Cao Gadgets Wireless Motion and Temperature Sensor Tag
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Cao Gadgets Wireless Motion and Temperature Sensor Tag

Compact Sensor Tag Monitors Temperature of Surrounding Environment and Movement of Attached Devices
  • For use with Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller
  • Functions as motion sensor, temperature sensor, out of range notification and lost item finder
  • Up to 700 foot communicating range
  • Velcro attachment
  • Elastic cover makes sensor lightweight and drop resistant
  • Low power use for long battery life

Item #: 69531

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  • Add to your Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tag Manager Controller (sold separately) with a Wireless Motion and Temperature Sensor Tag. This tiny sensor (0.28" thick) wirelessly transmits temperature readings and motion notifications back to the Wireless Sensor Tag Manager and can even be used as an item finder by activating the sensor to beep to locate the tag. Each sensor has a communicating range of up to 700 feet from the Tag Manager and if the sensor is ever out of range or not transmitting, users are notified via text, email or tweet. A Velcro strap is included with the sensor tag that make it easy to strap the sensor to a door, drawer or window handle to monitor for movement or even attach it to the garage door arm to monitor its status. With the option to support up to 255 Cao Gadget sensor tags on the Wireless Sensor Tag Manager, users can easily monitor an entire home without the hassle of difficult installation; even monitor the temperature of a refrigerator by dropping one of these sensor on an a shelf inside the fridge. The sensor tag is powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery and is protected by an elastic covering that keeps the sensor protected if dropped.

    ISY compatibility
    Open the detail pane of a tag in the Cao Gadget Wireless Sensor Tag Manager interface then select "options" and choose "URL Calling". Locate the event, or events, you wish to enable URL calling for and then click on them and enter your REST web service URL. With an ISY web service home automation controller you can now set scenes using the Cao Gadget sensor tags. For example, program a garage light to turn on when a door is opened leading into the garage.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Cao Gadget
    Manufacturer Product No. 41
    UPC 045635291621
    Dimensions Height: 1.75 inches (45mm)
    Width: 1.97 inches (50mm)
    Thickness: 0.28 inches (7mm)
    Weight 0.5oz (15g)
    Communication Wi-Fi
    Uses Motion Sensor (open/close)
    Temperature Sensor
    Out of Range Notification
    Lost Item Finder (when beep is activated)
    Range Up to 700 feet line of sight
    User Interface Web, free iOS and Android app
    Notifications Email, text, tweet, push notification or audible
    Beeper Sound Level 75dB
    Battery CR2032 coin cell
    Battery Life up to 85 months (depending upon usage)
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    Review of 69531 Review by E
    Review of 69531

    I can't say enough good about the Cao Wireless sensors. I have installed them around my property to alert me on the condition of doors, gates and windows and they work like a charm. The app for the iPhone is always being updated and is very responsive when a sensor is triggered.

    Best of all they are easy to setup and easy to manage. It's a really great system that fully does everything that is advertised.

    Posted on 7/6/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by Mathew
    Review of 69531

    I was looking for a way to monitor the temperature on each floor of my three-story townhouse.
    These showed me just how much cooler/hotter the different floors are and how I could better use my programable thermostat.
    I've also used them for other little projects such as monitoring the temperature of a failing refrigerator and as a motion alarm on the door of a locked room.

    Posted on 6/8/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by Tom
    Review of 69531

    Have been using these sensors for a few days now - and they're great. I especially like the ease of use of both the Web based app and the iOS app. Very easy to change the settings. Works are I had hoped. Highly recommend.

    Posted on 3/24/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by Marcis
    Review of 69531

    Bought to monitor temperature on my house second floor. As i use manual wood heating system i can rugulate my flow of heat according to readings on my iphone. It was super easy to set up also.
    Also motion detection is nice feature too.

