Dr. Doormat DM1824BR Antimicrobial Doormat Chocolate Brown, Small
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Dr. Doormat DM1824BR Antimicrobial Doormat Chocolate Brown, Small

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Eco-Friendly Doormat Designed to Destroy Microorganisms on the Bottom of Shoes
  • Antimicrobial treated mat
  • Helps disable nasty (odor causing) microorganisms on the mat
  • At least two wipes with each foot is all that is needed
  • Woven from recycled and virgin raw materials using non-toxic resins and pigments
  • Machine washable in front-load washers

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  • There's no off season when it comes to germs, allergens and bacteria, so shouldn't you be sure you have something to fight them day in, day out? Dr. Doormat introduces the first Antimicrobial treated Doormat which creates a biostatic barrier and effectively disables nasty (odor causing) microorganisms on contact on the mat. Think about all the places those shoes have gone in the course of a day. Now when you walk inside on your carpet, hardwood floors, all over the house and you're spreading bacteria and other microbes with each passing step before eventually taking your shoes off. The treated surface of Dr. Doormat can effectively remove up to 99% of the debris (allergens, toxins, street dust, bacteria, fungus, animal feces) by simply wiping each shoe at least twice on the Doormat upon entering your home. Here's how it works, the microbes are negatively charged living organisms while the antimicrobial treatment on the Doormat is positively charged. Like popping a balloon with a pin, the positively charged surface of the Doormat creates a biostatic barrier that attracts the microbe like a magnet. The antimicrobial treatment for each Doormat is infused into the yarn and thus it cannot be tracked throughout your home. Now, you may say "I already have a doormat so why do I need this one?" (A common doormat acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes to collect and grow. Every time you step on your common mat to wipe, you're wiping off the daily collection. Your shoe then acts as a springboard, transferring the microbes into your home and spreading it all around.

    This Small Antimicrobial treated Doormat measures 24"x 18"x 3/8" and comes in 3 other color options which are Peacock Blue, Charcoal Gray and Autumn Red. While being great for front door use this mat has a plethora of other uses such as putting under a litter box so your cat walks on it after going to the bathroom or under the trashcan in the kitchen to catch any falling debris. The Antimicrobial Treated Doormat is front-loading washing machine friendly so as it gets dirty simply toss it in the wash. Each Doormat is washable up to 20 times with no loss of efficacy.

    The Antimicrobial treated Doormat is also an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious product. Each mat from Dr. Doormat uses yarn woven from recycled and virgin raw material by way of non-toxic pigments and resins which are perfect for children and pets to use. Dr. Doormat also takes 100% of all scrap materials not used in production and incorporates them into yarn so that nothing goes to waste. The antimicrobial treatment used is non-leaching and biodegradable. The rubber backing of the Antimicrobial Doormat is made from a blend of natural and recycled rubber and manufactured in the United States. Each mat has a 2 year manufacturers warranty and is hand cut.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Dr. Doormat
    Manufacturer Product No. DM1824BR
    UPC 856840003028
    Ship Dimensions L 5in x W 5in x H 20in
    Product Dimensions L 24in x W 18in x H 3/8in
    Weight 3 lbs
    Country of Origin USA
    Machine Washable Yes, front-loading washers
    Color Chocolate Brown
    Manufacturers Warranty 2 years
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