Draper 121024 VIC-12 12V Video Interface Control
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Draper 121024 VIC-12 12V Video Interface Control

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Automatically Drop the Screen when the Projector or Receiver Turns On

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  • The Draper 121024 VIC-12 12V Video Interface Control (VIC) allows the screen to be controlled by projector switch so that when the projector comes on, the screen descends automatically. The VIC-12 interfaces screen operation with a projector or receiver featuring a 12V switched outlet. When the VIC-12 receives a 12-volt signal from the projector or receiver, the video interface control sends power to the screen motor to lower the projection screen. When the 12-volt signal is no longer sensed, the control sends power to raise the projection screen back to its stored position. The VIC is housed in a metal box and has COM/NC/NO contacts and a 12V coil.

    Connections: The VIC has the following connections:
    • AC Power Cord: The VIC has a 7-1/2' heavy duty AC power cord to provide power to the module. The module should be plugged into a constant standard 115-volt AC outlet.
    • 12-Volt Trigger Input: This 2-wire, 12-volt DC input receives a signal from the projector or A/V receiver when it is turned on. When the projector or receiver is turned off, the signal stops.
    • High-Voltage AC Output: This 4-wire, 115 Volts AC output should be connected to the screen's motor terminals. The attached wires include:
      • Green: Ground
      • Blue: Motor up
      • Red: Motor down
      • White: Neutral

    The VIC can be used with the Override Switch, permitting independent operation of the screen without the projector.
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