Elk M1XEP M1 Ethernet Port Expander and Interface
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Elk M1XEP M1 Ethernet Port Expander and Interface

Access and Control Your Elk M1 Security System Remotely Via the Web
  • Web server with embedded Java applet "M1 Virtual Keypad"
  • Secure connection with password protection and HTTPS encryption
  • Event notification via e-mail
  • Internet Monitoring and Reporting Capability
  • Flash Memory for Firmware Updating
  • Apps for tablets and smartphones available separately

Item #: 1283XEP


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  • If you have an Elk M1 Gold Security System in place in your home, now you can access your system from the Internet, via any web browser, for remote programming, monitoring, control, and email. The M1 Ethernet Port Expander and Interface is an Ethernet Device Server with a RS-232 Serial Port Interface. It may be used to connect a Control in the M1 Family to an Ethernet network using TCP-IP protocol. The M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface connects to the M1 Gold via the included serial port cable. If desired, you can connect the M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface to your LAN switch or router by connecting a network patch cable through the unit's RJ45 8-pin network jack.

    To access and control your M1 Gold remotely, access the configured IP address and enter your user name and password. The screen it will pull up offers buttons that may be used to access the automation functions the M1 Gold controls, such as lighting, climate, and outputs. When, for example, you click the "Lighting" button, the screen populates itself with the names and current status of any lighting devices that can be controlled by the M1 Gold. Additional buttons will work in a similar fashion.

    The following software and apps allow access and control of an ELK M1 Security System from a variety of devices. Remote access to M1 from any of these applications requires the ELK-M1XEP Ethernet interface.
    • M1ToGo - M1ToGo provides computer-based, internet remote access to your M1 from anywhere in the world. (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
    • eKeypad - A family of native iPhone applications that provides wireless control of your Elk M1 using any Apple iPhone or iTouch device. (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch)
    • myKeypad - myKeypad provides access and control your Elk M1 Panel from your Android smart phone. (Android devices; phones, tablets, etc.)

    • Additional Features:
    • URL Updating using Dynamic DNS
    • TCP/IP stack supporting the following protocols: -TCP,UDP,DHCP,SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, HTTP, SMTP
    • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 128 bit encryption
    • Integrated 802.3 compliant 10/100 Mbit network interface
    • RS232, DB9M 9-pin serial port connection
    • Connects to the M1 RS-232 Serial port (Port 0)
    • RJ45 8-pin Network Jack
    • 2.1mm barrel type power connector (center positive)
    • LED Indicators for Power, Link, and Data

    The ELK-M1XEP features a secure embedded web server, with a user interface built on a Java applet, and email event notification. A software setup utility is built into ElkRP (version 1.5.0 or later) for configuring the connection setup, network password, etc. The M1XEP is factory defaulted to obtain a dynamic IP address from a DHCP server (i.e. Ethernet switch, cable modem, etc.), however it may also be setup with a static IP address. By installing the M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface, you'll also be adding an event notification system to your security. Upon a breach of your home's security, the M1 Gold can be configured to send an email to up to 16 different email addresses. Additional M1 Gold accessories are sold separately.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Elk
    Manufacturer Product No.: M1XEP
    UPC: 762158550164
    Dimensions: 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"
    Circuit Board Dimensions: 2.25" x 3.95"
    Operating Voltage: 12 V DC from Elk-P1216 Plug-in Power Supply
    Current Draw: 300 mA (approx.)
    Connection: Cable modem, DSL, T1
    Remote PC Requirements: Web server with embedded Java applet "M1 Virtual Keypad"; secure connection with password protection and HTTPS encryption; flash memory for firmware updating
    Encryption: FIPS 128-bit encryption
    Firmware Requirements: Version 4.3.0 or later
    Protocols Supported: TCP/IP stack supporting the following protocols: TCP, UDP, DHCP, SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, HTTP, SMTP
    Email Addresses/Messages: 16 max.
    Email Address Length: 48 characters max.
    Email Message Length: 255 characters max.
    Warranty: 2 years, limited

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    Review of 1283xep Review by Clint
    Review of 1283xep

    The trick behind using email alerts is to have an email account without SSL. Yahoo, gmail and hotmail no longer give you the option of switching off SSL. Your best bet is to use the email account given by your ISP and switch off SSL. Otherwise, reasonably robust system with good options.