    Posted on 3/13/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by John
    Review of 69531

    I was looking for a reliable way to monitor my garage door. So many times I drive away, only to have this gut feeling that I didn't close the garage and end up turning around, only to have actually closed the garage! I have in the past left the garage door open a few times whether being at home or driving away on accident, and due to my error, had things stolen out of my garage as well!. The instant my garage door starts to open even just 1 inch off the floor, or after it fully closes only alerts me when it is back to its original position, so if it is partially/almost closed, even with it being 3 inches off the floor, it will still tell you your garage is open, I get an instant and reliable push notification to my iPhone. I can also open the app and tells me whether the garage is open or closed. I say instant and reliable, because I am a very paranoid person after having things stolen out of my garage and because I use the garage as storage as well, I have also installed a Chamberlain MyQ which also does essentially the same thing as the Tag and Tag Manager. It gives me push notifications any time my garage door opens or closes through the cloud. Unfortunately, MyQ is not dependable. It has a very slow response time, anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, and often enough, their server is down, causing delayed notifications to come in hours later, sometimes never at all, and/or sometimes randomly when no movement has occurred, while the Tag notifies me every time and instantly. If someone were to break into my garage while I am not at home, there is not much I can do, but at least I will know that its happening. The Tag works in notifying me instantly and consistently, and can be used for everything else, such as knowing when my wife opens and closes the garage, when she walks through the door, that the windows are closed, to knowing that the refrigerator door is fully closed! As someone said, excellent product with many applications!

    Posted on 3/12/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by HomeControl
    Review of 69531

    I bought the tag with the tag manager to see if this system would be what I was looking for in a starter home monitor system. The cost was right and it seemed to provide the right functions I was looking for. The tag detects motion when it is moved and also monitors the temp. Both is a plus for me. To try it out I mounted the tag to my mailbox door over 200 feet away. Now I can monitor when mail is delivered and the outside temp. I plan on ordering more as I see they have come out with some tags that will monitor an open and closed door with contacts.

    Posted on 3/11/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by Dave
    Review of 69531

    Nice product. Installed 6 sensors in my dog boarding kennel to monitor localized temps in our large facility. Easy to install, easy to monitor. Good range on the emitter too - through cinderblock and several hundred feet from the base station. Highly recommended.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by eric_mango
    Review of 69531

    This is the engineer's tag. It is very configurable and in basic testing that I have done it seems to live up to the manufacturer’s claims. It seems particularly strong in uses cases where motion needs to be detected on tagged items that are rarely moved, or where remote activation of the tag beeper is used to find lost objects. In these cases tag configuration should support very long battery life I have not quantified the actual limits of battery life yet. For use cases that need to generate an alert when a tag goes out of range of the manager, battery life will probably be a little shorter, depending on the configured latency of the out of range alert. The RF link from the manager to the tag seems much more robust than the link from the tag to the manager. I was able to cause the tag to beep when it was about 900 feet from the manager through several sheet rock walls. Pretty amazing! At this location the manager could not receive the transmissions from the tag, however the range where the bi-directional link was supported, was still very impressive for a coin cell system. The smartphone apps and cloud server apps seem to work as advertised. Overall the product seems to have been well thought out and it appears that other compatible sensor offerings are in the works. The design stresses configurability over simplicity which will be the right tradeoff for some people, just expect to have to do a little experimentation to figure out the right settings for your application. Disclaimers – I am not affiliated with the manufacturer. As a result of a manufacturing delay in providing the plastic tag enclosures they were offering a free tag in exchange for a review and that was my incentive to write this.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by William.
    Review of 69531

    I have setup the motion sensor to work with the Tag Manager and the cloud service and it appears to work well. Their is a variable delay of 1 to 4 seconds between moving the sensor and the cloud getting the signal, but that is of little concern to me as I plan to use this to signal me when the trash can has been emptied. I am having some difficulty making it communicated with my ISY-99i controller but feel sure that I will get that resolved.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

    Review of 69531 Review by bruce
    Review of 69531

    I used the motion sensors as a sign of life monitor for my 88 years old mother in Honolulu. The motion sensors and on the refrigeraor/bath door, and as long as they are being moved, I know she's okay. Can monitor remotely in PHX via my computer or ipad.

    Posted on 3/9/2014

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