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Fixes A Common Problem Most People Don't Even Realize They Have

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  • One thing most cordless phone users don't realize (until it's too late) is that the cordless phone base must have power to communicate with the cordless handset. With the exception of some higher-end models that have integrated backup batteries, these cordless bases will not work during a power outage, rendering the cordless phone useless until power is reestablished — an inconvenience at best, or the difference between life and death in a crisis.

    Installation couldn't be easier. Using one of four included adapters and receptacles on the back of the Emergency Backup unit, you simply disconnect the cordless phone base from its AC adapter cord, and connect the Emergecy Backup unit between the two. Advanced circuitry matches incoming voltage and polarity. In the event of a power outage, the Emergency Backup instantaneously provides the cordless base with battery power and illuminates the room with a gentle blue light, provding safe guidance to the phone in dark rooms.

    Cordless phones vary greatly in their power consumption, but the Emergency Backup will provide enough power on average for 4 hours of continuous talk time, longer if phone use is kept to a minimum. Under normal circumstances, the Emergency Backup unit sits silently next to your cordless phone, providing surge and spike protection for both the power and phone lines.

  • Specifications

    Gemini Product No.:S60545
    Talk Time:4 hours average
    Capacity:4 phones
    Input Voltage:6 - 18 V
    Standby Current:500uA in sleep mode
    Output Voltage:6 - 12 V DC
    Output Current:1000 mA max @ 6V
    900mA max @ 7V
    800 mA max @ 8V
    700 mA max @ 9V
    600 mA max @ 10V
    500 mA max @ 11V
    500 mA max @ 12V
    Maximum Output Power:6.4W

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  • Emergency Backup Unit
  • 4 adapters
  • 4 receptacles
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