Cao Gadgets Wireless Water Sensor
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Cao Gadgets Wireless Water Sensor

Compact Sensor Tag Monitors for Leaks and sends Immediate Alerts if Detected
  • For use with Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller
  • Functions as water moisture and moisture sensor
  • Out of range notification feature
  • Up to 700 foot communicating range
  • Elastic cover makes sensor lightweight and drop resistant

Item #: 69530


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  • Add to your Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller (sold separately) with a Wireless Water Sensor Tag. This tiny sensor wirelessly alerts the Tag Manager in the event water is detected by the resistive sensors on the tags tip and will also measure the moisture level of the surrounding air or soil. The water sensor alert is immediate upon interaction with water while the moisture level measurement is compared against adjustable user thresholds. Once detected, the alert will be sent via text, tweet, push notification or email to be seen by the user on their smartphone (Android or iOS) or computer. Along with serving as a water and moisture sensor, this tag will also deliver temperature readings and provide out of range notifications; the sensor has a communicating range of up to 700 feet from the Tag Manager. With the option to support up to 255 Cao Gadget sensor tags on the Wireless Sensor Tag Manager, users can easily monitor an entire home without the hassle of difficult installation. The sensor tag is powered by a CR2450 battery that offers 3x the operating life of that used in the Wireless Motion and Temperature Sensor Tag and is protected by an elastic covering that keeps the sensor protected if dropped.

    ISY compatibility
    Open the detail pane of a tag in the Cao Gadget Wireless Sensor Tag Manager interface then select "options" and choose "URL Calling". Locate the event, or events, you wish to enable URL calling for and then click on them and enter your REST web service URL. With an ISY web service home automation controller you can now set scenes using the Cao Gadget sensor tags. For example, program a garage light to turn on when a door is opened leading into the garage.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Cao Gadget
    Manufacturer Product No. 51
    UPC 045635291638
    Communication Wi-Fi
    Uses Water Sensor
    Moisture Sensor
    Temperature Sensor
    Out of Range Notification
    Range Up to 700 feet line of sight
    User Interface Web, free iOS and Android app
    Notifications Email, text, tweet, push notification or audible
    Battery CR2450
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    Review of 69530 Review by FRANK
    Review of 69530

    The temperature measurement seems to work but the humidity measurement never worked. I just don't have the time to deal with the return/replacement.

    Posted on 7/23/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Carl
    Review of 69530

    Just received my tag manager and sensors! The water sensor was easy to register with the tag manager. After installing the Android app on my phone, I did some testing to see how notifications would work. The sensor is quick to respond when it detects moisture, which is great for my purposes. The overpressure valve on my water heater went recently, and this sensor should provide me with a quick heads up if it ever happens again.

    Posted on 3/11/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Kerry
    Review of 69530

    Great response time and nice set up options

    Posted on 3/10/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Filip
    Review of 69530

    Wow! Finally a cost effective way to measure temperature in my tenants apartments. Other solutions are ridiculous more expensive.
    My only wish is that it would be even more precise in its measuring. Else it would be 5 star!

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Eric
    Review of 69530

    Excellent product. Very easy to install and configure. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to monitor items that require a certain level of moisture or prevent too much water in a certain area.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Paul
    Review of 69530

    I looked high and low on the internet for a wireless device that would give me text/email alerts during a flood. This is has been the best option by far. Before I found these, I spent hundreds of dollars for some La Crosse sensors, which I had MANY issues with and was just overall extremely disappointed with even after several weeks when tech support was finally able to get 2 out of the 5 working. This wireless sensor on the other hand is much more responsive, has way more options, supports up to 255 sensors vs 2 on the La Crosse even though they claim it is 5, it has better wireless range, is smaller, it has much better battery life, is cheaper, and best of all does not require any paid subscriptions like La Crosse does.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by wardy56
    Review of 69530

    This excellent Sensor has saved my house from flooding a number of times. Great long range connectivity keeps me informed of leaks in my boiler cupboard and under sink. The device is small and efficient on battery and will alert me the second a water droplet hits the sensor.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by David
    Review of 69530

    Great product for areas with pipes that like to freeze

    Posted on 3/8/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Ed
    Review of 69530

    After hearing nightmares from neighbors who had their A/C units malfunction and leak water into their homes I decided I needed to take action. I saw the moisture sensor in an Ad from Smarthome and decided to order one as it appeared ideal for my application. I installed one device in the water pan of one of my A/C units and tested it. It worked great, got the message on my phone as soon as it detected the water. I order 3 more for my other A/C unit and my 2 water heaters. Another nice feature I use is the temperature sensor; I have it set to warn me if I get too close to freezing in my attic where I have water pipes. The only regret I have which is the reason for 4 starts is the fact that the onboard battery is not changeable which means you need to replace the device when the battery dies. It would be nice if the manufacturer adds this capability into future models. It would be a simple modification.

    Posted on 3/8/2014

    Review of 69530 Review by Gregg
    Review of 69530

    Very slick device; works exactly as advertised. I use it to monitor the water level in my boat's bilge when I am away from the dock.

    Posted on 3/8/2014

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