EMX BG-VK3 BlueGuard VK3 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Control Module, Surface Mount - Black
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EMX BG-VK3 BlueGuard VK3 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Control Module, Surface Mount - Black

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Switch Almost Anything ON or OFF Using a Bluetooth-Enabled Cell Phone or Device
  • Stand-Alone wireless Bluetooth access eliminates need for RFID or access cards
  • Adjustable activation periods from 3 to 90 seconds
  • Relay outputs pulse or presence on normally open and normally closed contact connection
  • Unlimited user capacity
  • Surface-mount enclosure

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  • The EMX BG-VK3 BlueGuard VK3 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Wireless Access Control Module turns a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone into a universal controller - letting you switch almost anything ON/OFF from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other Bluetooth enabled device. BlueGuard is activated when a PIN code is keyed into the cell phone within range, triggering the relay output. The possibilities are endless with BlueGuard, and the user capacity unlimited. Use BlueGuard as a virtual keypad to open and close garage doors, activate magnetic locks and gate openers, as a free exit device, or as a key switch on your car or boat - the applications are limitless.

    The BG-VK3 BlueGuard feature an adjustable activation pulse period, from 3 t o90 seconds, which allows direct connection to a magnetic door lock. It also has an output toggle feature; connect to BlueGuard and activate output, connect again to deactivate the output. A built-in remote LED status indicator let's you when BlueGuard is active. BlueGuard VK3 does not require any software to be downloaded to your phone, it uses existing Bluetooth communication.

    For operation, simply search for Bluetooth devices on your cell phone, select BlueGuard, and enter the PIN. The relay output will activate when the correct PIN is entered. This allows an unlimited number of users to activate BlueGuard (with the same PIN). No grooming is required. BlueGuard's user interface features a secure internal switch to place the unit in the programming mode. During programming, BlueGuard reads the Bluetooth device that is within range and allows editing of the PIN and the BlueGuard's Bluetooth name.

    Android App
    App Installation

     EMX BlueGuard Model Comparison
      BG-FE    BG-VK1    BG-VK2    BG-VK3 
     Indicators  Blue Status LED      •       •       •       •
     Remote Mount Status LED       •       •
     Hands Free Operation   10 Bonded Cell Phones      •
     PIN Entry Operation  Unlimited Users (1 PIN)       •       •       •
     Output Relay Rating  2A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 120VAC       •       •
     5A @ 240VAC       •       •
     Output Relay Mode  Presence/Pulse (1 sec.)      •
     Pulse (5 sec.)       •
     Pulse Adjustable (3-90 sec.)       •       •
     Toggle (On - Off)       •       •
     Enclosure  Sealed, Waterproof      •       •

    BlueGuard provides an ARM input that can be used to prevent BlueGuard from activating until the ARM input is ON. The ARM input may be connected to a loop detector that will detect the presence of a vehicle. If a vehicle is not present, then BlueGuard is not armed and will not activate even if the phone is in range. In addition, the ARM input could be connected to a manual switch allowing you to disable the BlueGuard manually as required.

    BlueGuard will detect the presence of an authorized phone when it comes into range. The arming loop allows activation of BlueGuard when the authorized phone is in range and a vehicle is on the loop. Using the arming loop will prevent the gate from opening if the owner walks near the gate (within range of BlueGuard). Use of the ARM input is optional; it may be left unconnected when not used.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer EMX Industries
    Manufacturer Product No. BG-VK3
    Power 12-30 VDC +/- 20% (reverse polarity protected)
    Current Draw 40mA
    Operating Temperature 40° C ~ 82° C (-40&de F ~ 180° F
    Communication Bluetooth Class 2 (up to 10 meters, 33 foot range)
    Inputs ARM to control output activation of relay to designated times
    • Form "C" relay; 2A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 120VAC
    • Common, Normally Open, Normally Closed
    Indicators Local blue status LED (optional remote blue status LED)
    • Secure, internal switch to activate setup mode
    • Output duration selection switch, 10 positions
    User Capacity unlimited users (requires correct PIN entry)
    Inputs EGRESS switch input
    • Power (2 wires)
    • Relay, Normally Closed (NC) contact
    • Relay, Common
    • Relay, Normally Open (NO) contact
    • EGRESS input
    • EGRESS common
    • Remote LED output
    Housing Plastic, ABS
    Dimensions 4.90" x 2.25" x 1.50" (12.4cm x 5.7cm x 3.8cm)
    Weight 0.25lbs (114g)

    Please Note: Some phones do not allow simultaneous Bluetooth connections, therefore may not respond to BlueGuard when the phone is paired with a wireless headset or other Bluetooth device. Refer to your phone's owner's manual for further information.

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