors
    Retains all settings without power: Yes, all saved in Non-volatile EEPROM
    Voltage: 120VAC, Single Phase
    Frequency: 60Hz
    Maximum Dimmer Load: 300 Watts
    Lighting Load Types: Incandescent only
    Maximum Fan Load: 1 Amp
    Standby Power Consumption: < 1 Watt
    Safety Approved: ETL

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    Works great Review by MilesBFree
    Works great

    Installed 2 of these including new fans in under an hour. Works exactly as expected.

    Tempted to ding it a starfor lack of reverse in the app since the remotes that came with the fans and the old control modules that these replaced came with reverse, But I don't think I will ever actually reverse anyway.

    Posted on 4/20/2016

    Bought 5 but won’t work inside Stainless Steel Hunter Ceiling Fan Review by Marc
    Bought 5 but won’t work inside Stainless Steel Hunter Ceiling Fan

    I bought these because I’ve wanted for some time to have my five ceiling fans integrated into my Indo home automation software. Up to this point, I’ve had mostly Z-Wave and hadn’t found any ceiling fan controllers until I saw these. So, I took the plunge.

    The controller works very well as long as the enclosure is open. It synced very easily with Indigo and the light and fan operated flawlessly.

    However, every time I closed up the ceiling fan mount, the controller stopped working (both Fan and Light did not function). I cycled the power and restarted Indigo and even deleted and added the ceiling fan device twice. However, every single time it worked flawlessly with the mount open but as soon as the mount was closed the controller couldn’t find the ceiling fan device (and yes the current was still live since the red off LED’s continued to be illuminated).

    I’m on hold now with SmartHome (for over 25 minutes currently) to return them.

    I did notice that the Hunter wireless controller did have an antenna but the INSTEON fan controller doesn’t. Maybe this has something to do with the inability to function inside the metal enclosure. The Hunter wireless controller works fine inside this same metal mount!

    Posted on 6/12/2015

    Does not fit Review by Mark
    Does not fit

    I have 5 fans in my house, and this device did not fit in any of them! Why is the box so big??? This isn't the 1980's. We have cameras that can feed video to a remote device that are the size of a shirt button.

    I can't see why this should be any bigger than a few credit cards stacked up. I had to break a few brackets in the ceiling fan to shove it in. The canopy can't touch the ceiling (small gap) because this thing is so big. Luckily its on a vaulted ceiling so it isn't that noticeable.

    PLEASE make these 30% smaller!

    Posted on 5/24/2015

    Small and easy to install Review by Mark
    Small and easy to install

    Fanlinc was easy to install into the cowling of the fan in my boys' room. After making all the connections, I tucked it into the top of the fan's ball-joint housing and put the covering back on. Works perfectly. I complimented it with a 6-button KeypadLinc for seamless integration.

    Posted on 1/15/2015

    Review of 2475F Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 2475F

    It would be better if you could use mutliple click from one remote button to run through the speeds and then off. It looks to me like you have to use a different button for each speed.

    Posted on 8/3/2014

    Review of 2475F Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 2475F

    Great way to remotely control a fan. The speeds though cannot be changed and sometimes the top end speed is not the same

    Posted on 8/1/2014

    Review of 2475F Review by Will
    Review of 2475F

    Works well, only problem is that the dimmer unlike the other Insteon dimmers does not appear to be compatible with LED lamps.

    Posted on 7/16/2014

    Review of 2475F Review by JOHN
    Review of 2475F

    Love these things, especially that you can turn the LEDs off. (I had to install one outside the canopy because of the bracket!)

    Posted on 7/14/2014

    Review of 2475F Review by HEATHER
    Review of 2475F

    Install was simple and quick and works as expected.
    I have it set up to turn on and off automatically with my A/C and heater and it's really helped to better distribute the air around the house.
    Only drawback is that to set it up as a responder you have to physically access the unit, which means turning the fan off, getting a ladder, and taking off the base of the ceiling fan.

    Posted on 7/5/2014

    Review of 2475F Review by RUSSELL
    Review of 2475F

    This unit works very well and is easy to install the one draw back is it was a little tight to get in the space I had but with some little extra work I made it fit.

    Posted on 6/4/2014

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    • FanLinc - Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)
    • 4 Wire Nuts
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