Contech Electronics CHATBOWL112 ChatterBowl Talking Pet Feeder
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Contech Electronics CHATBOWL112 ChatterBowl Talking Pet Feeder

Reassure Your Pet With a Familiar Voice When You're Away

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  • Separation Anxiety
    There are many degrees of anxiety that some dogs feel when their owners are away, ranging from lonely listlessness to extreme behavior problems. In severe cases, the dog can destroy household belongings, perhaps even injure itself.

    While the ChatterBowl isn't designed as a solution to Separation Anxiety, trainers, veterinarians and behaviorists feel it could be a useful component in a total anxiety treatment regimen. One medical journal suggests that dogs suffering from Separation Anxiety could benefit from taped recordings of their owner's voice. If that is true, then your ChatterBowl is certainly an easy way to leave your voice when you're away.

    How It Works
    Voice playback is triggered by a photoelectric cell that senses change in lighting (such as when your pet approaches) so the bowl works best in well-lit areas.

    Remove the talk-box to wash. Wash with mild soap and cold water, as hot water may damage the lens, using a non-abrasive sponge, or on the top rack of your dishwasher.

    Recording a message on the TalkBox:
    1. Press the power button at the bottom of the TalkBox.
    2. Slide the REC/LOCK button to the REC position.
    3. Press the REC button to record your message, up to 10 seconds. Your mouth should be 2-3 inches from the microphone (labeled MIC).
    4. Slide the REC/LOCK button back to LOCK.

    Tips & Tricks
  • Water or food? ChatterBowl works best if your pet visits a number of times throughout the day, so for best results, use it for water or dry free-feeding
  • To familiarize your pets with the ChatterBowl, let them watch you record and then replay the message the first few times
  • If you turn the bowl to face a light source, playback can be triggered from farther away, as your pet approaches the bowl (and casts a shadow across the bowl); in this way, ChatterBowl can invite your pet to drink or eat

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:CHATBOWL112
    Dimensions:8.5" x 8.5" x 5"
    Weight:2 lb.
    Bowl Capacity:5 cups
    Warranty:2 years, limited

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    Review of 6103cb Review by M D
    Review of 6103cb

    It seems to work fine but the Humans thought it was more clever than the cats opinion.

    Posted on 3/5/2009

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