    Posted on 7/6/2014

    Review of 1283xep Review by t
    Review of 1283xep

    First, the good: For setting up the Elk M1 system over ethernet, it does the job. Elk RP connects to it and programs the system over ethernet, instead of having to use a direct serial cable.

    Now the bad: 1 As others have noted, for getting email alerts to work through gmail or any other service that requires secure SMTP, you are out of luck. I've attempted to install stunnel onto my dd-wrt router to get around this, but I was unsuccessful. A firmware update that enables secure email is a must from Elk. Residential ISPs don't allow SMTP port 25 outbound anymore.
    2 Security. It uses an unsigned java applet for the web interface. This forces you to lower the security settings for java in your browser. It doesn't run over https. It says that the data going to the ELK is secured even though the page isn't, but I'd be more confident if I saw the connection was https.
    3 The web interface is unreliable. Most of the time after I am connected through the java interface and I type in my code, I get an error message saying it is offline or unavailable.
    4 The packaging for it is not well thought out. This is a more minor item, but they included a 12v wall wart and a big plastic wall mount case for this tiny board. I cut down the plastic case and mounted it inside the box, and then powered it directly from the 12v aux power lines from the main alarm unit. Why couldn't they have packaged it that way from the start?

    As a note, I have not attempted to access it yet through the eKeypad IOS app yet, but I believe it runs on the management port 2601, not on http 80, so hopefully it will run more smoothly like the ELK RP connection.

    Posted on 1/25/2014

    Review of 1283xep Review by unhappy
    Review of 1283xep

    Don't purchase this product is you are expecting it to provide you with email alerts to alarm conditions. While the network management works, it is way too difficult to get it configured with email service provides. ELK provides little guidance or support on this topic except for some suggestions on their website that don't work. I finally got it working with comcast for 8 months, then it suddenly stopped. Not anything to do with ELK, just that comcast changed something in their system and now I have to go back and do trial and error once again to see if I Can get it communicating. This is a common problem you can see if you search online. ELK should step up and either solve the problem or provide their own service for email. The product does get 2 stars since it does work to enable internet/ethernet control of the M1.

    Posted on 8/17/2013

    Review of 1283xep Review by CHRISTINE
    Review of 1283xep

    Overpriced, but the only option for ethernet control for the Elk. It's essentially a serial port to ethernet bridge, with some extra control logic.

    Posted on 8/10/2011

    Review of 1283xep Review by TimC
    Review of 1283xep

    Hardly works. Requires frequent manual power resetting to connect. Loses connection randomly Does not allow communications while alarm is sounding. E-mail does not work. Latest firmware updates applied does not fix problems.
    What a piece of junk.

    Posted on 5/30/2011

    Review of 1283xep Review by MARK
    Review of 1283xep

    Works as advertised. Easy to set up.

    Posted on 2/27/2011

    Review of 1283xep Review by JILL
    Review of 1283xep

    Easy install and it provides many useful functions. Updates and programming are made easier. As many others have reported, the email notification feature is not working for me. Using "eK M1" app for iPhone to control and it's better than the web access that's included.

    Posted on 1/4/2010

    Review of 1283xep Review by BRADLEY
    Review of 1283xep

    Worked like a charm immediately after installing it.

    Posted on 8/16/2009

    Review of 1283xep Review by BRENT
    Review of 1283xep

    Great product. Makes programming a breeze! New upgradable firmware available.

    Posted on 4/22/2009

    Review of 1283xep Review by LOUIS
    Review of 1283xep

    Works exactly as advertised. It connected easily to the m1gold and to my home network. The RP software found it easily and the built in webserver allows control of the alarm and home automation as it should.

    Posted on 3/6/2009

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