EMX BG-FE BlueGuard FE Bluetooth Free Entry Wireless Access Control Module, Waterproof - White
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EMX BG-FE BlueGuard FE Bluetooth Free Entry Wireless Access Control Module, Waterproof - White

Open Gates, Over Head Doors and Parking Barrier with a Bluetooth-Enabled Device
  • Hands free activation - recognizes the unique Bluetooth signature of a "bonded" device
  • Up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devies can be used with the BlueGuard
  • Sealed, waterproof design for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Output can be set to PULSEor PRESENCE

Item #: 72110

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  • The EMX BG-FE BlueGuard FE Bluetooth Free Entry Wireless Access Control Module works by creating a "bond" between your Bluetooth enabled device and BlueGuard. When you enter into the Bluetooth wireless range with your bonded iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other Bluetooth enabled device, BlueGuard will detect it and activate its output. You can use up to 10 different Bluetooth-enabled device as a hands-free controller to open and close a wide variety things. The BlueGuard FE is not designed for use in applications where a single button is used to open, stop, or reverse a door, (push to open, push to stop and push to close) such as a residential garage doors. Outside of this format the application are limitless. It is similar in function or RFID systems, with a few major advantages:
    • The wireless range is up to 10 meters (33 feet), instead of RFID range of 4 inches
    • When setup with an over head door station it prevents unwanted openings of the door
    • It is built into your Bluetooth device, so there is no need to carry around an RFID card
    • It is used in a hands-free fashion, simply by carrying your Bluetooth device, you can trigger the access control system

    When set to PRESENCE mode the output will remain active as long as the Bluetooth device is within range. When set to PULSE mode, the output will activate for 1 second, then deactivate. In PULSE mode, the Bluetooth device must leave the range of the BlueGuard for a minimum of 60 seconds before it can reactivate the BlueGuard

    The BlueGuard housing is durable PVC, watertight and designed for outdoor use. Bluetooth devices have a specified range of 10 meters (33 feet) in open air. This range may be reduced by obstructions. It is recommended that BlueGuard be mounted in a secure location that is not easily accessed to prevent tampering or damage.

     EMX BlueGuard Model Comparison
      BG-FE    BG-VK1    BG-VK2    BG-VK3 
     Indicators  Blue Status LED      •       •       •       •
     Remote Mount Status LED       •       •
     Hands Free Operation   10 Bonded Cell Phones      •
     PIN Entry Operation  Unlimited Users (1 PIN)       •       •       •
     Output Relay Rating  2A @ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 120VAC       •       •
     5A @ 240VAC       •       •
     Output Relay Mode  Presence/Pulse (1 sec.)      •
     Pulse (5 sec.)       •
     Pulse Adjustable (3-90 sec.)       •       •
     Toggle (On - Off)       •       •
     Enclosure  Sealed, Waterproof      •       •

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer EMX Industries
    Manufacturer Product No. BG-VK3
    Radio BLUETOOTH, Class 2 (up to 10 meter, 33ft. range)
    Indicators Blue status LED
    Controls Secure, magnetic switch requires magnet placement in correct location to activate programming mode for pairing with Bluetooth devices
    Memory Capacity 10 cell phone IDs
    • ARM input, allows activation only when vehicle present
    • Connect ARM to ARM common to disarm BlueGuard.
    • Disconnect ARM to ARM common to arm BlueGuard. output
    • Form C relay contacts (normally open, common, normally closed)
    • Contacts: 2A@ 30VDC, 0.5A @ 120VAC
    • Power (2 wires)
    • Relay normally closed contact
    • Relay common
    • Relay normally open contact
    • ARM input
    • ARM common
    Power 12-30 VDC and 24 VAC @ 40mA (reverse polarity protected)
    Operating Temperature
    • -40° C - 82° C (-40° F - 180° F)
      0-95% relative humidity
    Housing Sealed, PVC
    Dimensions 1.0" x 7.5" (25mm x 190mm)
    Weight 0.15lbs (68g)
    Certifications FCC

    Please Note: Some phones do not allow simultaneous Bluetooth connections, therefore may not respond to BlueGuard when the phone is paired with a wireless headset or other Bluetooth device. Refer to your phone's owner's manual for further information.

  • 1 Review

    Review of 72110 Review by Keith
    Review of 72110

    I haven't really used this device as it is described.
    But understanding what it is, and how it works, It's fantastic.

    absolutely incredible. the opportunities with this device are endless.

    I currently have it set up on my motorcycle as somewhat of a keyless start system.
    I have it setup with a very standard automotive relay to switch the whole system on.

    basically when I walk up to my bike with my phone in my pocket, the whole system receives power and I simply press the start button to turn over the engine.

    the only issues I have, are that my iPhone 5s doesn't recognize it as connected. not ever an issue with connectivity
    and that the distance at which it reads is not adjustable. It currently reads at about 40ft.
    I've added a small switch to the system so that it doesn't just turn on when I walk by to get to my car. or when I'm sitting on a patio having a burger.

    In the future I plan to add this device to my car to unlock the doors and turn on the ignition.

    thanks for such great product EMX!

    Posted on 4/26/2014

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